LSP – Chapter 26 – I’ll give up Onii-chan

In the end, it was decided that I would transfer the levels to Akari. It might be weird for Shari to have two consecutive level transfers. But since I was the one who ended up lowering Shari’s level, I also feel a bit awkward. I will spoil Shari a little next time.

I bring Akari into the barn. I had Shari stay outside and wait for the process to finish. It’s too embarrassing to have someone else watch us do this!

“Onii-chan!” (Akari)

As soon as we reached the area where the hay was piled up, I was suddenly pushed down by the tall Akari. While rolling onto my back and looking up, Akari leaned over me with an irresistible expression. She firmly held me down with her legs. Wait, isn’t she more like an orc than an elf?

In the dimly lit barn, I am lying on my back on the hay. And on top of me is a young girl straddling my waist, her hands on either side of my head. In front of my eyes is the girl’s pale face, and green eyes. She has a well-shaped nose, and her lips are slightly parted, revealing a glimpse of her tongue. She is as beautiful as ever.

“Onii-chan…” (Akari)

Akari’s breath brushes against my face.

“Hurry up…” (Akari)

Akari’s face approaches mine, and her green eyes continue to focus on my eyes as she closes the distance.

I opened my lips slightly. Her beautiful face moved ever so slightly counterclockwise, maintaining eye contact as we got closer. Our breaths mingled. Akari’s lips meet mine. One second, two seconds, three seconds…

(Level Connection!)


Akari sees the confusion in my eyes and plunges her hand into the hay and embraces me. Her soft body envelops mine, and I can feel her weight pressing against me. I also feel the elasticity and weight of her chest. Her legs are entangled with mine.

When I open my mouth, Akari enters. Her tongue explores the inside of my mouth. Her slippery tongue coils around mine, repeatedly licking and taking it in. She continues to ravish my mouth. I offer no resistance. Her gentle tongue licks the inside of my gums, meticulously savoring every moment. One more time.

(Level Connection!)

No good.

Akari releases her mouth. Her green eyes look at me. I convey confusion through my eyes. Tears well up and flow from Akari’s eyes.

Akari separates herself from the upper half of her body and slaps my cheek.

Akari quickly left the barn.

(Why did she slap me?)

In her place, Shari enters.

“Onii-chan.” (Shari)

Shari comes up to me and embraces me while I lie down on the hay. Her face gazes at me, framed by her thin blond hair. It’s an innocent, childlike face. The maturity of the black choker around her neck creates an imbalance. I was a little nervous.

(Ah, I see. So this is the charm of a loli character.)

Wait, no that’s not the point.

“What’s wrong?” (Finn)

“You made the onee-chan cry, didn’t you?” (Shari)

“Me? I made her cry?” (Finn)

“She was crying.” (Shari)

Even if you say that…

“You need to make up.” (Shari)

Huh? Is it my fault?

“Onee-chan.” (Shari)

“Hmph.” (Akari)

Akari was in the backyard just outside the barn. When she saw my face, she avoided making eye contact.

“Go make up with Onii-chan.” (Shari)

“Um, I’m sorry.” (Finn)

Apologize for the time being.

“What for?” (Akari)

Yes, I know.

“Is it because I didn’t choose Akari?” (Finn)

I decided to go straight to the correct answer.

“Onii-chan, you didn’t choose me?” (Akari)

“No, it’s not like that.” (Finn)

I stumble over my words. It seems like that wasn’t the right answer. Let’s change the direction.

“Is Akari angry at someone?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is it a male?” (Finn)

“No.” (Akari)

“Is it Shari?” (Finn)

“No, it’s not her.” (Akari)

Um, what should I do? Hug her and give her a kiss?

“I thought this time I could finally reach Level 5. When I thought that, I felt so happy and overwhelmed with emotions. I started reminiscing about all the effort I have put in so far, and I got carried away… It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?” (Akari)

Akari looks at both of us.

“Fine. Just kiss or do whatever you need to do and level up already. I’m done with this.” (Akari)

“Akari…” (Finn)

“Onee-chan…” (Shari)

“I’m an elf, you see. I’ll be gradually increasing my level over hundreds of years. So…” (Akari)

Akari smiled. She was beautiful. Beautiful enough to evoke a sense of sadness.

“I’ll give Onii-chan to Shari.” (Akari)

Am I even something that can be transferred?


In front of Akari’s gaze, I reach out my hand to Shari. Her small body fits into my arms.

“Shari” (Finn)

“Onii-chan” (Shari)

Shari slowly lifts her face, closing her eyes. I bring my face closer to Shari’s. I can feel our breaths intertwining. Gently, our lips meet.

(Level Connection!) 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds.

I slowly release my lips from Shari’s. I look into Shari’s eyes. Shari gazes back at me.

Then, I look at Akari’s face beside us.

Tears were flowing from Akari’s eyes, yet she continued to smile.

How beautiful she is… Not!

“I couldn’t transfer it” (Finn)

“Why?” (Akari)

“I don’t know.” (Finn)

“Impossible?” (Akari)

“Don’t use that kind of word, imouto-san.” (Finn)

“Well, but…” (Akari)

Akari smiles sweetly.

“So, that means I have a chance too!” (Akari)

“Onee-chan.” (Shari)

“Yes, Shari-chan.” (Akari)

Akari is in a good mood.

“Thank you for giving me onii-chan.” (Shari)

“That doesn’t count.” (Akari)

“But what about my own will?” (Finn)

“Well, but why didn’t it work out this time?” (Akari)

“Onee-chan, you must have tricked it.” (Shari)

“Maybe it’s due to some environmental difference.” (Finn)

“Yes, if that’s the case.” (Akari) 

Akari ponders for a moment and then speaks up.

“We need to conduct some experiments to validate it!” (Akari)

Image of Akari

“As soon as we reached the area where the hay was piled up, I was suddenly pushed down by the tall Akari.”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

LOL you thought the mystery of the level transfer was over but alas that is not the case. I don’t even know what is happening with the level transfer anymore. Maybe it is picky about when to activate.


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