LSP – Chapter 21 – Do you know why I am angry?

[Wen PoV]

Wen abruptly jumped up. It was still the middle of the night. Once again, he had dreamt of the past.

“A dungeon…” (Wen)

Recalling those memories was painful, but they couldn’t be forgotten easily.

He recalled fragments of the memory. The darkness of the dungeon, the stone pavement, the approaching footsteps. Monsters attacking from all directions. A voice saying, “Let’s run!” And then, a woman. Brown hair, fair skin. Her eyes were green… but he just couldn’t remember her face. Whenever he tried to visualize the details in his mind, a different face would appear. Brown hair, fair skin, deep green eyes, and incredibly beautiful.

He shook his head, attempting to recall the face of his former lover. She was definitely supposed to look a bit gentler. Or perhaps he just wished she did. He believed she must resent him, for leaving her behind in the darkness of the dungeon.

“Catherine-sama…” (Wen)

Why did that elven girl ask him about the dungeon?

Could this be a punishment bestowed upon him by the heavens? At that time, only half of them managed to escape, but even so, half of them did escape. He should have been able to save his lover.

Wen couldn’t sleep anymore.

[Finn PoV]

“Come on, one more time!” (Akari)

I held her tight and kissed her.

“What am I missing!?” (Akari)

Maybe it’s the human factor?

In the barn, Akari and I were sitting on the hay, embracing and kissing each other repeatedly.

“It doesn’t seem to be going well.” (Finn)

Akari ponders.

“Let’s try recreating it step by step from the beginning!” (Akari)

Akari lies on her left side, and I place my right hand behind her head. I lift her up and we kiss. We part our lips momentarily, but then she eagerly presses herself against me, craving my lips. While our lips remain locked, I flip over and leaned over her. My tongue parts her lips and pushes against her upper and lower teeth. Our tongues entwine, and my saliva mixes with hers in her mouth. And then…

(Level Connection!… Did not work.)

“Isn’t kissing a 12-year-old girl something we should be concerned about?” (Akari)

Didn’t you tell me to just do it?1” (Finn)

“We need to make it as accurate as possible!” (Akari)

I see.

“Recall even the smallest details… What is different from that time?” (Akari)

I trace back my memories. The one thing that stands out clearly in my memory is…

“Could it be the clothing?” (Finn)


Facing each other, Akari wears a one-piece dress. Shari’s height is 135cm, while the slender Akari’s height is 160cm. The dress was highly elastic so it managed to fit somehow, but it clings to her body so tightly that it feels more like a restraint than a piece of clothing.

Akari lies on her back on the hay. Although there is fabric covering her body, practically nothing is hidden. In fact, the fabric only emphasizes the shape, leaving little to the imagination. The elasticity of the fabric forcefully pushes up her chest from below, creating a menacing bulge.

(Well, since she dressed herself, it’s safe.)

Meanwhile, beneath the bulge, the delicate details of her rib are visible through the fabric. The fabric tightens around her slender abdomen, but it also emphasizes the slight bulge of her stomach and the indentation of her belly button, adding a raw touch.

The elastic fabric clings tightly to her, following the small curves of the elf’s hips and lower abdomen. It constricts around her thighs and abruptly ends at about 20cm above the knees. From the edges of the fabric, her white thighs peek out, with a subtle hint of flesh despite their naturally slender shape.

(If it were the back of the thighs, there would likely be more fleshy)

I recall the lingering gaze I had on her from behind back then during the tour. No wait, that’s not the point.

Following the same series of actions, I lift her up and kiss her. Then our tongues entwine, and my saliva mixes with hers in her mouth.

(Level Connection!… Did not work.)

“Why is it not working!?” (Akari)

“Shari, congratulations on leveling up!” (Finn)

“Thank you, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

“…………” (Akari)

“Let’s have a bureiko2 today!” (Shari)

“……” (Akari)

“Let’s hear a word from Shari, who just reached Level 5!” (Finn)

“Onii-chan is Shari’s, so…” (Shari)

“Well, what people of higher levels say is absolute, so there’s nothing we can do about it, right?” ‘


Akari stood up.

“Levels have meaning because you work hard to climb them. I won’t accept leveling up through hugging and kissing.” (Akari)

After saying that and left.

Even as night fell, Akari did not return. Sensing her presence, I found her inside the barn.

I went to fetch her.

“Everyone is worried about you, so please come back.” (Finn)

“Don’t come here.” (Akari)

A voice comes from the darkness. Ignoring it, I enter the barn.

“You’re just making fun of me, aren’t you?” (Akari)

“That’s not true.” (Finn)

“I’m just a mean-spirited elf, after all.” (Akari)

“I didn’t say anything like that.” (Finn)

“Just because I am a human or whatever. What a stupid thing.” (Akari)

“But, you are an elf.” (Finn)

A faint sound of a chuckle escapes, followed by being embraced from behind in the darkness. Feeling the touch of a chest against my back.

“Onii-chan…” (Akari)

“Akari…” (Finn)

“Do you know why I’m angry?” (Akari)


“Is it because you said we should level up to go to the dungeon, but I’m lowering my level?” (Finn)

“Don’t jump to conclusions from the beginning.” (Akari)

“Seriously?” (Finn)

“That’s not the case at all.” (Akari)


“Is it because I only leveled up Shari?” (Finn)

“I’m not that narrow-minded, you know.” (Akari)

“Is it because we did inappropriate things in the barn?” (Finn)

“I told you to do it, so it’s fine.” (Akari)

“Is it because I did something inappropriate with Shari?” (Finn)

“She’s just a child, so be gentle.” (Akari)

“Is it because I kept silent about my blessing?” (Finn)

“That’s no longer an issue.” (Akari)

“Is it because I didn’t take the opportunity even though you tempted me many times?” (Finn)

“You’re a coward.” (Akari)

“Is it because I always try to evade the questions when confronted?” (Finn)

“You do have that kind of tendency.” (Akari)

“I’m sorry for making you feel lonely.” (Finn)

“Did you say that to Shari as well?” (Akari)

I don’t have a clue. Am I misunderstanding something? Let’s change the question a bit.

“Is Akari angry at a person?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is that person a male?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is that person a family member?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is it me?” (Finn)

“Obviously, it’s you.” (Akari)


Akari whispers in my ear.

“I thought Onii-chan chose me back then. But it was Shari who was chosen.” (Akari)

(I didn’t choose either of you!)

I reach my hand behind and touch Akari’s head. She turns around, and I use both hands to position her head. Slowly, I pull her head closer while rising up on my tiptoes.

In the darkness, we kiss.

Akari releases her lips.

“Wrong answer.” (Akari)

In the darkness, Akari embraces me tightly. Her mouth hungrily seeks my lips. I gently extend my hand towards her waist, embracing her delicate figure. We stay like that for a while.

“I’m going home, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

Image of angry Akari

“You’re just making fun of me, aren’t you?”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Finn really messing with Akari in this chapter. I swear that I thought he said maybe it’s the clothes just to see Akari in those clothes lol. And also maybe not a good idea to taunt someone and expect them to not get angry. Although, it doesn’t look like that is the real reason that she got angry.

You know, now that I think about it, the level transfer dialogues are not said by Finn and were probably the voice of the blessing itself. Also, the dialogue happened inside his mind and he did not really say it out loud lol, oops. 


  1. In case you forgot, Akari said this last chapter: “Well, both of you are already adults, so why not just do it?”
  2. Bureiko is an informal party where people put aside any rank/status differences. I actually mistranslated this at ch 20, and replaced it with “all-you-can-eat” buffet lol. I will go change that.
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