MPFM – Vol 1 Illustrations

Spoiler Warning Obviously

TL Notes:

I just bought the LN… so here are all the illustrations. A good $6 well spent… I think? I bought it for the illustrations, but since I have the raw LN, should I just translate the LN instead or something? There are 22 chapters in the web novel so it won’t take long to finish it, so the LN might take longer maybe. Idk that’s up to you guys.

Edit: NVM Amazon decided to set a limit to the number of times you can copy text on the kindle so I can’t do it anymore unless I find a workaround.

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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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You could load the book into Calibre with a plugin that strips DRM, but I would recommend avoiding that unless you can’t find another option.


So he kinda of marries all three of them? But the rings got burnt for some reason…


I am curious about the differents between the WN and LN. Why not translate both?

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LN usually has improvements here and there, and sometimes even different “route” of the story. And it is licensed, so unofficial uploads could be legally taken down


true and dun want TL to get into trouble so honestly am fine with just getting illustrations imo


I was kind of curious, was those wedding dress at the end of the illusts show that the LN will end in only 1 volume?


For amazon kindle LN released in 2023, you can extract the text using this step-by-step guide MobileRead Forums – View Single Post – DRM workaround: Kindle for Android.


Beautiful illustrations. Thanks for sharing.