LSP – Chapter 15 – The Fairy’s blessing

“I am thinking of increasing Akari’s blessings this time.” (Finn)

Just to be sure, I decided to get Shari’s approval in advance.

“If it’s something you want to do, Onii-chan, then I think you should go for it.” (Shari)

Shari gave her consent. She’s such an understanding younger sister.

“Onii-chan, you can do whatever you like. No matter who you choose, Shari will watch and smile. Because in the end, Onii-chan will always come back to Shari.” (Shari)


I called Akari out into the backyard. If there weren’t chickens running around at my feet, it would feel like a confession scene from a light novel. Well, it’s not the school building, but a barn.

“Kokekokokoko!” (Chicken)

“What would you do if someone told you that you could reach Level 5?” (Finn)

“I would do anything.” (Akari)

“Anything?!” (Finn)

“Yeah, anything.” (Akari)

Anything… like, anything? My imagination is running wild.

“Kokekokokoko!” (Chicken)

“But you see, my only redeeming quality was being at Level 4, and now I have been overtaken by my airheaded little sister who just started. If she accidentally surpasses me, I will have no choice but to die.” (Akari)

I’m glad I didn’t mention Shari first.

“Isn’t that a bit extreme to die over something like that?” (Finn)

If I get surpassed here, I will be nothing more than a pathetic loser in this mobile game, and my worth of living would disappear, wouldn’t it?1” (Akari)

“Don’t talk about yourself like that! Look at me, I am only at Level 1, yet I am still living strong.” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you are already at Level 2.” (Akari)

“Kokekokokoko!” (Chicken)

Oh right.

But this place doesn’t have the right atmosphere. Let’s change the location.

I take Akari’s hand.

“Could you spare some time with me from now on? I will make you feel glad that you are alive.” (Finn)

Under the winter sun, I hold hands with Akari and walk. We enter the forest. Akari is wearing her usual tunic while I have the coat on to keep warm.

Akari looks happy walking beside me, and I’m happy too, knowing that she looks forward to this.

We arrive at my favorite spot in the forest. There, only a single tree grows, and sunlight streams through the gap. Despite it being winter, the grass remains green. There was no wind, making it a little warm.

“This is a place I discovered a long time ago.” (Finn)

“Heh~~” (Akari)

I take off the coat and lay it on the grass. We both sit down side by side.

Despite it being winter, there is no wind, and it feels warm.

Akari smiles gently.

“There might be the fairy’s blessing here,” (Akari)

“The fairy’s blessing?” (Finn)

“Yeah, sometimes there are places like this in the forest, remnants of where fairies used to dwell.” (Akari)

Fairies, huh? Are you referring to the one we encountered the other day, the one that was 30 cm tall?

“It’s mentioned in the legend of the elves. Couples who receive the fairy’s blessing are said to be bound together for eternity.” (Akari)

I just wanted to have a casual sibling conversation, but it seems like the topic has taken a subtle turn.

“Akari.”  (Finn)

I gaze at her well-defined face from a close distance.

She really is stunning. When I look at her up close, her beauty is mesmerizing.

Um, what was I going to say again?

“Beautiful.” (Finn)

Not that!

“What kind of blessings do you want, Akari?” (Finn)

“I have been thinking about this for a while.” (Akari)

“And at this point, it doesn’t really matter. Just reaching Level 5 would be enough for me.” (Akari)

“That’s not good enough!” (Finn)

“Why not?” (Akari)

“A person’s worth isn’t determined by their level!” (Finn)

“Is that so?” (Akari)

“Well, levels do hold some value, but I think the blessings are more important in the end.” (Finn)

“You’re strange, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

Akari giggles and looks at me.

“Then, I want to become an amazing mage.” (Akari)

“Alright, got it. Onii-chan will turn Akari into a great mage.” (Finn)

I place my right hand on the back of Akari’s head. Our upper bodies face each other while we remain seated. Akari is taller than me. I wrap my left arm around her delicate waist, and I straighten my posture. Akari’s arms wrap around me, and in that position, she leans back on her own. I end up embracing Akari, covering her from above.

Um, it feels like something is off. Well, never mind.

I bring my face closer to Akari’s. She smiles gently and closes her eyes. Her lips slightly part.

I kissed Akari.

Level Connection!” (Finn)

Akari accepted me, and a level circuit formed between us… or so it should have happened, but it didn’t?

“This is my first time.” (Akari)

That’s not the point right now.

“Be gentle, ok?” (Akari)


“Onii-chan!” (Shari)


“Actually forget what I said earlier. Onii-chan, Shari is-” (Shari)


“Because we are not biological siblings, right?” (Shari)


“Isn’t 13 years old too young for that kind of matter?” (Shari)

“Onii-chan is 18 years old though.” (Akari)

Biologically, I am 13 years old, though.

Image of Akari walking in the forest

We enter the forest.
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Hmmm? It didn’t work? Maybe the level gap has become too big to form a connection or something. Also, Akari is totally ready to do the deed lol. 

I know that Akari’s illustration might be slightly off sometimes, but this is AI-generated soo just close one eye.

I have absolutely no idea what they were saying towards the end.


  1. I don’t really get this line either. Raw is 「ここで追い抜かれたらもうソシャゲのクズレアみたいなもんだし生きてる価値なんてなくない?」
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whelp this is why just doing something and not telling them reason why did said thing causes misunderstandings


Now that I think about it, he nvr told Shari about it either lol


yep and think thing at end is just shari trying to justify him not banging akari instead of her so pulling the “you’re too young thing” to prob delay it so she can be first or something,also just realized there’s not even 150 chapters total but should still be enjoyable wholesome read 🙂