MPFM – Chapter 5 – A Peaceful Morning with Her

The chirping of small birds can be heard.

Cheerful light is illuminating the room through the tattered curtains that don’t completely cover the window.

Drawn by the events around me, my consciousness began to awaken, and I immediately felt a sense of discomfort.

Oh, it’s heavy…

I felt discomfort in my lower body as if something was tying me to the bed.

What on earth… huh?

I managed to move my head somehow, and below me, Yuuri was sleeping while using my private parts as her pillow.

“W-Why is Yuuri here…?” (Jin)

“Mnn…Nnn” (Yuuri)

She was leaning against me and perhaps because her position was uncomfortable, she started wiggling around.

As a result, the softest part of Yuuri’s body was pressing against me.

This is bad! This position is really bad!

“Yuuri…! Please wake up!” (Jin)

Otherwise, I’ll get a boner…!

However, she showed no sign of waking up at all.

Usually, she wakes up pretty early and helps me prepare breakfast for everyone. Why did she choose this moment to fall into deep sleep?

If that’s the case, I’ll have to use a more forceful approach.

As I tried to gently move her aside, I suddenly noticed the bandaged limbs of my arms and legs within my field of vision.

At that moment, like a rushing torrent, all the memories from last night flooded back to me.

“…Right, I remember now.” (Jin)

Lucika confessed to me and just when I was about to kiss her, Reki and Yuuri had appeared out of nowhere and knocked me out.

So, in the midst of their argument, I must have lost consciousness… I see.

Yuuri probably took care of me and ended up falling asleep like this… that makes sense.

I can also understand why I woke up in my old room.

“But still…” (Jin)

Even though I now understood the situation, it didn’t change the fact that I was in a dilemma about where to look.

“If I move even slightly, I’ll definitely make contact…” (Jin)

Even if she’s clinging to me, it’s best not to accidentally touch certain areas.

“Zzz… zzz…” (Yuuri)

I slowly extended my arm toward Yuuri, who was making regular sleeping breaths.

I gently lifted her body a bit, trying to free myself from the predicament.

Her chest is a no-go… I should aim for her shoulder…

But if my parents were to see me like this, they would surely misunderstand. Haha―

*Bang (Door slamming open)*

“Oii… It’s time to wake up…” (Jin’s Dad)

“…………” (Jin)

“Actually, take your time.” (Jin’s Dad)

“Nooooo!? No, Dad! You’re completely misunderstanding something!” (Jin)

I shouted loudly to stop him, but my father paid no heed.

With a frozen smile, he just slammed the door shut and returned to the living room.

I wonder if my mother is lamenting her son’s infidelity right now.

Either that or she’s happy thinking there’s a new potential bride…

…I have a feeling it’s the latter given her personality.

Well, in the first place, Yuuri doesn’t have any romantic feelings for me.

“Mmm… Hmmm…?” (Yuuri)

A sweet voice echoed through the quiet room as Yuuri slowly got up.

Her breasts were emphasized as she arched her back to stretch herself.

The possessor of such a formidable weapon was the one and only, Yuuri.

“Ah, good morning, Jin-san. How’s your health?” (Yuuri)

“So far, so good. Yuuri treated me, right? Thank you.” (Jin)

“No, it was my fault for causing trouble… What are your plans for the rest of the day, Jin-san? I’d like to join you if that’s okay.” (Yuuri)

“It’s okay. Today, I was thinking of praying for the success of everyone’s Demon King subjugation… Oh right! The Demon King subjugation!” (Jin)

We were having such a casual conversation, but today was supposed to be the day for the Demon King’s subjugation.

The kingdom had mobilized all its forces, preparing soldiers for a full-scale assault against the Demon King’s army.

Yuuri was not supposed to be here.

Reki and Lucika should already be out there, leading the charge against the Demon King in a fierce battle…

“Why is Yuuri here!? The Demon King subjugation was supposed to be today, right!?” (Jin)

“We already defeated the Demon King.” (Yuuri)

“…Huh? Really?” (Jin)

“Have I ever lied to you, Jin-san?” (Yuuri)

“…No.” (Jin)

“That’s right.” (Yuuri)

But it can’t be true…? The Demon King who has tormented humanity for so long defeated this quickly…?

Ehhh… my party is too strong…

The shock was so overwhelming that I couldn’t process the truth immediately.

“Right now, Reki-chan and Lucika-san are on their way to report the subjugation. I was entrusted with the role of staying behind.” (Yuuri)

“Yuuri, you should go too. You can leave someone like me here and head to the royal palace.” (Jin)

“It’s okay. I have already discussed everything with Lucika-san. There are a lot of things to discuss about our future, too.” (Yuuri)

And then, she continued.

“Don’t say ‘someone like me,’ please. If someone important to me is being spoken ill of… it makes me sad.” (Yuuri)

“But, still…” (Jin)

“No buts, okay? Promise?” (Yuuri)

Yuuri gently took my hand and squeezed it against her ample chest.

In her eyes, I could see both sadness and, strangely… anger.

That alone made me realize just how serious she was, and I reflected on my self-deprecating side.

“…I’m sorry. I won’t belittle myself in front of Yuuri ever again.” (Jin)

“Yes. It’s a promise.” (Yuuri)

When she makes a promise, she always interlocks pinkies like this.

I’ve heard it’s a ritual she learned from the goddess.

I don’t know the details, but it seems to be a secret passed down only to those with the qualification of [Saint].

Yuuri seemed pleased to have made the promise with me, but her smile dimmed when she saw the bandages wrapped around my arm.

“I’m sorry again for last night. I got so flustered seeing you two like that…” (Yuuri)

Yuuri apologized with a downcast expression.

Despite accomplishing the great feat of defeating the Demon King, she still worries about others… Maybe that’s why she is the [Saint].

She’s someone who has experienced pain more than twice as much others, which makes her sensitive to other people’s pain.

That’s why she has a tendency to blame herself excessively like this.

“It’s okay, Yuuri. Thanks for worrying about me.” (Jin)

“…Mmm.” (Yuuri)

I stroked her head, and she smiled warmly.

…That smile could easily brighten up a person’s day.

“What are you going to do next, Jin-san? Are you going to rest a bit more?” (Yuuri)

“No, I’ll get up now. I’m too surprised to sleep.” (Jin)

“Well then, let’s have breakfast. As an apology, I’ll cook today.” (Yuuri)

“I’ll help too. I can’t just rely on Yuuri all the time.” (Jin)

With those words, Yuuri bounced up as if to express her joy and pulled my hand.

My companion, whom I thought I might never see again, was still by my side.

I couldn’t help but smile at that thought.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I wonder if Yuuri being in that position was really an accident. Something could have totally happened in the background lol.

I bought the LN so I uploaded the illustration chapter right after this. I have updated chapters 1 and 3 to include the illustrations.


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Thanks for the chapter!
Yes there are definitely more than accidentally slept like that


Definitely was sleeping there on purpose and I’m guessing she wasn’t actually sleeping hoping for him to do something to her in her “sleep.”