MPFM – Chapter 9 – She’s No Longer My ‘Sister’, But My ‘Wife’ Now.

“Nostalgic… Man, this takes me back.” (Jin)

We have changed location, and now we are in my room.

I’m currently sitting on my bed next to Reki.

Yuuri, who had finished saying what she wanted to, went to the forest to call back our parents.

At first, I thought about going with her, but…

“Jin-san, please take care of Reki, okay? Oh, and when I say ‘take care,’ I don’t mean in bed…” (Yuuri)

She said she could handle it by herself, so it should be fine.

I don’t remember the latter part of that sentence very well because my brain refused to accept it.

“Yuuri is fundamentally kind, so I like her. It’s hard to dislike her.” (Reki)

“That’s true.” (Jin)

“She’s good at cooking, and she even helped me with my studies.” (Reki)

“That’s true.” (Jin)

“Also, her chest is bigger than mine.” (Reki)

“That’s tr… Can you stop saying something that is hard to respond to all of a sudden?” (Jin)

“But I’m not losing when it comes to my feelings for Jin.” (Reki)

Reki spreads her arms and falls backward onto the bed.

The bed creaks and groans as she pats it, and I follow her lead.

It’s a cheap bed. It creaks and my back hurts a bit.

But the sight of Reki beside me like this is incredibly nostalgic and comforting.

“Remember back when we used to often sleep together like this? It’s nostalgic, isn’t it?” (Reki)

“I was thinking the same. I remember that you used to wake me up and ask me to come with you to the bathroom, and then you’d crawl into bed with me when you were done.” (Jin)

“Yeah. It’s warm to sleep with Jin.” (Reki)

“You say that but… At first, you’d snuggle up close, but once you were asleep, your sleeping habits were so bad that you would always end up stealing the blankets from me~” (Jin)

I lightly flick her forehead with my finger, but Reki doesn’t even blink.

Fufufu. My body is beyond being affected by such light damage.” (Reki)

“The blessing of the [Hero] is quite strong indeed. I might not be able to compete with you anymore.” (Jin)

“Of course. I’m stronger than Jin now. I could defeat Jin with just my pinky finger. Want to arm wrestle like we used to?” (Reki)

“Haha, I won’t fall for that kind of provocation.” (Jin)

“You’re running away? Are you scared, Jin?” (Reki)

“…It’s not scared; it’s called a strategic retreat.” (Jin)

“Coward. Wimp. Weaker than my pinky.” (Reki)

“…” (Jin)

“Aah, did you become a chicken who’s too scared to even step onto the stage because you’re afraid of losing? How uncool.” (Reki)

“I’ll show you!!” (Jin)

“…Just as Yuuri taught me…” (Reki)

I can’t quite make out what you’re muttering, but it doesn’t really matter.

Being made fun of like this and retreating would be a blow to a man’s pride.

I have at least a minimum amount of pride.

“I’ll give it a little twist. Don’t just focus on the pinky, bring it on with everything!” (Jin)

“Are you sure? You might really get hurt.” (Reki)

“Come at me with your pinky!” (Jin)

And with that, my last shred of pride shattered.

“Alright, then.” (Reki)

I tightly grasp Reki’s pinky.

It’s so small and slender that it almost disappears when I grip it.

Normally, it would look like a guy bullying a delicate girl.

But my opponent is Reki, the [Hero], I’ll have to give it my all from the start…!

“At your signal, Jin.” (Reki)

“Understood—let’s go!” (Jin)

Without hesitation, I move to push down her arm, putting my entire weight into it.

My muscles bulge, and veins stand out on my arm.

I struck with my full strength without a doubt.

However, Reki hasn’t budged an inch.

Fufu, you’re so cute when you’re trying so hard.” (Reki)

The moment after Reki laughed like that, my field of vision spun 180 degrees.

“…Huh?” (Jin)

“Yes, I win.” (Reki)

When I came to my senses, I was lying on my back on the bed.

Reki, who was laughing merrily, was sitting on my lower abdomen.

“…That was one-sided. Ah, reality sure is cruel.” (Jin)

“In a battle of pure strength, this is how it goes. But battles aren’t decided by strength alone, so don’t lose your confidence.”(Reki)

Reki pats my head.

It’s as if she’s doing to me what I used to do to her in the past.

…It made me realize once again that she’s no longer someone who needs to be protected by me.

“However, a loss is a loss. Jin, as punishment, you’ll have to undergo an interrogation.” (Reki)

“…Huh?” (Jin)

Leaving me stunned, Reki places her arms on the bed as if to trap my face, as if she won’t let me go.

Her emerald eyes were fixed straight on me.

“Jin, why did you stop sleeping with me? You stopped doing so halfway through our journey.” (Reki)

“Eh?!” (Jin)

I let out a surprised noise.

Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Reki’s body has safely matured into that of a young woman, and I was having a hard time containing my desires.

After all, I’m not a saint with zero sexual desires.

I decided to sleep separately because I thought that being in such close proximity in bed wasn’t beneficial for our mental well-being.

…Well, there’s no way I can honestly admit such an embarrassing reason.

“Well, you see… Reki, you’ve also reached a certain age, right? I thought it would be embarrassing if Yuuri and the others saw us sleeping together.” (Jin)

“It’s not embarrassing at all. So, let’s sleep together from today.” (Reki)

“Besides, you know! Having a man and a woman share the same bed… What if people around us think that I might attack you or something…” (Jin)

“So, Jin, are you saying you see me as a woman?” (Reki)

“That’s not what I…” (Jin)

“In that case, you don’t have to worry about that. Starting today, we’re sleeping together.” (Reki)

“I’m sorry. Reki, as you grew, I started to find you cute, and I was afraid that I would have a hard time controlling myself around you, so I distanced myself. Please forgive me.” (Jin)

I apologize, clasping my hands in a gesture of contrition.

Why… why am I confessing this to her…?

This makes it sound like I see Reki in that way to some extent.

What on earth am I doing with a girl who proposed marriage to me…? Wait, could this actually not be a problem…?

“Yeah, it’s fine.” (Reki)

Reki forgave me, almost as if affirming my thoughts.

Thank goodness… She doesn’t hate me…

After avoiding the worst-case scenario, I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Reki, thank y…!?” (Jin)

However, that relief was short-lived.

My words were quickly silenced by the contact of her lips.

Our lips met in a soft, sensual touch that made me forget to breathe.

“Finally… You finally made it clear that you don’t see me as a sister but as a member of the opposite sex.” (Reki)

Ignoring me, who was left speechless, Reki raised her head and traced her own lips with her finger, wearing a satisfied expression.

“I’ve finally graduated from being your sister. I’m happy. Now, I can confidently stand beside you physically and mentally. So…” (Reki)

“…That’s why, I’ll forgive you for now.” (Reki)

With that, Reki smiled, and her smile appeared the most beautiful I had ever seen.

Illustration of Reki trapping Jin

“Jin, why did you stop sleeping with me? You stopped doing so halfway through our journey.”

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Oh no Jin’s first kiss got taken. Something tells me that this wasn’t in Yuuri’s plan at all. 

Translated this chapter pretty late at night so there might be some errors.


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