LSP – Chapter 25 – Gold coins

Regarding the treasure of the trolls, the money was divided equally among the four people to avoid any disputes. This seems to be a custom to resolve conflicts. Shari received a small gem as a bonus and seems happier about it than the money. Meanwhile, Akari took the mysterious wooden stick.

It is difficult to directly compare the value of gold coins in this world with modern times. The prices of goods are too different. Labor costs are low, while industrial products are expensive. Metals are expensive, while wood is cheap. The weight of a gold coin is about 10g, which is equivalent to the weight of two 10-yen coins. However, the purity of the gold is relatively low.

Since my spear was broken, and I had some money, I decided to place an order. It seems that Wen-san will help me choose one. He’s a nice person.

I asked Shari about her mace and she seems content with the current one. Well, it’s a blunt weapon, so it’s not something that easily breaks anyway.

“We’re holding a sibling conference!” (Shari)

According to Shari’s explanation, she mentioned that her blessing activated and her level has decreased. I don’t remember it, but I can’t deny that her level has actually decreased. Come to think of it, at that time, I didn’t find it strange, but when I trace back my memory, it’s odd that Shari’s level isn’t 5.

“It’s my fault that your level decreased, I’m sorry.” (Finn)

“Don’t worry about it!” (Shari)

Well, I just thought about something. What if every time I reach level 3, I level up Shari to level 5, and when her blessing activates and her level decreases, I level her up again back to level 5. Wouldn’t that create a perpetual motion of blessings?1 Well, I don’t really want to die every time, though.

Akari looks at me with upturned eyes.

“Next is my turn, right, Onii-chan?” (Akari)

It may be her turn in terms of order, but…

I look into Shari’s eyes.

Shari looks back at me and smiles quietly.

Because humans are more than just levels.2” (Shari)

“See, even Shari says so!” (Akari)

“Weren’t you the one who said not to get too caught up in the levels?” (Finn)

[Wen PoV]

Wen was gazing at the gold coins in his hand. Most of them were coins that circulated within the kingdom, likely acquired from unfortunate travelers passing through the forest or disillusioned adventurers. Some of the coins were from much older eras, suggesting they had been sleeping in that cave for years or perhaps obtained by trolls from other creatures.

The problem was that among those coins, there were three gold coins from the ancient Rhone empire, which had once held sway over this land in the distant past. These coins were not in circulation anymore, as they were of high purity and would likely be melted down. When distributing the reward, Wen casually placed them into his own hand.

(Should I report this…?)

I have been tasked by Captain Kemp, the eldest son of the Baron’s household and my superior, to find the location of the goblin nest. The overall purpose of this mission is to search for the treasures of ancient Rhone. These coins would serve as crucial clues, and at the very least, it would improve Kemp’s impression of me.

I ponder the situation. Catherine’s face comes to mind, along with a young Finn and his sister.

(I need to find the goblin nest quickly.)

Indeed, my main task is to search for the goblin nest and not specifically to search for the treasures of Rhone.

“Onii-chan, congratulations on leveling up!” (Shari)

“Onii-chan, let’s have a bureiko3 today!” (Akari)

“Do we have to do this every time?” (Finn)

“It feels like déjà vu, doesn’t it?” (Finn)

Well, I guess this would normally be celebrated.

“Doesn’t this feel similar to attending a friend’s remarriage wedding?” (Finn)

“And to top it off, the bride and groom are the same people.” (Akari)

“Do we still have to give a gift for that?” (Shari)

“Speaking of which, what about your blessings?” (Akari)


“Something like ‘Stamina Boost,’ I guess?” (Finn)

“Why is that?” (Akari)

“Lately, I have been feeling my physical limits.” (Finn)

“That sounds like something a middle-aged person would say.” (Akari)

Come to think of it…

“Shari, what’s that?” (Finn)

“This is from the other day.” (Shari)

Shari had a choker wrapped around her neck. A thin black fabric encircled her neck in a straight line. A 2cm teardrop-shaped blue gemstone was handing from a discreet golden clasp in the center.

“Eh, that’s nice!” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Shari)

Shari looked happy, and I couldn’t help but smile too.

“Yeah, chokers are really nice.” (Finn)

“They’re a staple for the ‘Loli’ character, right?” (Akari)

“There’s something subtly enticing about them.” (Finn)

Come to think of it, what was it that I wanted to bring up?

It’s nighttime. The family sleeps side by side. Tonight, I’m facing towards Akari as we sleep. It’s cold, so we are all snuggled together. I can also feel Shari’s chest pressing against my back. It’s strange how even though she has a childlike figure, I can feel a soft presence when she leans against me.

Akari’s face, with her eyes closed, is illuminated by the moonlight above. Her ears are just a few centimeters away from me. An elf’s pointed ears. It’s a shape that humans don’t possess, yet it is beautiful.

As Akari sleeps, she moves her head slightly. Her elf ears brush against my face. I instinctively pull back and try to avoid them, but she moves even closer. Her ears touch my lips. I can’t move back any further because Shari is behind me.

I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked Akari’s ear, out of curiosity about how the pointed part felt. I wondered if there was cartilage4 there.

Just a light lick didn’t give me a clear sense of the texture. So, I pressed my tongue against it.

I still couldn’t quite grasp the texture, so I lightly took it into my mouth. Perhaps there was cartilage after all. I continued to lick it while holding it in my mouth.

To truly understand, I realized I needed to compare it with other parts.

I continued to lick the other parts of the ear, using my tongue to feel the shape of the ear.

I see, but I still couldn’t quite grasp it.

I wondered about the ear canal. So, I stuck my tongue inside and licked it.

“Ah!” (Akari)

Akari let out a sound.

Did I wake her up?

I observe for a while.

Akari’s head gradually returns to its original position.

In conclusion, even after licking, I still couldn’t grasp the sensation.


In the morning, both of Akari’s ears are red.

“Hey, Akari.” (Finn)

“What?” (Akari)

“Can I touch those ears of yours?” (Finn)

Akari’s face turns even redder as she answers.

“When you level up.” (Akari)

Image of Shari wearing a choker

“Shari had a choker wrapped around her neck.”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Btw Rhone empire was mentioned all the way back in ch13. 

Bruh what is with those remarriage lines, it was so random and I have no idea which one of them is even talking. Also somehow, I expected a she is my sister so its safe joke somewhere at the end, but author didn’t use it for once.


  1. Don’t waste your brainpower if you don’t understand this. 
  2. Akari said something about this in ch 20
  3. In case you forgot what is a bureiko, it is an informal party where people put aside any rank/status differences.
  4. lmao good luck trying to understand this. Cartilage is a firm, flexible connective tissue found in various forms in the larynx and respiratory tract, in structures such as the external ear, and in the articulating surfaces of joints. It is more widespread in the infant skeleton, being replaced by bone during growth.
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at this point i just treat anytime shari or akari etc bring up any mention of marriage as just them arguing who becomes main wife and who becomes the concubine or mistress or 2nd wife or whatever tbh lol


The remarriage joke is actually pretty funny; they had a celebration last time Finn leveled up, and now they’re having the same celebration again with all the same people. Level ups are supposed to be serious and important events, like weddings, but this group farms them so of course it’s a bit of a letdown.