MPFM – Chapter 7 – I Already Reserved the Wedding Venue. Praise Me.

An intense and passionate gaze pierces through me.

Though she was responding with a smile, a series of screams echoed within my chest.

Not yet. Don’t panic, Jin Geist.

Perhaps there are complex circumstances at play, and Yuuri might have misunderstood something.

Stay calm and listen to her story before coming to conclusions.

“Jin-san told me that ‘When Yuuri is in pain… when she feels like she’s about to break… I want to be there to support her.'” (Yuuri)

No, it’s over…!

I remember it clearly!

Oh, wait…? But, does that count as a proposal?

Isn’t it normal to want to support someone close to you?

“…You’re right. I need to properly express my feelings too.” (Yuuri)

Perhaps sensing that my reaction wasn’t favorable, she turned toward me.

Her expression is that of a maiden deeply in love.

Even I can predict the words Yuuri was about to say.

“I love you (aishiteimasu). I want us to be a couple who can support each other, be there for each other, and live with each other… forever.” (Yuuri)

Her pure, heartfelt words reached my heart and enveloped me warmly.

Is there a man who wouldn’t be delighted to hear those words from such a cute girl?

“Yuuri…” (Jin)

Not to mention, this was the first time I had ever seen that expression on her face.

She wasn’t joking or teasing.

Seeing this, my heart was pounding violently with emotion.

But… I also ended up indirectly proposing to Lucika, so isn’t this just two-timing?!

No, let’s be honest. If I follow my desires, I want to marry both of them!

However, bigamy is only allowed for nobles. To take both of them as wives, I must become a noble… So there’s no other way.

I have to choose either Lucika or Yuuri.

…It’s embarrassing, but trying to make a decision right now is a bit…

“Perhaps, Lucika also confessed to you?” (Yuuri)

“…Am I really that easy to read?” (Jin)

A self-deprecating, bitter smile unintentionally escapes me.

Yuuri shakes her head lightly. 

“Yep. After all, you’re the person I like.” (Yuuri)

She gave a soft smile that would make even a crying baby stop in its tracks, truly worthy of the title of [Saint].

“I’ve been watching you for three years. Knowing that you’re a kind person, you must be having a hard time deciding what to do with our confession.” (Yuuri)

“…I see. So, you saw through it all.” (Jin)

“When Reki-chan and Lucika-san come back, I think they’ll know that I confessed. Jin-san is important to them too, after all.” (Yuuri)

Her small hand touches mine, slightly cold.

Our palms overlapped, fingers tracing lightly, and then she gripped my hand firmly.

“But… I’m not going to give up here.” (Yuuri)

And with that, she suddenly pulls me.

Caught off guard by the abrupt movement, I lose my balance and fall forward, ending up in her ample chest.

Unable to defy gravity, my face sinks into the softness.

“Yu-Yuuri!?” (Jin)

“Can you hear it? My heartbeat. It’s racing so fast.” (Yuuri)

I don’t know…!

My own heartbeat is so loud that I can’t distinguish between the two sounds!

“Hey, Jin-san. Right now, it’s just the two of us, and no one else is coming. The villagers are giving us time alone… I don’t think opportunities like this come by often.” (Yuuri)

Oh, she knows about the contents of the letter…

“I… I’m not the good girl you think I am, Jin-san. So to make you choose me…” (Yuuri)

She gently strokes my head, and her fingers continue down my neck.


Her gentle breath brushes against my ear.

“I’ll make you melt until you can’t live without me.” (Yuuri)

Suddenly, I hear the sound of fabric rustling.

Wha-what!? What are you doing, Yuuri!?

Damn it! I can’t see anything because my view is blocked by her chest!

NotgoodNotgoodNotgood! I need to pull away, but my instincts as a man aren’t listening to me at all!

“It’s okay, Jin-san. Trust yourself to me—” (Yuuri)

“I’m back!” (?)

“Kyaa!” (Yuuri)

“Whoa!” (Jin)

We were on the verge of entering our own world, but the voice that intruded caused us to instinctively push each other away and create some distance.

When we looked towards the source of the voice, Reki was giving us a puzzled look.

Th-Thank goodness…!

Thank you, Reki.

I didn’t end up becoming the worst kind of man who drowns in carnal desire without giving an answer…!

For now, I managed to avoid the worst outcome and breathe a sigh of relief.

“…What were you two doing?” (Reki)

“W-Well, nothing special? I was about to fall, and Yuuri caught me.” (Jin)

“Hmm… Suspicious… but I’ll forgive you. I’m a generous wife, after all.” (Reki)

“Haha, thanks… Wife?” (Jin)

“Yeah.” (Reki)

“Who?” (Jin)

“Me. I’m Jin’s wife.” (Reki)

Ignoring me, who couldn’t keep up with the conversation, Reki continued speaking.

“Jin, our wedding venue has already been decided.” (Reki)

—Three-timing confirmed.

Reki, you too…?!

I couldn’t stop the cold sweat that was now flowing like a waterfall as I watched my childhood friend make a peace sign.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

What an eventful day for our MC. He just can’t catch a break.

Btw Reki and Lucika went out but only Reki came back. Did Reki purposely get rid of her off-screen or something? But then again, Reki seems like she doesn’t know that Lucika and Yuuri likes MC.


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Andrei Stakov

This will either be the greatest catfight in that world’s history, or the title should be changed to “That Time When I Had My Pelvis Broke to Dust Because of My First Night With My Former Hero Party’s Members That Loved Me So Much”.

Anyway, thanks for the chapter.


yeah mc you ain’t running from them tbh


Thnaks for the chapter. Jin! Don’t give up on the harem!