LSP – Chapter 11 – The Highway

“One of our traders is missing.” (Captain of Knights)

“I see.” (Baron Verbal)

Upon receiving the report from his eldest son, who was the captain of the knight order, the baron nodded gravely.

The territory of Verbal consists of six villages with a population of around a thousand people. There are no major towns.

“It must have been goblins.” (Baron Verbal)

“It seems like they have become more active recently.” (Captain of Knights)

Surrounding the villages are fields, but beyond them lies a vast and dense forest. The villages are like small islands scattered within the forest, which is the territory of the goblins.

“We really need to do something about those goblins.” (Baron Verbal)

“However, goblins are like fungus. They only appear when they feel like it.” (Captain of Knights)

“Well, that’s true.” (Baron Verbal)

Goblins act similarly to fairies. They cause mischief, but they rarely approach human settlements. The only way to avoid goblins is to clear the forest, but it is impossible to accomplish given the lack of manpower. Humans are weak compared to nature. If we are not careful, the villages could be swallowed by the forest.

“Perhaps we should expand the main road a little more.” (Baron Verbal)

The Goblin Forest is not entirely bad. It prevents the establishment of bandit gangs and similar groups within the territory. They would simply get attacked by the goblins. Of course, another reason could be that there are no targets for the bandits. This territory is poor.

“We will have to recruit villagers for this.” (Baron Verbal)

“It will require funds.” (Captain of Knights)

Even during the agricultural off-season, it is impossible to expect people to work without any compensation.

“Shall we use the knight order, then?” (Captain of Knights)

“Hmm.” (Baron Verbal)

The knight order of Baron Verbal consists of three mounted knights and ten foot soldiers as attendants. This is the extent of their standing army. If they were to assign them to logging, they would be unable to conduct patrols, resulting in an increase in goblin attacks. It would defeat the purpose of having knights.

“It would be nice if the country could lower taxes a little more,” he chuckled wryly. Even the residents in the territory had the same thought.

“We have no choice but to recruit them little by little.” (Baron Verbal)

“Father is going to go cut down trees along the road.” (Finn’s father)

Since father has the blessing of <Strength>, whenever there is physical work to be done, he is called upon. It’s his part-time job during the agricultural off-season.

“Take care, Dad,” Akari said with a bright smile.

“Ah, yes. Thank you,” Father replied, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Why is he embarrassed?

Akari has settled into the house. It feels quite surreal to have a stunningly beautiful elf inside the house, but with all the things that have been happening, it’s starting to feel like this is normal. Moreover, she has somehow become my girlfriend along the way.


And so, a few days passed, and the season transitioned into winter. It seems like Shari’s birthday has already passed, but I can’t say for certain because the exact date is not clear. Shari remains unchanged; she’s still healthy, and there have not been any noticeable changes in her blessings. For now, as long as she’s doing well, that’s a relief.

Until recently, we were busy with the harvest, so there was no time for adventuring. But now that winter has arrived, there is hardly any work to be done in the fields, and everyone tends to stay indoors due to the climate. That makes it difficult to go on adventures. My mother, Shari, and Akari ended up doing handicrafts together. It’s hard to describe it as anything other than piecework. They weave straw and make felt-like fabric from sheep’s wool.

“Wouldn’t it be better if someone with blessings did all this instead?” (Akari)

Akari murmured after Mom had left to make a delivery.

“If there were a blessing like ‘straw weaving and rope-making,’ I feel like I would be stuck doing it for the rest of my life.” (Finn)

Come to think of it, I recently received the blessing of <Throwing>. It came from back when I was throwing stones at goblins.

“Speaking of blessings… Why are you still at level 1, Onii-chan?” (Akari)

“Maybe it’s because I haven’t gained enough experience. (Finn)

“Then why is Shari at level 4?” (Akari)

“Maybe it’s because the hobgoblins were stronger,” (Finn)

“Hmm, is that so??” (Akari)

Well, I could explain my blessings to Akari if the timing is right. By the way, Shari is also making good use of her blessing of <Mace> by pounding the straw to soften it.

“Onii-chan, if you don’t level up, you won’t be able to go to the dungeon.” (Akari)

“That’s true, but isn’t it cold outside?” (Finn)

“I’m not cold.” (Akari)

“It’s amazing that you can dress like that during this season.” (Finn)

“Well, I am a high school girl!” (Akari)

Since Akari has the blessing of <Cold Resistance>, she always dresses as if it were summer. Specifically, she wears sleeveless mini-dress tunics. She has several different variations, but today’s in particular has wide-open sides. She doesn’t wear a bra, so it’s quite eye-catching. It’s especially daring when viewed from the side. It’s a good thing she’s my sister, so it’s considered safe to look.

At that moment, I sensed my mother running back to the house. The door swung open with a bang.

“The logging team was attacked by goblins!” (Finn’s mother)

We hurriedly made our way to the village chief’s office to learn about the details. It seemed that the logging team had encountered goblins just a short distance away from the village. There were injured members who could not move, so they sent one person to seek assistance. However, there were no knights on patrol in the village at the moment. Discussions were underway to decide who would go to their rescue.

“Let’s go.” (Finn)

We exchanged glances and returned home. We each grabbed our weapons and headed out to the site. My weapon is “Spear (Model 2).” Model 1 broke, so I bought a premade one from the blacksmith.

After running along the highway for about an hour through the forest, we reached our destination. A cart loaded with timber was parked at the side, and a cow was laying in front of it. There were glimpses of movement behind the cart. It looked like a person.

“Onii-chan, in the forest!” (Shari)

Akari pointed ahead. I used my sense detection ability. Sure enough, there were people near the cart. I sensed a goblin-like presence in the forest. Five, six… no, there are more. Probably over 10 of them. They are gradually gathering.

“Goblins.” (Finn)

“What should we do, Onii-chan?” (Akari)

“We will take them down before they gather.” (Finn)

“It’s dangerous, Finn.” (Finn’s mother)

“Don’t worry, mom.” (Akari)

…Huh, wait a minute. 

Why did our mother come along?

“Well, um… What should we do?” (Finn)

First, we don’t know the exact number of goblins. They might continue to increase in numbers. We also don’t know the situation of the person who needs rescue. On top of that, we need to ensure the safety of our mother and make sure no one else finds out about our blessings. The conditions are quite challenging.

First, let’s have Shari cast <Protection> on all four of us. Meanwhile, I will gather some stones from the roadside. Then, I will ask her to cast <Attack Boost> on me.

“Shari, keep an eye on Mom. Akari, provide long-range support.” (Finn)

“Got it, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

“Understood, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

I begin throwing stones at the goblins.

The combination of my blessing of <Throwing> and the <Attack Boost> buff is incredible. The goblins hit by the projectiles did not just fall, they are sent flying. It’s much more effective than the stone-throwing I did before I got my blessing. Moreover, my accuracy while throwing is remarkable.

“So this is the power of my blessing…” (Finn)

Any misses are quickly taken care of by Akari’s Magic Missiles, magical arrows that never miss their target, ensuring the goblins are dealt with.

“Mom, take my spear to Dad.” (Finn)

“Is Finn going to be okay?” (Finn’s mother)

“I will throw stones from afar, so I will be fine.” (Finn)

Mom runs towards the cart, carrying my spear.

“I’m ready, Onii-chan!” (Shari)

Shari responds as I give her a signal. She has already cast the attack boost on herself and Akari.

“Let’s go!” (Finn)

Shari charges forward, wielding her mace, and Akari and I follow closely behind, forming a triangular formation.

At the front, Shari swings her mace, mercilessly crushing the goblins in her path. As she gains experience, I feel my own level increasing. A goblin appears right in front of me, and I strike it with my bare hands. With the <Attack Boost> buff, I was able to twist the goblin’s neck in an unnatural direction. I follow up with a powerful kick, sending it flying. A surge of strength wells up from within me. I’ve reached level 2!

“Whoa!” (Finn)

Power surges through my body as we continue to charge into the swarm of goblins, scattering them with our attacks.

Most of the goblins are finally gone now. We walk towards the cart. With a cautious look on her face, Akari stays on guard using her <Stealth>.

Dad is sitting on the ground, leaning against a log, holding a spear. It looks like he has injuries on his arms and legs. His complexion is a bit pale. Mom is by his side, looking concerned.

“I’m fine…” (Finn’s father)

He does not seem fine. And there are three more people lying on the ground.

Shari glances at me sideways. Hmm, what should we do? It would be bad if they saw Shari’s blessing.

I approach my mother and whisper in her ear.

“Mother, I want you to think of asking for a blessing of <Healing>.” (Finn)

“Eh?” (Finn’s mother)

“Just do it.” (Finn)

I embrace my mother.

It feels a bit awkward.

“Mom, you’re safe!” (Finn)

“I’m glad! I love you, Mom.” (Finn)

I press my lips against my mother’s lips. It’s a greeting-like gesture in some cultures.

Level connection!” (Finn)

A level circuit is formed between Mom and me.

Begin level transfer!” (Finn)

Mhhmm, mmm, mm, ah

I whisper in her ear, “Think of the blessing of <healing>.” (Finn)

“Um, um, blessing of <healing>!” (Finn’s mother)

With a flushed face, my mother first touches my father.

Heal!” (Finn’s mother)

My father’s wounds begin to heal. No matter how many times I see it, it’s still amazing.

Then my mother approaches the fallen individuals. Everyone is watching.

Heal!” The first person gasps for breath and regains consciousness. My mother moves on to the second person and whispers, “Heal.” The second injured person also revives. And then again with the third person.

All the injured individuals have been healed. My mother is being looked at with awe and respect by everyone. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Shari secretly uses her healing ability to restore the strength of the cow pulling the cart.

While my father, with the blessing of <Strength>, is rearranging the fallen logs, a rescue team from the village arrives. They all have tools like shovels and sickles in their hands.

Mother stands next to me and says, 

“Explain later, Finn.” (Finn’s mother)

Desu yo ne~


Finn: Level 1 (Human: Reincarnated)
– Blessing: Level Check, Level Transfer, Presence Detection, Spear, Throwing, Hand-to-Hand Combat (new)

Shari: Level 4 (Human)
– Blessing: Healing (2x effect on Finn), Protection (2x effect duration on Finn), Attack Boost, Mace

Akari: Level 4 (Elf: Reincarnated)
– Blessing: Appraisal, Elementary Attack Magic, Stealth, Cold Resistance

Father: Level 2
– Blessing: Strength, Spear

Mother: Level 2 (up!)
– Blessing: Water, Healing (new)

No illustration this chapter :<

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Well urhh that was an interesting move by Finn, I mean sure it’s a greeting in some culture but does that culture exist in this world.
Also you could have moved to a hidden place to do the kiss instead of announcing it to the world lol.

Also the jig is up. No more hiding stuff Finn.


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Thanks for the chapter! Also, I wonder if Finn made out with his mom. He makes out with his sister so I assumed it was necessary, but in this chapter it seemed like he just normally kissed her with no tongue action, which makes me rethink my assumption.


Luckily, Shari is his younger sister so it is fine, even if its unnecessary 🙂