MPFM – Chapter 6 – We’re Already Newlyweds, Aren’t We?!


To Jin and Yuuri-chan,

Dad and Mom have gone out to gather mountain vegetables for dinner.

Everyone around here has also gone hunting or fetching water.

Since no one is going to be back so soon, please don’t worry.

You can have fun and make noise with your fellow companions and nobody can hear you.

P.S. You can use the ingredients at home as you like, so make sure to build up your strength.

With love, Mom and Dad


This kind of consideration really touches my heart…!!

Coming down from the second-floor bedroom and entering the living room, there was a wooden board placed on the table.

When I read the message written on it, it stated that my parents somehow got everyone else to temporarily evacuate the village.

But… you probably shouldn’t abuse the village chief’s authority in strange ways like this.

I wonder how our parents explained it to everyone in the village…

“What did father-in-law and mother-in-law say?” (Yuuri)

Yuuri tried to peek from behind, so I hurriedly hid it so she couldn’t see.

If she found out about this, she would definitely give me a look of disdain.

I can’t believe our parents are trying to create such a situation…!

“N-nothing really. They said they were going to gather ingredients for dinner.” (Jin)

“I see. If they had told us, we could have gone with them.” (Yuuri)

“They probably wanted us to rest, considering how tired we must be from our long journey. Let’s take their words to heart.” (Jin)

“…Hehe, you’re right.” (Yuuri)

Phew… It seems like she’s convinced.

Yuuri stood up, took out a piece of cloth, and neatly tied her long hair behind her back.

“Now then, let’s have breakfast. What should we make?” (Yuuri)

“Let’s make scrambled eggs with ham and vegetables sandwiched in bread. I’ll handle the ingredients, so can you fry the eggs, Yuuri?” (Jin)

“Sure.” (Yuuri)

In my mind, I chanted [Wind Blade: Slice], and a gust of wind emanated from my fingertips, cutting the wooden board into four pieces.

Yep, this should take care of the evidence.

Rolling up my sleeves, I lined up in the kitchen and began working.


The sound of the knife hitting the cutting board.

*Ju… pachipachi*

The sizzling of the eggs.

Sounds I had never paid much attention to before were now distinctly audible in this quiet space.

…Yeah, how should I put it?

“It’s nice, isn’t it? Being able to do something without constantly being on edge.” (Jin)

“I get you. During our journey, there was always some level of vigilance in the back of our minds. Mmm~ This is feels relaxing.” (Yuuri)

I briefly averted my gaze from the menacing thing that still swayed ominously with a slight movement, and focused on my work.

“…I still can’t believe the Demon King is really gone… It doesn’t feel real.” (Jin)

“W-Well, there was a reason why we decided to remove you from the party, you know? Everyone just didn’t want you to die…” (Yuuri)

Did she misunderstand and think I was upset about expelling myself? Yuuri quickly started explaining the situation.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m not bothered at all, so don’t worry.” (Jin)

“Geez…” (Yuuri)

I stroked her head, and she squinted her eyes playfully as if it tickled her.

…Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her without her usual [Saint] attire.

She usually wears a black-themed dress, but today she’s wrapped in the exact opposite, a white one-piece dress.

The well-worn apron borrowed from Mom seemed to suit Yuuri, who radiated maternal warmth.

Having a wife like her would surely add color to one’s life… Not that I’ll ever have that opportunity.

“…J-Jin-san?” (Yuuri)

“…Ah, sorry. I got lost in thought, watching you just now.” (Jin)

“Hehe, it’s alright. You can look as much as you want. Now… and in the future.” (Yuuri)

“Indeed. I have something to look forward to.” (Jin)

As we chatted like this, breakfast was ready in no time.

I sliced the firm bread I had stored into four pieces, creating space to sandwich the ingredients for each one.

Adding vegetable leaves, ham, and…

“Careful not to spill… gently… there we go!” (Yuuri)

With Yuuri adding the eggs as a finishing touch, the meal was complete.

We poured some drinks into glasses and carried them to the table, then sat down side by side.

Itadakimasu1!” (Jin & Yuuri)

“Yeah, it’s delicious. A simple breakfast is the best, after all.” (Jin)

“The vegetables are crisp and tasty too!” (Yuuri)

The bread might be a bit hard, but it adds to the flavor.

We started devouring the meal eagerly.

The food disappeared in no time.

It’s been a while since we could focus on enjoying a meal slowly, maybe that’s why it felt even more delicious.

“What a peaceful morning… How long has it been since we experienced this?” (Yuuri)

“It’s been a really long time. Back then, we kept getting attacked during meals, or had to immediately start moving right after eating.” (Jin)

“I remember those early days when I wasn’t used to it, and my stomach suffered…” (Yuuri)

“We don’t have to do that anymore, though.” (Jin)

“Peace is really something.” (Yuuri)

“Yeah…” (Jin)

“Now that we have this peace… Jin-san, what were your plans after returning to your hometown?” (Yuuri)

“I had a vague idea in mind… I want to take it easy and live a slow life. Growing vegetables, going hunting, occasionally going on trips to eat some good food… Since I’ve stepped away from the fighting, I want to do things I couldn’t do before.” (Jin)

“Things you couldn’t do before…” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. Is there something you want to do, Yuuri?” (Jin)

“Making babies.” (Yuuri)

“Huh?” (Jin)

*Cough!* I’m sorry, I bit my tongue… Hehe.” (Yuuri)

Yuuri shyly stuck out her tongue.

Hahaha, that’s right.

There’s no way someone like Yuuri would casually mention “making babies” in broad daylight.

Maybe the impact of hitting her head is still affecting her…?

“Anyways, getting back to the conversation… I think it’s wonderful that we are able to sit back and talk about the future like this. Don’t you think so?” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. I-If you’re okay with it, I want to keep spending time like this together in the future.” (Jin)

“――!” (Yuuri)

“I-I was thinking earlier that if I was to marry Yuuri, could we spend mornings like this together?” (Jin)

“――!?!?!” (Yuuri)

Yuuri’s face turned bright red, and even her ears were tinged with red.

Oops… Looks like Lucika’s confession has made me a little weird…

It must be really awkward to hear something like that out of the blue.

I may have said not to belittle myself, but I should definitely apologize for this.

“I-I’m sorry! I said something strange…” (Jin)

“J-Jin-san… Are you still half-asleep?” (Yuuri)

“I’m really sorry. Let me wash my face—” (Jin)

“――We’re already newlyweds, so we can spend as much time together as we want, you know.” (Yuuri)

Mmm that’s right, Yuuri and I are already married, so we can do as we please—

“――Wait a minute.” (Jin)

A sudden and unexpected marriage proposal occurred without my knowledge.

Huh? I feel like I’ve been through this before.

No, it couldn’t be…?

“I haven’t forgotten that day… not even for a moment. Especially those passionate words of your proposal, Jin-san!!” (Yuuri)

Did past-me do something again?!

Illustration of Yuuri in apron

The well-worn apron borrowed from Mom seemed to suit Yuuri, who radiated maternal warmth.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

This is no time to be relaxing MC! You still have one other girl waiting for her turn after this.

If you read ODL then you would know that I suck with cooking so I don’t exactly know if I translated the bread part correctly.


  1. “Itadakimasu” is a polite thing in japanese households to say before eating a meal. Something like “bon appétit”.
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