LSP – Chapter 12 – Fairy

When asked for an explanation by my mother, I struggled to explain, saying, “Maybe Mom received blessings because we fought goblins together. Look, Dad also fought a big boar and received blessings.” 

“Then, what was that kiss?” (Finn’s mother)

“According to Akari, it’s an elf greeting.” (Finn)

“What kind of greeting?” (Finn’s mother)

“Something like longevity and prosperity, I think?” (Finn)

Although my mother is not completely convinced, she has no reason to deny what I said.

“How did you know it was going to be the blessing of <Healing> at that time?” (Finn’s mother)

“Dad said that if you strongly wish for blessings, they will come true.” (Finn)

“Well, it’s true that I also wished for the blessing of <Water> because I disliked fetching water.” (Finn’s mother)

Looks like there was a backstory to that blessing.

Since then, we started having injured people coming to our house every day.

Even though my mother provided healing as a free service, patients always brought something to give us, so our quality of food has become abundant. If it’s just a minor injury, there seems to be almost no limit to the number of times they can come.

“Maybe we should start refusing the gifts?” (Finn)

“Mom is just tired.” (Finn’s mother)

“Just so you know, I am still not convinced.” (Akari)

Desu yo ne~ Maybe it’s time to reveal the truth about the level transfer soon.

However, I am currently at level 1, and I need to reach at least level 2 before I can show her how it works. Maybe I should go hunt some goblins or something.

“I promise I will explain next time, so let’s focus on leveling up first.” (Finn)

“Where are we going?” (Akari)

“Hmm, how about trying the usual place?” (Finn)

On a clear winter morning, under the pretense of procuring food, Akari, Shari, and I are heading towards the forest. When we mentioned we were going to the forest, my mother looks worried.

“I can use magic, so we will be fine.” (Akari)

“Hmm, in that case, I will leave it to you girlfriend-san.” (Finn’s mother) 

“Well, she is actually my little sister.” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, Shari is here too.” (Shari)

Alright, let’s go quickly.

When we walked through the winter forest, it was devoid of any signs of animals. Perhaps they are hibernating.

“Do goblins not hibernate?” (Finn)

“They don’t.” (Akari)

“Why not?” (Finn)

“Because they are feys.” (Akari)

I see. I still don’t understand.

I am currently holding a spear in my hand and have small pebbles in my belt pouch. Ideally, I would prefer to have lead balls but that is not possible for now. 

Since we are supposedly procuring food, it would be great if we could bring back a deer or a rabbit. I wonder if I can hunt a deer using my blessing of <Throwing>. If Shari enhances the attack, it should be an easy victory, but there is also a possibility of pulverizing the deer.

I put on the old coat I received from my father. It’s a half coat, but it feels a bit loose on me.

We enter the forest. I ask my sisters to hide and watch while I received <Protection>. We head towards the familiar herb spot where we have fought goblins multiple times before. I roll over and lie prone, keeping my face down. I activate <Presence Detection> to scan my surroundings.

But no goblins were found.

“I used to encounter them here before… Did I overhunt them a bit too much?” (Finn)

Hmm, what should I do?

“What are you doing?” (?)

Ah, my senses detect a nearby presence. But it’s not a goblin. It’s something smaller.

I raise my head and there I see a girl with wings. She is about 30 cm tall.

“It’s a fairy!” (Finn)

I see. So fairies don’t hibernate.

“Well, you see, I was looking for goblins.” (Finn)

“Why are you looking for goblins?” (Fairy)

“I want to defeat them.” (Finn)

“Why?” (Fairy)


“Because goblins attack humans?” (Finn)

“Isn’t it because humans enter goblin territory?” (Fairy)

She seems to have started talking like an environmentalist or something.

“Aren’t you troubled by goblins?” (Finn)

“Well, both us fairies and goblins are part of the fey family1.” (Fairy)

As we talk, I can’t help but think that the fairies in anime are typically like Tinker Bell2, around 10 cm tall, glowing, and much more ethereal. But this fairy is strangely realistic, being 30 cm tall and lacking the typical glow. It has a more lifelike and figurine-like appearance.

“Onii-chan, what are you doing?” (Akari)

“Oh, it’s an elf.” (Fairy)

“That’s right!” (Akari)

“Wow, that’s amazing!” (Fairy)

“Nono, it’s not really that amazing..” (Akari)

Akari seems to have good social skills, doesn’t she? Let’s leave this to her.

“Well then, I’ll head back, so you can continue talking to the elf.” (Akari)

“Okay, see you later.” (Finn)

I return to where Shari is.

“There was a fairy.” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, what were you talking about?” (Shari).

“I was just getting some information from the fairy with Akari.” (Finn)

“Okay, but it’s cold here, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

I wrap Shari inside my coat and hug her. Shari looks at me with a “You knew what I was going to ask?” look. Of course I understand, I am your Onii-chan after all.

After about 30 minutes, Akari returns.

“So, how was it?” (Finn)

“At that size, she feels more like a small figurine.” (Akari)

“No, I meant about the goblins.” (Finn)

“It seems like they are gathering somewhere. Something about welcoming a king or something,” (Akari)

“That is a bit worrisome, but I wonder where it could be.” (Finn)

“The place doesn’t have a proper name, so I have no idea.” (Akari)

Hmm, this is troubling. Without goblins, I won’t be able to level up.

“So, Onii-chan, when are you going to explain the thing to me?” (Akari)


I am starting to consider if we can hunt anything other than goblins, but as I am only at level 1, so even opponents that are too strong would be a problem. Speaking of which, we came here to procure food, didn’t we?

On the way back, we managed to hunt a rabbit. Akari’s magic missile was super handy. However, my level didn’t increase.

Image of Akari talking to the fairy

Akari seems to have good social skills, doesn’t she? Let’s leave this to her.
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

OMG this chapter took longer to translate than it should and it’s all because of that fey stuff. In the raws, it was “妖精” which translates to fairy. Obviously, it makes no sense since goblins are not fairies. Actually, let me tell you about this journey.

I searched for other possible definitions for the word and got a blank. So I thought to myself “Maybe this is some DnD stuff” and I searched up fairy and goblin relations. I got another blank but I found out that fairies are feys from feywild, so I searched up goblin and fey this time. 

I ended up on a Reddit thread talking about how goblins are now considered feys in the 5th edition of DnD. I looked up a wiki of DnD 5th edition for the goblin race and lo and behold, goblins have the “Fey-ancestry” trait and they were considered feys. I said “were” because looks like some stuff happened and they lost memories or something. That is another whole can of worms which I am not opening.

So on the outside, fairies and goblins may not look related but in DnD they are somewhat related.

Here is the link to the goblin wiki if you’re interested in learning more: 

I hope I did not get this translation wrong lol.


  1. This is some DnD stuff which I have no experience with but will try to explain based on research. In DnD 5th edition, a place called feywild exists which is a parallel realm where magic and nature are dominant. Creatures that live here are called feys. The origins of goblins got changed such that they used to live in the feywild so they are technically considered feys. Of course fairies are fey creatures and as such, the two are related in a way.
  2. Tinker bell is a fairy character from Peter Pan
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There’s no way Finn’s mom was convinced he kissed her in the middle of an intense battle as a greeting 😂


Maybe the stupid “I love you, mom!” worked 😂