MPFM – Chapter 2 – Nice to meet you, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law. I’m his future wife.

[Lucika PoV]

In a forest shrouded by trees, where even the moonlight struggles to penetrate, a magic circle was cast.

When a dazzling light burst forth, the scenery around us changed completely.

Teleportation magic. Using an ancient, long-lost secret art that only a [Sage] could use, Jin and I moved from our lodging to the location he had specified.

“Is it really okay, Lucika? I mean, for you to send me here.” (Jin)

“Oh, don’t worry about it. We are friends at heart. This is no big deal.” (Lucika)

“I see. Lucika, you’re really kind. Thank you.” (Jin)

With those words, Jin lifted his packed bags and began walking away, his back turned to me.

At that moment, I couldn’t help but wear a fond smile.

Ah… it’s almost here. Soon, this strong yet gentle boy will become my husband.

Reki and Yuuri are in for a surprise. Especially Yuuri, who probably thinks that she has already won.

By now, she’s probably reading the letter I left in his room and rushing off to defeat the Demon King.

Lucika El Ristia. It’s been over 28xx years since I was born.

In human terms, I’m 28 years old. 

Regarding romance, I am what you call a ‘late bloomer’ in both the elf and human society.

While it’s considered normal for people to marry at the age of 15 – or 1500 in the case of elves – I had been immersed in my research for the longest time and had no interest in marriage.

However, as those around me began to build families one after another and I was invited to their weddings, I started to feel a sense of loneliness.

The happy smiles I saw repeatedly at the weddings of my friends from my student days.

Cooking meals together, having children, buying new homes, going on family trips, and creating memories together…

They were building such warm families.

On the way back home from the weddings I was invited to, I would fantasize about living in such a world, but what awaited me was a dark entrance.

…An empty “I’m home (tadaima)” with no response.

…A house full of piled-up garbage bags everywhere.

…A multitude of research documents were scattered all around the living room.

“(Ah, it’s tough.)” (Lucika)

Eventually, I mustered the courage to ask my parents for help, but it was already too late.

Even with the blessing of a [Sage], there was no man interested in a woman my age who was still a virgin.

No… perhaps it was precisely because I was a [Sage] that I wouldn’t remain like this forever.

Though I appeared younger than my age, that was true for all elves.

Hence, I couldn’t even secure an arranged marriage. With nowhere else to go, I choose to accompany [Hero] Reki and the others on their journey. There, I met a certain man who would change everything.

Among the many men, Jin was different.

During our travels, when I told them this story as a joke, he was the only one who smiled warmly at me.

“(I see? I think a woman who can be as considerate as Lucika is wonderful. You’ll surely make a great wife.)” (Jin)

“(…Then, if I’m really hopeless, I’ll leave it to you, Jin.)” (Lucika)

“(Haha~ If you’re okay with someone like me, I’d be happy to.)” (Jin)

Of course I would fall in love with you…!

But that’s not all.

“(Lucika’s cooking is delicious. The man who becomes Lucika’s husband is gonna be a lucky guy.)” (Jin)

“(My ideal type of woman? Well… I might prefer someone older.)” (Jin)

“(Lucika, you’re so reliable. Thanks for helping me.)” (Jin)

I have decided.

There is no choice but to marry him now.

…And finally, it was the perfect opportunity to be alone with Jin.

Using teleportation magic, I offered to take Jin back to his hometown and plan to introduce myself to his parents.

Naturally, we would end up sleeping together, whispering words of love, and lived happily ever after…

It’s perfect. Sometimes my genius is… is almost frightening1.

“Lucika?” (Jin)

“Ah, it’s nothing. Now, shall we head to your hometown?” (Lucika)

“My hometown? Oh, right. I want to brag to my dad and mom (about my reliable comrades) too.” (Jin)

“The introductions… Leave them to me. I have learned the proper etiquette.” (Lucika)

“Will you be able to make it back to the others in time?” (Jin)

“If I return tomorrow morning, there should be no problem. Traveling is instantaneous with magic. Would it be wrong to want to deepen my connection with you a little before the battle?” (Lucika)

“…No, I’m really happy. To be honest, I was feeling a bit down about my own helplessness.” (Jin)

“I see… Then, let me comfort you.” (Lucika)

Spending the night together…

I have delved into numerous reference materials just for this moment.

I have accumulated enough knowledge to ensure that both of us can experience pleasure.

To reassure him, I placed my hand on Jin’s shoulder.

“Will you guide me?” (Lucika)

To my second home.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

[Jin PoV]

“That’s my home over there.” (Jin)

We walked out of the forest and were presented with a different view.

I could see a wooden fence set up as protection and various scattered old houses.

At the very back. It was my parents’ home, where my parents, who supported the village as the village chief, lived.

“I see. Even someone as capable as me is starting to feel nervous.” (Lucika)

She was tidying up her appearance.

“Don’t worry about it. Even though they’re my parents, they are quite easy-going.” (Jin)

“It’s not that simple. The first greeting with them only happens once in a lifetime.” (Lucika)

“Haha, you’re making it sound so grand.” (Jin)

However, Lucika’s determination is quite remarkable.

It’s almost as if we’re about to face off against a high-ranking member of the Demon King’s army.

“Somehow, I’m starting to get nervous too.” (Jin)

It’s been three years since I left the village.

That’s right. It’s been three years since I last saw them.

Even though they sent me off with a smile so that I could save the world, I wonder what their expressions will be like when I tell them that I retired.

Disappointment…? No, I hope it won’t be that.

But, my dad might give me a punch or two.

Especially since I came back alone, leaving Reki behind. I should brace myself.

“…Jin?” (Lucika)

“…Yeah, sorry. I got a bit weird there.” (Jin)

“Don’t worry. I’ll vouch for your accomplishments. Jin has indeed saved the world. Just walk through the front door with your head held high.” (Lucika)

“Lucika…” (Jin)

She’s a [Sage]. Perhaps she saw through everything and came along for this very reason.

“Well, I can’t offer much in terms of hospitality, but please come in.” (Jin)

Saying that, I opened the door.

Inside the house were my parents, who seemed to have gained more wrinkles since I last saw them.

When they saw me, they both stood up abruptly.

“Jin…? Is it really Jin…?” (Jin’s Mom)

“Yeah, I’m back, Mom, Dad.” (Jin)

“Welcome home, Jin…!” (Jin’s Dad)

They welcomed me with gentle voices and smiles.

Looking at their faces, I felt relieved by their warm welcome.

I had to hold back the urge to rush into their arms out of sheer joy.

There were so many things I wanted to talk about, but before that, there was someone I needed to introduce.

One of my companions who had traveled with me to save the world.

“Mom, Dad. The person here with me is—” (Jin)

“――Nice to meet you, mother-in-law, father-in-law. I’m Lucika and  I am engaged to Jin, so I hope for your continuous support for many years to come.2” (Lucika)

“Eh?” (Jin)

“EHHHHHHHHH!?” (Jin’s Mom & Dad)

The shouts of my parents, cutting off my words, echoed throughout the village.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

[Reki PoV]

Before Yuuri and I stood the Demon King who had plunged this world into chaos for a long time.

Certainly, compared to the monsters we had fought before, the Demon King gave off a presence and intimidation that was beyond the monsters we fought so far, making this our toughest fight.

But… we were already prepared for it… in a way.

Our marriage life, which was more precious than life itself, was almost taken away by our comrade.

The fact of this matter fueled our determination.

There was an even fiercer battle waiting for us after this.

“Kukuku. So, you are the heroes. I am the Demon King who rules over all the demons in this world—” (Demon King)

“We don’t have time to waste. We’ll end this with a single strike. Wipe everything to nothing—[Holy Sword Excalibur]” (Reki)

“Oh, Goddess. Bestow salvation. Bestow judgment. Bestow execution upon this one—[Song of Ruin]” (Yuuri)

“—This is so stup-arghhhhhh!” (Demon King)

Consumed by the torrent of light from our attacks, the Demon Lord vanished from this world.

In the place where he had existed, a sinister black magic stone lay motionless.

“Alright, we’ve defeated him. This magic stone is perfect proof of our victory.” (Reki)

“Then let’s hurry. Please guide us to the destination.” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. If you can cast a physical enhancement spell on us, we’ll head out right away.” (Reki)

“Understood. Oh, Goddess. Bestow your grace upon us—[Song of Celebration].” (Yuuri)

Using the power of [Saint], Yuuri further bolstered my strength.

After confirming the sensation with a tight grip, she extended her hand.

“Hold on. There’s no doubt that the destination we’re heading to is our homeland.” (Reki)

“Are you sure about this!?” (Yuuri)

“Don’t underestimate a childhood friend’s intuition.” (Reki)

“I believe you! Let’s go!!” (Yuuri)

And then, I kicked off the ground and soared into the sky.

◇ Brief Heroine Introduction ◇

Yuuri Felicia

A silver-haired, dark-hearted saint. She’s the shortest among the party, but that’s because all the nutrients went to her chest.

Having been exposed to the darkness of humanity from a young age, she has a habit of trying to read between the lines of what others say.

She is sly and enjoys teasing Jin by pressing her chest against him, making him blush but also secretly happy.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I think the Demon King is actually dead lol. It wasn’t even like close… Either that or it’s because they attacked him during his monologue. Well, ain’t nobody cares about Demon King, we came here for the good stuff.

Lucika is over 28xx years old? That number has like one extra digit more than what I was expecting.


  1. LOL I wonder how many people recognize this meme.
  2. Yes, this line is different from the synopsis
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