MPFM – Chapter 8 – Don’t Think You Can Escape, Husband (Danna-sama)

(Unknowingly; Affair; Scumbag)

Despite being in a situation where I could see such phrases being used, my body was shaken up so much that I ended up becoming even calmer.

So, the trembling in my legs was just a warrior’s trembling, and the sweat flowing endlessly was just my good metabolism. Yep, that makes sense.

I wasn’t scared of the current circumstances I found myself in, not at all.

Even someone as clueless as me can understand.

My past self has definitely messed up somewhere.

For now, let’s not focus on how Reki said something about being my wife.

I’m more concerned about the wedding venue.

There’s a possibility that I’ve unknowingly involved other people in this mess.

“I understand. First, tell me the details. Let’s take a seat and discuss it one by one.” (Jin)

With that, I sat down on a nearby chair.

As if it were the most natural thing in the world, the two of them took their positions on either side of me.

Thus, the view in front of me ended up being an empty room.

“…This is not how it’s supposed to be!!” (Jin)

I couldn’t hold back my retort any longer.

“It’s normal for a wife to sit next to her husband.” (Reki)

“Even if you’re my wife, in situations like this, you’re supposed to sit facing me! It’s awkward to talk while being sandwiched like this!” (Jin)

“Alright then, Reki, please move to the other side and explain it properly.” (Yuuri)

“No. Yuuri should do it instead.” (Reki)

“Isn’t that asking too much?” (Yuuri)

“It’s fine. I trust Yuuri.” (Reki)

“If only that sentence was being used in a better context.” (Yuuri)

This conversation is going nowhere.

Also, I’d like you to stop arguing while I’m sandwiched between you… It’s making me feel really uncomfortable.

I stood up in frustration and moved to the opposite side of the seats.

“Alright, both of you, stay seated nicely next to each other.” (Jin)

By calling them out before they got up to switch seats, they reluctantly sat down side by side.

“So, you’ve mentioned that you already decided on a wedding venue for us, right?” (Jin)

“Yes. I’m sure Jin will be happy about it too.” (Reki)

“I see. Can I ask where it is?” (Jin)

“The royal castle.” (Reki)

“…The royal castle? I’ve never heard of that place before.” (Jin)

“I mean the castle in the royal capital.” (Reki)

“I wasn’t hearing things after all, damn it!” (Jin)

Reki playfully opened and closed her two fingers in a peace sign. Meanwhile, I flopped onto the table and despaired at my childhood friend’s outrageous announcement.

“I even got the king’s approval for it!” (Reki)

Reki rummaged through her pockets and unfolded a piece of paper on the table.

When I saw the document for Eldentark Castle written in large letters, I raised my head again, feeling a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

“Why… why did you choose the royal castle… and how did the king even approve…” (Jin)

“I wanted to share our happiness with a lot of people.” (Reki)

“I see… that’s impressive…” (Jin)

“With this, we are officially recognized as a married couple by the nation.” (Reki)

I quickly realized that Reki and I had different scales in terms of thinking.

Reki, the [Hero], had a widespread reputation and tended to think of things on a larger scale. Since she has recently defeated the Demon King, many people, especially her passionate fans, would likely flock to her to celebrate the occasion.

I’m starting to worry that people might throw stones at me if they found out I was her partner…

…Wait a minute.

While the conversation had been progressing in the direction of me marrying Reki, I couldn’t help but wonder if Yuuri had anything to say about this.

I hastily adjusted my posture and looked at the girl who had confessed to me.

“…? Is there something on my face?” (Yuuri)

However, there was no sign of anger.

On the contrary, she seemed quite relaxed, even casually having a conversation with Reki.

Huh…? Did I misunderstand something…?

I thought that there would be more of a reaction… or something like that…

“By the way, Reki-chan, did you make sure to do what I said?” (Yuuri)

“Of course. Lucika is staying over at the royal castle, taking care of the paperwork.” (Reki)

“That’s good. It’s essential for everyone to be happy, after all.” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. I will definitely make Jin a noble.” (Reki)

At that moment, my mind went blank.

…Huh? Me, a noble? What’s going on…?

“Yu-Yuuri? Could you please explain? I don’t understand…” (Jin)

“As a reward for defeating the Demon King, I actually requested to turn Jin-san into a noble.” (Yuuri)

As she said that, she winked with a charming smile.

Cute… but that’s not the point!

“Hehe, I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while. What if we all fell in love with Jin-san?” (Yuuri)

“If we were going to fight each other for you, it would most likely cause more damage than the Demon King’s army itself.” (Reki)

“Originally, I wanted to monopolize Jin-san by myself, of course, I was confident that Jin-san would choose me. But…” (Yuuri)

“I couldn’t bear the thought of a life without being by Jin’s side. So, the three of us discussed it properly last night.” (Reki)

“Our proposal was to turn Jin-san into a noble. If Jin-san becomes a noble, there won’t be any issues with polygamy!” (Yuuri)

“With this, there’s nothing to get in our way.” (Reki)

As if to declare that the conversation was over, the two of them moved closer to me, wrapping their arms tightly around me.

Their beautiful faces came close, just inches from mine, and they announced with smiles:

“So.” (Reki)

“You can’t escape anymore, so prepare yourself.” (Yuuri)

“My husband (Danna-sama).” (Reki & Yuuri)

A group of cute girls confessing to me… 

It’s a situation that any guy dreams of at least once, so what is this sense of unease?

There is no way out. The only path left is to accept the love of all of them.

And they’re all national heroes.

Realizing my future, I began to worry about my stomachache which was starting to get worse.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Meanwhile, at the aforementioned royal castle…

“Damn it… that Reki. Pushing all the intellectual work onto me…” (Lucika)

“…You know, I was woken up early in the morning and made to work while still in my pajamas.” (King)

“Move your hands instead of your mouth. While I’m away, those three are going to progress their relationship without me…!” (Lucika)

“You do realize that I’m the king, right? Why am I being made to do these chores? Whenever I’m around you guys, I feel like I’m going crazy…” (King)

“Ahh marriage…! Once this is over, I’ll finally be married to Jin…!” (Lucika)

“Urgh, why couldn’t Jin be here…! He’s the only one who’s kind to me in the Hero Party…!!” (King)

With that, Lucika’s desire to clear the mountain of documents continued while the king’s lament echoed in vain.

◇ Speaking of nobility, it often comes with land. There happens to be an untouched countryside managed by the kingdom, which is the hometown of the heroes. A perfect foundation for a slow-paced life is steadily taking root. ◇

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow~ they actually talked it out and ended up with a reasonable solution. 

Good for you Jin, you’re living the dream life.

P.S. Don’t use the themes, for some reason the JS to detect whether user is scrolling got messed up so now it only scrolls after you let go. This function was suppose to help detect whether someone clicks the screen to fade away the sidebar but idk why it broke


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buaha the king misses jin cause he prob treated like a buddy and not push him around like his waifu’s did


Wao, the King is a little pitiful. Jin is lucky, in normal cases, there are some battles and chaos before reaching that conclusion. Skipping that is a blessing, now you only need to make up your mind.