LSP – Chapter 13 – Sword

“After the attack on the logging team the other day, there haven’t been any other attacks caused by goblins.” (Knights Captain)

“I see.” (Baron Verbal)

The baron nods in response to the explanation from the Knight Commander. His face is bright today.

“Perhaps it was a good decision to clear the area along the highway after all.” (Knights Captain)

“It could be.” (Baron Verbal)

To be honest, it’s meaningless to think about possibilities and causalities in situations like this. It’s like a superstition. You try something, and if it works out, you try it again.

“And also, something interesting happened.” (Knights Captain)

“What is it?” (Baron Verbal)

“This is from the Moule Village.” (Knights Captain)

A sword is brought forth.

“What is this?” (Baron Verbal)

“It seems that this craftsmanship is not recent. It is said to be from the ancient Rhône Empire.” (Knights Captain)

“I see.” (Baron Verbal)

“It might have been excavated from a ruin.” (Knights Captain)

“Ruins, huh?” (Baron Verbal)

“According to the blacksmith who brought it, someone received it as a drop from the goblins.” (Knights Captain)

“In other words…” (Baron Verbal)

“There might be an ancient Rhone Empire ruins in the forest, where the goblins have made their nest. And in there might be…” (Knights Captain)

“Rhone’s treasure.” (Baron Verbal)

“It’s possible.”  (Knights Captain)

It sounds like a tale from a dream. Ancient treasures. However, there is a sword from the Rhône era right in front of you. This is real.

“Search for the goblin’s nest, Kemp.” (Baron Verbal)

“Yes, father.” (Knights Captain)

Lately, the lord’s knights have been quite active. They come to the village several times a week.

“Finn!” (Blacksmith)

I am suddenly called out within the village. It’s the blacksmith uncle I usually see.

“Uncle Blacksmith!” (Finn)

“Finn, this person wants to ask you something.” (Blacksmith)


“Oh, isn’t it Wen-san? Hello.” (Finn)

“Oh, so it’s Finn! How have you been doing good recently?” (Wen)

She shakes my hand.

“Yes, thanks to you! We recently defeated some goblins!” (Finn)

Wen-san nods.

“By the way, could you take me there for a moment?” (Wen)

Um, well… I guess I could.

We leave the village, making sure not to pass by my house. If my sisters were to spot us, things could get complicated. Wen-san, despite being a knight, is currently on foot. She is accompanied by two attendants.

“Um, we need to go deeper from around this area… probably towards that direction…” (Finn)

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact location in a forest where the scenery looks similar throughout. Even if she asks for the precise spot, to be honest, I don’t really know. Well, an approximate location should suffice.

“There were goblins around this area.” (Finn)

“I see.” (Wen)

Wen-san listens intently. I also try to sense any presence. I coud feel the breath of the forest. There does not seem to be any goblins or the like.

“Where did you find that sword?” (Wen)

“A goblin here had it and he dropped it.” (Finn)

“I see…” (Wen)

She seems to be deep in thought, contemplating something.

“Got it. Thanks, boy.” (Wen)

“Ah, you’re welcome.” (Finn)

“How’s your spear training going?” (Wen)

“My father praised me for it.” (Finn)

“I see. Show me next time.” (Wen)

“Yes ma’am. Next time!” (Finn)

While returning to the village, I kept the conversation vague as to not accidentally give away my blessing of <Spear>.

“I’m back!” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, where did you go? You were out for a while!” (Akari)

“That kid is hiding something, isn’t he?” (Wen’s companion)

“Well, he’s just a child. He probably thought he would get scolded if he went too deep into the forest without saying anything.” (Wen)

Wen replies absentmindedly.

There’s no way normal goblins would be swinging such a large sword.

I then recalled the palm of my hand that I gripped.

He was definitely a spear prodigy beyond his age.

I took Akari on a tour of the village. She is too beautiful, or rather, the fact that she’s an elf makes her stand out too much. So, I have her wear my coat and pull the hood over her head. Since Akari is taller than me, it fits her reasonably well.

I watch her cheerful figure as she walks ahead. The half-coat conceals her tunic, making it appear as if her white legs are directly exposed. I can’t help but be captivated by the whiteness of her thighs, but I quickly avert my gaze in embarrassment.

It’s amusing to see sandals paired with a coat. The design of the sandals is quite charming, with straps that wrap around the ankles. The swaying of the tied leather strings creates a slight contraction in the calves, which gives a nice touch. The movement of the area behind the knee, known as the popliteal fossa, on both sides of the muscle, is also captivating. And the thighs, which I thought would be even slimmer, surprisingly plump and fleshy appearance when viewed from behind. It makes me wonder where exactly the thigh ends and the butt starts. It’s interesting how the usual tunic hides these aspects as well, but there’s something appealing about the sense of concealment in this outfit as well!

“What’s wrong?” (Akari)

Akari jumps and turns back to me. I’m 13 years old! I wasn’t staring!

“Oh, I was just wondering if you were feeling cold.” (Finn)

“I won’t get cold wearing something like this.” (Akari)

The hooded girl smiles at me.

“Well, for high school girls, showing bare legs is pretty much the norm!” (Akari)

Did she actually take cold resistance measures just for that?

Oh, right! There was something I forgot to confirm the other day. Acting before thinking is a bad habit of mine. No, it’s not about bare legs.

“By the way, how high can levels go?” (Finn)

Yeah, I have not confirmed that yet. Akari might know.

“Well, most ordinary people can reach a maximum level of four.” (Akari)

That’s something I already knew.

“I’m level 4, so it’s okay for you to praise Akari-chan for being amazing, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

“Akari-chan is amazing.” (Finn)

“But why is Shari also level 4? Do you know how much I struggled to get myself to that level?” (Akari)

“It must have been tough for you, Akari. I understand.” (Finn)

“Do you really understand?” (Akari)

“Yeah, yeah. I understand. I’m your Onii-chan, after all. Akari, you put in a lot of effort. You’re really amazing.” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

This child is so easy to please.

“Well, there are people who have managed to reach level 5. Elves’ elders and such have even higher levels.” (Akari)

They exist, huh.

“But generally, if you live a normal life, it’s not easy to level up that high. Even reaching level 4 requires talent and luck to be among the top 1%, but the most important thing is the daily effort, steadily building up your skills and finally achieving it.” (Akari)

“Akari-chan, you’re amazing.” (Finn)

“And yet, my little sister managed to do it too…” (Akari)

Well, now that we know level 4 isn’t the upper limit, let’s change the topic.

No wait, I just realized that if there were a limit, it would have been problematic to kiss my sister. I mean, what if I kissed her and nothing happened?

“Oh, look, there’s smoke over there.” (Akari)

Akari pointed into the forest as she says that.

“I wonder what is happening in the forest.” (Finn)

Isn’t that direction where we defeated the Hobgoblin?

Image of Akari in the village

I watch her cheerful figure as she walks ahead.
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Ahh Finn, a man of culture I see. What a thorough analysis of Akari’s thighs and legs. Tbh I don’t see why Finn still isn’t telling Akari about the level transfer thing. I mean he doesn’t really have to demo it does he? Shari’s level is the literal proof.

Gonna change (captain of knight) to (knight captain)


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Her legs go all the way up and make a complete ass out of themselves.