MPFM – Chapter 4 – A Battle for the Right to Greet Him in the Morning

[Yuuri PoV]

“Yuuri, how is it?” (Lucika)

“Is Jin safe?” (Reki)

We were all looking at Jin with serious expressions.

As a professional in healing people, I began to attend to him, gently pressing my wrist against his chest while listening closely to his heartbeat.

Taking every precaution, I confirmed Jin’s safety.

“…Phew. It’s done.” (Yuuri)

Since Jin had lost consciousness, I temporarily interrupted the dispute and, as my profession dictates, I performed treatment using the highest level of [Recovery Magic], [Song of Healing].

Upon hearing my report, both of them let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m glad… that Jin is safe.” (Reki)

“Hah… you guys should calm down a bit more.” (Lucika)

“I don’t want to hear that from you.” (Yuuri)

Lucika-san shrugged her shoulders in exasperation.

If you hadn’t tried to sneak away, none of this would have happened, you know?

Reki-chan closed the distance and questioned her like that.

“And what about you, Lucika? What were you trying to do with your face so close to his?” (Reki)

“Wha!? Um, well…” (Lucika)

“Actually, wasn’t it Lucika who initially tried to sneak away? You forced us into defeating the Demon King ourselves!” (Reki)

“W-Well, you see, it couldn’t be helped! If I missed this opportunity, who knows when we’d be alone together again…” (Lucika)

“There’s no way an old elf who only learns through books could possibly make a move, so please behave yourself.” (Yuuri)

“Huh? So, Yuuri, do you have experience?” (Lucika)

“…? No, I don’t.” (Yuuri)

For some reason, Lucika gave me a look as if she couldn’t believe what I was saying.

She’s quite harsh, isn’t she?

I’ve heard countless firsthand stories from believers about their experiences. I’m different from Lucika, who is always engrossed in her books.

“So, as punishment, I’ll leave the report of the Demon King’s defeat to Lucika.” (Reki)

After handing Lucika the Demon King’s magic stone, Reki-chan lifted Jin like a princess.

“Wait a minute. It’s obvious that the report will go nowhere without the [Hero] there! Reiki, you should come along too.” (Lucika)

“I don’t want to.” (Reki)

“No, Lucika’s point is valid. I’ll take care of Jin, so you two can head to the capital without worrying.” (Yuuri)

“…Lewd Saint.” (Reki)

“…Useless woman with nothing but her chest.” (Lucika)

“I can’t seem to hear anything from the muscle-brained hero and flat-chested elf.” (Yuuri)

“Lucika, how about a little exercise with Yuuri first?” (Reki)

“That’s a coincidence. I was just thinking of testing out a new spell.” (Lucika)

They’re smiling, but their words are a bit dangerous, aren’t they?

Where did the bond of friendship for the past three years go?

“Well, Lucika has teleportation magic, so she can handle it instantaneously.” (Yuuri)

“I’m worried about what you might do in that moment, that’s why I don’t like it.” (Lucika)

“Aren’t you mistaking me for a succubus or something?” (Yuuri)

“Hmm? Is there something wrong, Lady of Lust?” (Lucika)

“I thought there might be a need to settle things with both of you at some point.” (Yuuri)

“Both of you, cut it out.” (Reki)

Reki-chan’s angry gaze pierced through us.

Looking at her serious face, I was taken aback.

…That’s right. Just like before, we were arguing among ourselves while Jin needed help. What on earth were we doing?

All we wanted was to laugh together with him… to continue sharing those happy times…

This couldn’t go on. We needed to reflect on this and…

“At this rate, I’ll have less time to spend the night with Jin.” (Reki)

“Alright, alright! Let’s settle it with Rock, Paper, Scissors! The winner stays! Is that okay?” (Yuuri)

Seemingly tired of the never-ending argument, they both nodded in agreement.

Each of them raised their arms high, and I lit the fuse.

“All right, here we go. Rock-paper-scissors!” (Yuuri)

“Shoot!” (All 3)

Immediately after, a loud roar filled with unbridled joy echoed throughout the village, and it seemed like there were rumors going around that some monster had appeared.

I wonder who that could be, hehe.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Short chapter so I managed to finish it quite quickly.

Yuuri would totally make moves for that split second that both of them were gone. I mean, she was even clearly trying to night crawl earlier.


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