LSP – Chapter 14 – Grilled Meat (Yakiniku)

[Wen PoV]

In the outskirts of the forest near the Moule Village, the knights have cleared a corner of the dense forest. They have constructed makeshift barricades using chopped trees. However, there is no actual battle taking place. There are no enemies coming to attack in the middle of such a forest. The only things one might encounter in a place like this are bears or goblins.

Within the barricades, a large bonfire is blazing, and smoke rises from the roasting of a plentiful amount of deer and wild boars. It looks like a grand yakiniku1 feast.

“If you want to eat, go ahead.” (Knight)

“But I can’t possibly eat this much.” (Knight)

My subordinates are sneaking bites, but it’s nowhere near enough to consume such a quantity. The knight order spent several days hunting and gathering meat.

“It’s burnt.” (Knight)

“Don’t worry about it. We won’t be able to finish it anyway.” (Knight)

Smoke rises as the fat from the meat burns. The wind blows, carrying the smoke deeper into the forest. They brought along a user of wind manipulation for that purpose.

“If a scent like this reaches even a hibernating bear, it would wake up, wouldn’t it?” (Knight)

“If it’s just bears, it’s no big deal.” (Knight)

Among the knight order, there is no one who would lose to a bear. With that level of skill, they wouldn’t survive in this unit.

『What do you mean there are no goblins around? There shouldn’t be any goblins hibernating. It’s winter now, food is scarce, and goblins are always hungry. If we scatter the scent of meat in the forest, they might come out willingly. We can then engage them in combat, drive them away, and pursue the fleeing goblins to find their lair. There may be someone among the knights who possesses the skills of a hunter and can track them.』

This was a theoretical discussion born out of casual bar talk, but the strategy was adopted because even if it didn’t work out, there would be no real harm, and it would serve as training. The person in charge of implementation is Wen. There is one other knight colleague and five squires2.

(It’s more like a recreational activity than a real strategy)

Well, as long as alcohol isn’t involved, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Wen scans the forest for any signs, but the wind manipulation is interfering with her ability to sense them. It’s time to go.

“Alright, enough with the wind. Everyone, get into alert position.”

[Finn PoV]

“Even though we are in the middle of the forest, you’re making quite a show with that bonfire.” (Akari)

Prompted by Akari’s consciousness of environmental concerns, we had come into the forest. We got Shari to use <Protection> on us, but there doesn’t seem to be any particular presence of monsters. That being said…

“Onii-chan, I smell the scent of yakiniku.” (Akari)

“Come to think of it, we still have not invented barbecue sauce.” (Finn)

“I have seen ketchup before.” (Akari)

Wait, really, Akari-san?

“Do we have mayonnaise?” (Finn)

“We do.” (Akari)

“By any chance, do we also have Reversi?” (Finn)

“We do.” (Akari)

Well, if there are at least 1,000 reincarnated individuals in this country alone, it’s bound to be like that.

“Why don’t they have it in this village?” (Finn)

“Maybe because it’s a rural area?” (Akari)

Akari-san, I have been thinking about this for a while, but you are quite critical when it comes to rural areas.

“I’ll go take a look.” (Akari)

Akari’s figure disappears into the forest. That line feels like a flag has been raised.

“Onii-chan.” (Shari)

Shari sticks close to me.

“What’s up?” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you always seem so happy when you’re talking to Akari onee-chan.” (Shari)

“I’m having fun when I’m talking to Shari too, you know.” (Finn)

Shari looks into my eyes.

“Onii-chan, are you going to go back with Akari onee-chan?” (Shari)

I instinctively embrace Shari.

“Onii-chan will always be with Shari, forever.” (Finn)

I wrap my right hand around Shari’s head and my left hand around her back, giving her a comforting pat. Yoshi, yoshi3.

As I stroke with the pad of my left hand’s fingers, I can faintly feel the ribs underneath. The thin skin without subcutaneous fat feels like that of a cat. Shari slowly lifts her face with a relaxed expression.

Using my right hand’s fingers, I comb through her fine hair. Her silky, golden hair spills from my fingers. Shari gently closes her eyes and slightly stuck out her lips.

“Sorry to interrupt while things are getting heated, but…” (Akari)

“!” (Finn & Shari)

“Something’s coming.” (Akari)

[Wen PoV]

It emerged from the depths of the forest.

At first, I thought it was a bear. It had a wide and a shaggy body. However, it was walking upright. Its height was about 1.5 times that of a person, surpassing 2 meters. In its hand, it held a large club. The head of the club resembled more of a mace. Its size was twice that of what a human would use. In a word, it was a monster.

The monstrous creatures roared in the forest filled with the aroma of yakiniku.

The two knights wielded their swords and shields, while the squires held shields and spears. They positioned themselves along the barricade.

“The situation has changed, hasn’t it?” (Knight/Squire)

“Has there ever been a time when things didn’t change?” (Knight/Squire)

“Well, you have a point.” (Knight/Squire)

The squires positioned themselves with their crossbows and leaned against the barricade. The movements of the monsters were swift as they closed in.

“3, 2, 1, fire!” (Wen)

The sound of the strings being released, followed by the whistling of the arrows.

The squires discarded the crossbows after using them and grabbed their spears while the knights drew their swords.

“Don’t die!” (Wen)

It wasn’t worth sacrificing their lives for a yakiniku gathering. There was no honor in that.

[Finn PoV]

“What is that?” (Finn)

“A bugbear, huh?” (Akari)

“A bear?” (Finn)

“No… something like a big goblin?” (Akari)

“Is it stronger than a hobgoblin?” (Finn)

“This guy is dumb, but he’s strong… I think.” (Akari)

In short, it means that is it at roughly the same level.

“Can they win…?” (Finn)

Bugbear versus the knight order. They are engaged in a chaotic melee separated by a barricade made of logs. Although they are called a knight order, it seems there are only two actual knights. So far, neither side has been defeated…

“There are more.” (Akari)

“Huh?” (Finn)

Akari points deeper into the forest. Meanwhile, Shari bestows us with enhanced attack power.

We maneuver through the forest, bypassing the knights, and heading deeper into the woods.

Presence Detection!” (Finn)

Within the forest, I sense the presence of dozens of beings. It feels familiar. This must be…

I take out a handful of small stones from my belt pouch. As one of the stones accidentally makes a “click” sound upon contact, a goblin notices it. Without hesitation, I threw the projectile at them!

The small stone, thrown at an impossible speed for a human, hits the goblin squarely in the face, burying itself in its head. The impact shatters the goblin’s skull.

I continue throwing the second and third stones. I can sense the presence of dozens of goblins rushing towards us. The goblins advance while taking cover behind trees. They are cunning.

It’s time for close combat. I grip my spear.


The goblin that had come close has its head exploded. It was struck by Shari’s mace. The headless body collapses to the ground. I meet eyes with Shari.

“Shari, let’s go!” (Finn)

Shari raises her mace. The onslaught begins. With each goblin crushed, my level slowly increases.

As I desperately chase after my sister’s back, I impale the goblins that get in between us with my spear, forcefully push them aside, and swiftly withdraw the weapon. I turn the spear around and sever another goblin’s head. Sensing another presence behind me, I throw a backhand punch without looking, followed by a spinning kick with my right leg, sending the goblin flying. This is the power of the blessing of <Hand-to-hand combat>.

At that moment, I feel a surge of energy in my body. Once again, I have reached Level 2. I am being leveled up by Shari. I turn around, but Shari is now at a distance. There’s a fundamental difference in our stats due to the difference in levels. The goblins start swarming Shari. I have to catch up to her. I am here to protect Shari. I won’t let her be alone!

The next moment, I found myself right behind Shari. I feel that I had gained the blessing of <Teleportation>, allowing me to instantly reposition to her location. I swing my spear in place, mowing down the goblins and causing them to tumble and collide with each other. I impale them while they are stacked and twist the spear. I put my foot on them and pull out my spear. I won’t allow any vile creatures to come near Shari!

[Akari PoV]

Yoisho!4” (Akari)

Akari pulled out the dagger from the back of the fallen goblin shaman.

Bugbears don’t possess the intelligence to cooperate well with other goblins. I had been suspecting that they might have brought someone along for that. I soon spotted a goblin shaman fleeing from the horde of goblins being overrun by the siblings. While chasing after it, I showered it with magic missiles. Sneaking up behind the panicked goblin shaman, I finished it off with a dagger.

I survey the area. The eradication of the goblins is shifting into a clean-up operation. Something catches my attention internally.

“Did I just say ‘Yoisho!’?” (Akari)

[Wen PoV]

Having defeated two monsters, but with two of our own already fallen, the enemy numbers six while we stand at five.

Though we are at a disadvantage, both knights are still standing. Wen quickly ponders the situation. In terms of overall strength, the sides are evenly matched. However, we lack the numbers. We are being pushed back. Is there any way to create an opening, even just a small one?

At that moment, streaks of white light cut across the field of view. Four arrows of light pierce the backs of the monsters one after another. As the creature in front of me roars and staggers back, I thrust my sword into its swollen, hairy belly, just below the diaphragm, and push it in. The tip of the sword cuts through the chest from the inside. I then withdraw the sword.

I quickly dodge as the monster collapses. From the direction where the light came, I see a person wearing a hood emerging from the depths of the forest. Her legs are slender and white. It’s a woman. She lifts her head, causing the hood to fall back, revealing flowing brown hair. She has fair skin and a well-defined face. Long ears. Green eyes. There stood an elven girl. Bathed in the winter sunlight, her presence was beautiful.

“Is she a goddess?” (Wen)

Wen quickly regains their composure, shaking off the momentary distraction. There are still monsters remaining to deal with.

[Akari PoV]

One of the bugbears falls from the scattered magic missiles, likely already wounded. And one of the knights manages to defeat another bugbear. That leaves four remaining.

The knights engage the bugbears one by one, while the remaining squires gather to face a single bugbear together. Perhaps thinking that Akari’s delicate figure makes her an easier target, one of the bugbears charges directly towards her.

“I’m not built for close combat, though.” (Akari)

She tries to deflect the giant club with her dagger, but her strength isn’t enough to fully deflect it. It grazes her arm, but she doesn’t feel any pain.

(It doesn’t hurt)

It’s the effect of <Protection>. A mere graze like that wouldn’t hurt much.

(Akari-chan, you should give it your all!)

I wonder if my level will go up soon.


“My life belongs to you.” (Creepy Knight/Squire)

“I don’t need this kind of thing!” (Akari)

As the knight kneels before me, about to kiss the back of my hand, I quickly jump back in a panic.

Dealing with older men is a bit too much for me!

[Finn PoV]

It seems that the battle with the bugbears is over. I make my way over to where the knights are. Akari is standing, and a knight is kneeling at her feet. I wonder what’s going on.

“What’s happening, Akari?” (Finn)

As soon as Akari sees my face, she starts speaking rapidly.

“Bugbears are quite popular in D&D, but they don’t appear much in light novels, so I was a bit surprised. But originally, bugbears are considered a type of fae in folklore, so they are kind of related to goblins.” (Akari) 

“Akari, please stop.” (Finn)


“It’s a nice weather, isn’t it?” (Finn)

I engage in a casual conversation with Wen, trying to avoid any sensitive topics. Shari secretly healed the injuries of the two injured individuals. Hopefully, no one noticed, right?

“Do you want some?” (Wen)

The boar was slightly overcooked, but the deer was quite good. It lacked a bit of saltiness though. Wen even packed some leftovers for me. Maybe she is a nice person after all.

“Well then, thank you for the yakiniku!” (Finn)

I need to hurry back. I just reached Level 2. Next, I should focus on leveling up Akari.


Finn: Level 2 (up!) (Human: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Level check, Level transfer, Presence Detection, Spear, Throwing, Hand-to-hand combat, Teleportation (new)

Shari: Level 4 (Human)

– Blessings: Healing (2x effective on Finn), Protection (2x effect duration on Finn), Attack boost, Mace 

Akari: Level 4 (Elf: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Appraisal, Elementary attack magic, Stealth, Cold resistance

No illustration this chapter :<

Edit: Oh wait actually there is an illustration of the bugbear. Urhh it’s interesting, here it is lol.

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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Huh? Wait a minute, was Shari also there during the previous chapter? Urhh I didn’t know that. Well on the good news, Teleportation seems like a pretty OP power depending on how it can be used.

Don’t worry, this chapter confuses me too cause of the constant PoV change. And also, this chapter is so long xd

I checked, and a bugbear is indeed a kind of goblin. Where did the name of this even come from?


  1. Yakiniku = in its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat cuisine
  2. Squires are like apprentice knights
  3. Basically translates to “There, there”
  4. Yoisho = A shout used when doing something with effort, or when trying to make a certain action. Something like “Heave-ho”
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let’s hope the knights and lord are good people and were just hoping to use funds from the treasures to help develop the territory etc cause if not they they gonna learn why the phrase “mess with the waifu’s lose your laifu” exists

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In ch 11, he gained a level and used level transfer in the same chapter so he went back to lv 1.

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Right. He transfered once to his mother.