LSP – Chapter 22 – Conditions

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It’s currently night. The five members of my family were sleeping huddled together because its cold. It’s cold. Specifically, there is Dad, Mom, Shari, me, and Akari, from left to right.

As for me, depending on the day, I sometimes sleep facing Shari and sometimes facing Akari. But today, I decided to sleep facing upward because I’m feeling a bit strange.

Shari is wearing the usual gray dress. Akari forcefully put it on and stretched it earlier, so it turned into sleepwear.

“Onii-chan” (Shari)

Shari, who is lying on my left, leaned her head toward me. I turn my head to face her.

“I can’t sleep.” (Shari)

With that, Shari turned her body and rest herself on the left side of my body. She places her left ear against my left chest.

“Onii-chan, I can hear the sound of your heartbeat.” (Shari)

I tried to stroke Shari’s hair with my right hand, but as I raised my elbow, it was suddenly grabbed. I was pulled gently, and my right arm ended up becoming Akari’s body pillow. I felt a soft, squishy sensation. It reminded me of the tightness around the chest when she wore that dress earlier. It was quite something, huh?

Akari didn’t move and seemed to have fallen asleep while hugging my right arm. Well, I will let her have my right arm. I close my eyes too.

“Onii-chan” (Shari)

As I was dozing off, I heard Shari’s voice. I opened my eyes. Shari was half sitting up, and her face was just 30cm in front of mine.

The dress Shari is wearing has become loose around the chest area because Akari stretched it. As Shari is looking downward, the neckline hangs and widens, creating a noticeable gap. It is right in front of my face. I can see Shari’s fair skin within that space, or rather, I can see the outline of her body from her chest to her abdomen. Well, to be precise, it’s quite dim, so I can only see a vague silhouette within her clothes.

(Probably safe)

“Are you awake?” (Shari)

“Yeah, I’m awake.” (Finn)

I speak softly, making sure not to wake up Akari who is beside us.

“It’s about my new blessing.” (Shari)

“Ah, right.” (Finn)

“To be honest, I don’t fully understand it.” (Shari)

“I see.” (Finn)

“It’s probably something related to you, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

Mjd!1” (Finn)

I almost let out a voice and hastily suppress it.

“If Onii-chan is about to die…” (Shari)

“If I am about to die?” (Finn)

“Shari’s blessing will become a substitute.” (Shari)

“Mjd!” (Finn)

Wait, is there really such a specific blessing like that?

“Shari already said before…” (Shari)

Shari once again places her left ear against my chest and gently strokes from my chest to my side with the tips of her right fingers.

“Onii-chan, Shari will protect you.” (Shari)

(Nononono, wait a minute!)

My drowsiness completely disappeared.

What should I do? For now, I guess I should make sure not to die or something.

“And Shari also thought…” (Shari)

“There is more?” (Finn)

“It’s about Onii-chan’s blessing.” (Shari)

What’s this about? Well, I’m interested.

“When Onii-chan was at Level 2, Shari could level up from Level 0 to 3.” (Shari)

“That’s right.” (Finn)

“And when big brother was at Level 2, Mom could level up from Level 1 to 2.” (Shari)

“Yeah.” (Finn)

“When Onii-chan was at Level 2, nobody at Level 4 could level up to Level 5.” (Shari)

“That’s right.” (Finn)

“So when Onii-chan reached Level 3, Shari could level up from Level 4 to 5.” (Shari)

“Oh…” (Finn)

“So, that means Onii-chan can only at most level up someone who is one level higher than his own level, right?” (Shari)

“That’s it!” (Akari)

Akari suddenly stood up. She was awake, wasn’t she?

The next morning.

“Onii-chan, let’s level up quickly and reach Level 3.” (Akari)

Akari came to wake me up.

“Leveling up is meant to be achieved through effort, so it’s not supposed to be about hugging and kissing to level up, right?” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you’re being childish.” (Akari)

Let’s go back to sleep.

“Good morning, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

Shari came over to me while I was still in bed. She crawled on all fours and brought her face close. The neckline of her gray dress dropped, creating not just a gap, but a wide opening at her chest. It’s already bright, so I can see her fair skin all the way to the depths…

(Because she’s my sister, it’s safe!)

“Good morning, Shari. Please, don’t wear that dress and bend forward in front of me.” (Finn)

Shari continues to cling to me.

“Onii-chan ♡” (Shari)

Shari is so cute.

“Instead of fooling around, let’s have breakfast and then work on leveling up!” (Akari)

I went alone to the village square. Ah, there he is.

“Good morning, Wen-san!” (Finn)

“Good morning, Fin-kun. Is your sister in good health?” (Wen)

“Well, my sister… she’s doing well.” (Finn)

“That’s good to hear!” (Wen)

Wen-san seems a bit sleepy. There are dark circles under his eyes.

“So, do you need something from me?” (Wen)

“Well, I was wondering if you could tell me if there are any goblins or monsters around.” (Finn)

“Hmm.” (Wen)

The knight looks at Fin. Is this child planning to go on a monster extermination? Isn’t it dangerous for such a young child? No, they were the ones who helped us recently. Especially this child’s sister, Catherine-sama. Her strength was etched into my memory. She fearlessly fought a large bugbear without even wearing armor, never backing down. And all she had in her hand was a dagger. Her graceful figure was truly divine.

“There aren’t any goblins, but… are you planning to go on a monster extermination mission?” (Wen)

“Yeah. Ak… my sister told me to ask.” (Finn)

“Is Lady Catherine going?” (Wen)

The knight speaks eagerly.

“If that’s the case, I must go as well, as her escort.” (Wen)

“Why did you bring him along? I just wanted the location.” (Akari)

“He followed me.” (Finn)

“I’m not good with strangers, especially older men.” (Akari)

“But he said he will fight with us.” (Finn)

“That means our share per person will be reduced, right!” (Akari)

“Why don’t we just not register them in the party?” (Finn)

“Can we do that?” (Akari)

“I’m not sure. I don’t even know if party registration is a thing.” (Finn)

“Hmm…” (Akari)

Akari turns to face the knight.

“Wen-dono, I appreciate your offer to fight with us, but this is my trial, so there’s no need for you to intervene.” (Akari)

“Understood, Catherine-sama.” (Finn)

The knight straightens their posture. The sword hits the chainmail, producing a metallic sound.

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to take this knight into the forest for a bit.” (Akari)

“Make sure you’re back before dinner.” (Finn’s mother)

“Yes!” (Akari)

“These days, there are no goblins around.” (Finn)

“Isn’t that a good thing?” (Wen)

Wen-san, who is leading the way at the front, looks at me with a slightly troubled expression for a moment.

“Well, that’s true, but…” (Finn)

“Wen-dono, where are we heading?” (Akari)

Akari asked while dressed as if she’s going to the sea.

“We are heading towards the sea.” (Wen)

Akari is wearing a sleeveless tunic today, but the neckline goes up to her neck. However, the sides, or rather, the areas around her waistline, are wide open, giving it a Hollywood celebrity-like feel. Since she’s not wearing any underwear, you can see the soft, white sides from the side view, which is a bit awkward for me as I’m not sure where to look. Well, I’m just sneakily glancing from the side, but there’s this particular gap between the lower curve and the tunic. It becomes more noticeable when she walks.

“Onii-chan?” (Shari)

I was poked from behind with a mace.

“There is a cave located in a valley about two hours ahead. Catherine-sama.” 

The knight answers Akari without turning around.

“A dungeon?” (Akari)

“No, it’s not a dungeon.” (Finn)

Is there a specific definition for what qualifies as a dungeon?

“If it’s not a dungeon then…” (Akari)

Catherine smiles.

“Let’s get it done quickly!” (Akari)


“What’s inside?” (Finn)

“Trolls.” (Wen)

Trolls? In my mind, I envision gray creatures resembling norse goats.

Trolls are also a type of fae.2” (Akari)

I see, I still don’t understand.

“But aren’t there too many faes?” (Finn)

It’s because it’s winter.3” (Akari)

Akari said that with high persuasive power.

“Trolls are strong, aren’t they?” (Finn)

In light novels, trolls are usually portrayed as intermediate-level monsters. They often have the ability to regenerate, so even if you attack them, they can heal themselves.

“If we’re going by D&D standards, they can be formidable enemies. They might not be much different from the trolls in light novels.” (Akari)

“I hope we’ll be alright.” (Finn)

In this party, we have 1 Level 5, 2 Level 4s, and I’m the only one at Level 2. I hope I won’t be a burden.

“I will protect you, Onii-chan!” (Shari)

Well, that’s actually what worries me the most.


Two hours later, we arrived at the valley.

“Let’s take a short break.” (Finn)

It’s tough keeping up with everyone at Level 4. Not only Akari, who is an elf, but even Shari doesn’t seem out of breath. Come to think of it, she’s at Level 5.

“I see.” (Akari) 

Akari mutters as she gazes at the scenery of the valley.

“What is it?” (Finn)

“When you say trolls, you think of bridges, right?” (Akari)

“Is that so?” (Finn)

There is a suspension bridge in the valley.

Image of Shari in the morning

“Shari came over to me while I was still in bed. She crawled on all fours and brought her face close.”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Got no clue about the Fae stuff anymore lol. Maybe the author is setting up his own version as he goes. Either that or I am getting this fae stuff completely wrong. Oh right, there is one part talking about Finn leveling people up until 1 level higher than his own level. 

For those confused about the leveling restriction, Finn can level up someone who is one level higher than him to their next level. So lv 2 Finn can level up a lv 3 person to lv 4.

Btw I’m curious, is there anyone still enjoying reading this? Cause the only problem I have with this novel is that Finn is a boring protagonist who always acts the same way but it frustrates me a lot the way he acts sometimes.

This is basically my way of asking would you prefer me to drop this and pick up something else.


  1. This is straight from the raw, no idea what it is suppose to be.
  2. Honestly hard to find anything to explain this. I saw some talk about trolls eating faes and thus gaining their properties such as regeneration and some troll variants being fae-related.
  3. Also hard to find anything about this. Maybe she’s talking about the winter court? Some versions have 4 seasons courts, whereas others have only 2; summer and winter.
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i enjoy reading it cause aside from finn being well finn tis enjoyable novel and the art is nice of characters 🙂


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while I like the onmyoji novel more, I also like reading this one
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