MPFM – Chapter 1 – Exiled for Everyone to be Happy

“Jin… your journey ends here. In the name of the [Hero], Reki Arias, you are banished from the party.” (Reki)

The clear declaration from my childhood friend resonated in the quiet room.

The two sitting on either side of her seemed to have no objections and observed silently.

Yuuri, Lucika…

The two of them were companions who had supported Reki, just like me.

The fact that there was no objection from them meant that this was already a settled matter.

As for me, I felt that this was the right time, so I had no objections.

“…I understand. Thank you guys for everything up to now.” (Jin)

Reiki and I used to be from the same village. We set out on our journey together a while after it was found that Reki possessed the [Hero] blessing and I possessed the [Precocious] blessing.

After that, we were joined by [Saint] Yuuri and [Sage] Lucika, and together we defeated various high-ranking members of the Demon King’s Army.

In the beginning, I often played a significant role due to the nature of my blessing, but as the intensity of the battles increased, I found myself lagging behind more often.

I hold no grudge against their decision to banish me.

Rather, I’m grateful to them for saving me because I couldn’t bring myself up to step down on my own.

“Jin-san, we will continue to carry on your feelings.” (Yuuri)

Yuuri said that while gripping my right hand.

Ahh, this kindness of hers has saved me so many times in the past.

“We have always considered you to be our greatest companion, in the past, present, and future… And this is proof of that.” (Lucika) 

Lucika placed a necklace she had been wearing into my hand.

It was the same necklace which she had cherished for a long time. I heard that it also acts as an amulet1 for the Elven race.

I never expected her to give me so dear to her…

“I… I’m happy that I was able to travel with the both of you!” (Jin)

I held back the tears that were surfacing and turned to face my childhood friend.

Because I wanted to exchange words with the person I had known the longest, one last time.

“Jin… Do you remember our promise?” (Reki)

A promise…? Was it about the contract I made with the country’s priest when we set out on our journey, the one that said, “If I become a burden, I will leave the party”?

As a mere villager, it was unheard of for me to be a companion of the [Hero].

Looking back on it now, they were very forgiving.

“Yeah, of course.” (Jin)

“I see… That’s good.” (Reki)

Reki smiled as if a weight had been lifted.

She must have been worried that I might harbor resentment.

“Don’t worry. I know that the three of you will definitely win.” (Jin)

“Yeah, I’m not worried about that. Wait here. We’ll come get you once we’ve defeated them.” (Reki)

“Haha, thank you.” (Jin)

Reki squinted her eyes as if she was tickled.

…This would be the last time I would see her face up close.

She said she would come to get me, but that was unlikely to happen.

After defeating the Demon King, they would become famous… Their social status will rise far beyond my reach.

It would become increasingly difficult to have conversations with the three of them like we used to.

It’s frustrating knowing that I won’t be able to fight alongside them until the end.

Not only that, it feels pretty lonely not being able to share in the joy with them.

“Well then, I’ll go back to my room. I need to pack up my things.” (Jin)

Staying any longer would only make it harder to leave.

I didn’t want to linger and let my emotions overwhelm me, so I decided to prepare to leave now.

“Thank you so much. I’ll be praying for your victory.” (Jin)

I said with a weak smile, cutting the emotional ties that bound me, and closed the door behind me.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

[Reki PoV]

After Jin left, Yuuri and Lucika also left the room.

Both of them wore sad expressions.

I felt the same way.

Jin had always been my hero. He has always been standing on my side ever since we were children.

The [Hero] blessing bestows unimaginable power to one’s body by removing the physical limits of the person.

It was Jin who had shown kindness to me — someone who had been treated as a monster due to this uncontrollable power.

“(I’ll always be on your side, Reki.)” (Jin)

“(Really? Always?)” (Reki)

“(Of course! Reki, you’re like family to me.)” (Jin)

“(Then… after we defeat the Demon King, will you marry me?)” (Reki)

“(Haha~ I hope Reki still likes me by then.)” (Jin)

“(…I absolutely will. I promise.)” (Reki)

Memories of my treasured promise that had persisted since the age of 5.

Jin had assured me that he remembered this promise.

I wasn’t becoming a [Hero] for the sake of those who had turned their backs on me the moment they realized I was the [Hero].

I was doing it to get rid of the Demon King who was in the way of my happy married life with Jin.

I was pleasantly surprised that Jin also had received a blessing from the Goddess, which allowed us to travel together. This is basically killing two birds with one stone.

But that ends for now.

From what I can tell, the Demon King seems formidable, and it would be a disaster if something were to happen to Jin.

My ultimate goal is to marry Jin, have around ten children, and live a happy life together.

So, I decided to temporarily separate from Jin.

I believed we could defeat the Demon King in a day or less.

I was filled with enough determination for that.

Defeat the Demon King, get married… Defeat the Demon King, get married…

Naturally, even my breathing became more intense.

“I have to go buy a wedding dress.” (Reki)

I want everything to be to Jin’s liking.

Once we defeat the Demon King and return, we should go out into the city together.

Just the two of us, like old times.

I don’t dislike Yuuri and Lucika, but compared to the early days, the time I spent alone with Jin has decreased a lot.

As expected, it feels lonely.

Jin… I love you (aishiteru).” (Reki)

I turned off the lights and lay down on the bed.

While dreaming of a happy future, I drifted off to sleep.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

[Yuuri PoV]

――What cute thoughts you must be having, Reki-chan.

As a fellow traveler and romantic rival, it was easy to see through the thoughts of the still very childlike Hero-sama.

Even though she had been so infatuated with Jin-san all this time, I doubted my ears when she suddenly brought up the idea of kicking him out of the party right before the battle with the Demon King. However, if I put myself in her shoes, it became clear.

The best way to ensure that your most beloved person doesn’t die is to not let him participate in the battle with the Demon King.

I feel bad for saying this, but whether Jin-san is with us or not, it won’t have much impact on our combat abilities.

In fact, knowing that he’s alive and safe will provide us with peace of mind.

The only way we could ever lose is if he were to die and we become too shaken to continue.

Reki-chan probably intends to defeat the Demon King tomorrow and confess to Jin-san.

But I won’t let it go that way.

“I’m sorry, Reki-chan.” (Yuuri)

You’re my friend, but I can’t yield on this matter.

After receiving the [Saint] blessing, I have been worshipped as a reincarnation of the goddess, and he was the first one to truly understand my pain.

Day after day, from childhood, I’ve been healing the horrifying wounds I see and listening to the troubles of strangers. There has been no time for me to rest or play.

…But I will never forget the moment when he reached out to me.

“(Can Yuuri tell me about her story? It can be anything… whether it’s fun or painful.)” (Jin)

“(Why… would you ask such a thing?)” (Yuuri)

“(Because everyone keeps praying to Yuuri as if she were a goddess, but Yuuri don’t have anyone to rely on. I thought that’s strange.)” (Jin)

“(……)” (Yuuri)

“(If Yuuri is okay with someone like me, I want her to rely on me. When she is in pain… when she feels like she’s about to break… I want to be there to support her.)” (Jin)

“(…Is such a thing allowed?)” (Yuuri)

“(If there’s anyone who doesn’t allow it, I’ll punch them. The person I want to help is not the [Saint] but Yuuri.)” (Jin)

…Hehe. Jin-san is such a kind person.

With words and eyes so full of passion, my cold heart would surely melt.

“To be there to support me…! Hehe, hehehe…!” (Yuuri)

There’s no doubt that that was a proposal.

I cried at that time and couldn’t give an answer, but finally, the perfect timing has arrived.

The lonely look in your eyes when you left the room.

You must have thought you were rejected and felt heartbroken.

Don’t worry, Jin-san.

I won’t abandon you.

From now on, I’ll use all of my power as Yuuri to heal you!

Virginity required for the [Saint]? What’s that?

If being a [Saint] means I have to be a virgin, then I’ll give up being a [Saint].

From now on, I’m going to have a passionate first night with Jin-san.

Moreover, this is also better for both of us.

Once we defeat the Demon King, we might not be able to meet as often as before.

However, if I become pregnant, it will elevate Jin-san to the position of the [Saint]’s husband and the country won’t be able to treat him poorly.

It will also make it easier for Reki-chan and the others to meet us.

Well… that is if they still considered me a [Saint], but by that time, I would have already married Jin.

“Reki-chan doesn’t wake up easily once she’s asleep, and Lucika-san is a serious person, so she’s probably preparing for tomorrow.” (Yuuri)

In the meantime, I’ll cross the line with Jin-san…!

The plan is perfect.

“Well then, shall we purify ourselves before going?” (Yuuri)

I headed to the shower room in a cheerful mood, even though it was the day before the final battle.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

A single letter was placed on the bed in the now-empty room assigned to Jin.

[I’ll be taking him, so please take care of defeating the Demon King. ~Lucika]

“Hahaha… HAHAHAHA.” (Yuuri)

…That old elf…!

I tore the letter to pieces and hurriedly rushed to Reki-chan’s room to wake her up.

◇ Brief Heroine Introduction ◇

Reki Arias

A mysterious, blonde childhood friend. She thinks of herself as cool.

She likes having Jin (the protagonist) braid her hair. She has a well-developed figure for her age and is on the shorter side in terms of height.

She has known Jin since birth and has a tendency to become extremely obsessed and reckless when it comes to him.

Illustration of Reki

“Jin… I love you”

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

New series! This is actually getting a LN soon, so I ended up finding it on a banner on the front page of Kakuyomu. I didn’t read that deep into it, but I always like translating some nice dramaless slice-of-life harem stories. At least that is the impression I get so far.

Updates for this series gonna be random cause I have 2 other series that I’m working on. And I think only the first chapter is going to be this long.

Also sorry but the illustrations can’t be zoomed in cause WordPress sucks.


  1. Amulet is an ornament or small piece of jewellery thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease.
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