MPFM – Chapter 3 – Marriage Front / Eve

Am I dreaming right now?

“Oh my (ara ara), Lucika-san really loves Jin.” (Jin’s Mom)

“It’s embarrassing to admit it openly, but this is how I truly feel. I used magic to come here early today because I wanted to greet his parents.” (Lucika)

“Is that so? Well, Jin is a lucky man to have caught such a lovely lady!” (Jin’s Dad)

Both my companion and parents were starting to get excited while leaving the main party in the dust. Also, when did I even propose to her?

“Lu-Lucika. Wait a minute!” (Jin)

I couldn’t keep up with what was going on, but I realized it was getting out of hand and hurriedly dragged Lucika outside.

“What’s going on? I wanted to talk about our future together.” (Lucika)

“No, this is strange. There are too many things to point out, but let’s start with that.” (Jin)

“Oh is that all? I can explain it easily.” (Lucika)

Lucika shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

“I want you to listen without being surprised, okay?” (Lucika)

“Alright.” (Jin)

“Jin, I like you.” (Lucika)

“Wait wait wait wait. It’s impossible not to be surprised.” (Jin)

I waved my hands vigorously to stop the conversation. However, she grabbed my hand and held it tightly, immediately resuming the conversation.

“Jin, remember when I asked you before, ‘If I couldn’t get married for real, would you take me?’ You said, ‘I’d be happy to’!” (Lucika)

I remained silent.

…I did say that!

I did have memories of exchanging such words with her. 

But I never thought she would actually bring it up again.

Not only that, she still has unfinished business no?

“Well, what about the Demon King? Without the [Sage] Lucika, no matter how strong those two are…” (Jin)

“You can rest easy about that. After spending one night with Jin, I’ll head back immediately.” (Lucika)

“One night!? Is it really necessary to stay over?” (Jin)

“I-I’m serious! I really like you! You’re the only one for me!” (Lucika)

What an intense confession.

It’s true that I like older women, and I find women like Lucika with her warmth to be wonderful.

But to go from ‘interest’ to being a married couple all of a sudden… married… is that even… possible?

“Lucika…” (Jin)

I tightly held her hand in return. 

With that, her earlier momentum seemed to deflate, and Lucika became visibly flustered.

Think carefully, Jin.

The chances of another woman coming along who says she wants to marry you are likely slim.

A slender and beautiful body line that flowed from her chest to her feet. She has good looks, a pleasing appearance, and a graceful demeanor.

Above all, she likes me, and I respect her as a person.

With such conditions, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that finding someone else like her would be close to impossible.

“Lucika, you really mean it, right?” (Jin)

“Y-Yes, of course!” (Lucika)

“I understand…” (Jin)

With the final confirmation in place, there was only one thing left for me to do.

In order to walk into the future together, I need to face her feelings properly and express my own true feelings to her without hiding anything.

“Lucika… I can’t confidently say that I love you yet.” (Jin)

“Ah, I already knew that.” (Lucika)

“But from now on, I’ll look at you as a woman. … Is that okay with you?” (Jin)

“Of course not… I want more than that, Jin.” (Lucika)

She closed her eyes, and her slightly pursed lips seemed to be trying to signal a message, albeit awkwardly, but seeing that filled my heart with warmth.

I held both of her hands which seemed lonely. She trembled briefly, but that soon subsided.

Looking at her closely, she has a really beautiful face.

As I thought about such things, I gradually brought my face closer to hers, and…

“I absolutely won’t allow it…!” (Reki)

“Jin-san!!” (Yuuri)

Bufu!?” (Jin)

—Reki and Yuuri crashed with my side, sending me flying.

“Ugh… *cough*…” (Jin)

I rolled and tumbled until my body finally came to a stop after hitting a tree.

The impact was so strong that I feared I might have broken a bone.

A dull pain spread throughout my entire body, and my lungs craved oxygen.

What a deadly attack. Moreover, if I wasn’t mistaken… that was Reki and Yuuri.

“Jin!” (Lucika)

Lucika rushed over in concern. She knelt down and immediately cast the [Recovery Magic – Healing] on me.

Ah… the pain in the affected area gradually eased.

“Jin-san, are you okay!?” (Yuuri)

“Jin… don’t die…” (Reki)

Well, it was these two who put me in this near-death state…

They were both holding my hand with a lot of concern.

“Hey, both of you! Get out, you’re in the way!” (Lucika)

“If it’s healing, I’m better at it, so Lucika-san, please step back. Casting similar magic at such close range will cancel each other out.” (Yuuri)

“What’s your real motive?” (Lucika)

“I’ll do the healing, and then I’ll get praised so much that my brain melts later.” (Yuuri)

“Move aside, Pink Saint! I’ll handle it after all.” (Lucika)

“Huh?! You don’t need to touch the injury with [Recovery Magic], so why are you touching his side? And your technique seems strange!” (Yuuri)

“Both of you, you’re in the way. Jin… I’ll give you artificial respiration…” (Reki)

“That’s irrelevant!” (Yuuri & Lucika)


I really appreciate your concern. It’s heartwarming to know that you all think of me as a friend, and I consider myself lucky for that.

But please don’t interrupt the treatment…

The pain hasn’t gone away…

There are still other parts aside from my side that hurt…

Oh, no… I’m losing consciousness…

“Lucika-san, in the first place, if you hadn’t tried to run away… Wait, huh? Jin-san!?” (Yuuri)

“Jin…! Jin…!” (Lucika)

“Wake up, Jin! Don’t you dare die!” (Reki)

The last thing I saw was the three of them, tears streaming down their faces, desperately shaking my body.

◇ Brief Heroine Introduction ◇

Lucika El Ristia

A serious, cool, black-haired elf. She has the smallest bust size among the heroines and is the tallest in stature.

She plays the role of the big sister in the hero’s party but also has a sweet side when it comes to Jin.

She worked hard on her bride training, so her domestic skills are quite high. Despite her age, when she’s conscious of the opposite sex, her behavior tends to become somewhat like that of a virgin.

Illustration of Lucika

“Jin, I like you.”

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!’

Parent approval was received~ Not only that, but Lucika seems to be quite the housewife.

Let’s just ignore that Yuuri and Reki tried to commit murder.

Also, I have no idea what is a marriage front, but I think I translated the title (結婚戦線) correctly…?


  1. LOL I wonder how many people recognize this meme.
  2. Yes, this line is different from the synopsis
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Thanks for the chapter. I never get tired of these templates, they are always funny. Well Jin, good luck.


Thanks for the chapter!

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