MPFM – Chapter 10 – My Parents Have Officially Approved of the Harem

After what happened, our bodies were hot so we returned to the living room in search of a drink.

We each emptied our glasses in an instant and left the empty cups behind.

…The ticking sound of the second hand on the clock echoed loudly.

Such sound which usually goes unnoticed was strangely loud at this moment.

If I had to describe the situation right now in one word, it would be “awkward”.

However, it wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling.

It’s just that… after sharing our first kiss, I’m feeling a mix of shyness, embarrassment, and happiness that’s hard to put into words.

When I quietly stole a glance at Reki, I realized that she had been watching my face all this time so our eyes suddenly met. She quickly averted her gaze.

When we kissed earlier, she had given off an adult-like atmosphere, but it was clear that her mind hadn’t fully matured yet.

Realizing that Reki had been trying her best to act grown-up, it made her seem cute, and knowing that fact itself made me happy.

She’s usually not very expressive, but I’m sure there are various emotions raging inside her right now.

Even I haven’t fully come to terms with it, so it’s only natural that Reki hasn’t either.

So, I decided not to take any particular action and to wait for her to get used to it. Because of that, we stayed next to each other in silence.

“I’m back~… Huh? Did you cross the line, by any chance?” (Yuuri)

“I’m so tired~. Jin, comfort me… Huh? What’s with this atmosphere?” (Lucika)

The two of them returned at the same time and, upon seeing our expressions, they both wore puzzled looks.

Seeing Reki frozen in nervousness, I decided to do the explanation instead.

“Haha… Well, it’s the same as what happened with Yuuri and Lucika.” (Jin)

“I see… so Reki-chan, you can do things your age, huh?” (Yuuri)

“You did your best while I was away, didn’t you, Reki-san?” (Lucika)

“Ugh…” (Reki)

The two of them started gently stroking Reki’s hair.

Reki blushed and just lowered her head without resisting.

She was so bent over that her forehead was pressed against the table.

Wait… the table is making a scraping sound…!

“Ugh…!?” (Reki)

“Ah.” (Lucika)

“Reki-chan!?” (Yuuri)

With a loud, splintering sound, the table split into two. Reki’s head was lodged into the floor, and Yuuri stood there in shock.

“Ahaha. It seems that we went overboard with the teasing.” (Yuuri)

Though I don’t see it often these days, in the past, she often couldn’t control her strength and ended up breaking things.

Perhaps the embarrassment of being teased by Lucika and Yuuri got the best of me.

“Ugh… I’m stuck inside much deeper than I thought… I can’t get out!” (Reki)

“Well, Yuuri doesn’t have the strength, so I’ll do it. Reki, can you bear with it for a bit?” (Jin)

“Jin, no!” (Reki)

“Huh, why?” (Jin)

“…It’s a little embarrassing to have my bare legs touched…” (Reki)

Isn’t kissing more embarrassing? I don’t understand the heart of a maiden at all. Well, I guess compared to her confession, she wasn’t as mentally prepared.

Anyways, if Reki told me this before her confession, I might have just ignored it, but now that I know how she feels, I can’t simply do that.

…Which means, the only one who can deal with this situation is Lucika, who is in a good mood from witnessing the rare sight of Reki.

“Well, it seems like Reki is still a child after all. Yep, it’s nice to see the usual her.” (Lucika)

“Shut up Lucika, you only liked Jin for less than 3 years. You don’t understand my feelings at all.” (Reki)

“Saying that while your head is buried in the floor is not scary at all. Hmm~ Should I just leave you like this?” (Lucika)

“In that case, I’ll forcefully get out on my own, even if the house collapses. Are you okay with that? Even if it makes your future father-in-law and mother-in-law sad?” (Reki)

“Isn’t that going a bit too far?” (Lucika)

When faced with such a threat, Lucika sighed and took out a small wooden staff.

“Alright, don’t get mad. Look, I’ll even fix the table for you.” (Lucika)

“…Ugh, please do so.” (Reki)

Phew… with this, everything should be settled.

All that’s left is to make sure we fix this before anyone sees it, and everything will be okay…

“I’m back! Hahaha, we are going to be celebrating today! Your dad is all pumped up!” (Jin’s Dad)

“Well~ I never expected Jin to bring home three wives. Mom’s delighted…… A fight?” (Jin’s Mom)

The smiles disappeared from the faces of my parents who had returned in such high spirits.

If they were to witness this scene, it would be understandable for them to have such a misunderstanding.

Reki is impaled into the floor, Lucika is approaching Reki with a staff in hand, and Yuuri is sitting down, breathing heavily.

Despite how it looks, we are all on very good terms.

“Sorry, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law, for causing a bit of a commotion here. Could you please wait outside? We’ll settle this soon.” (Lucika)

No, Lucika! Well, technically, it’s not wrong…

But, the word “settle” could be misinterpreted as “disposing of Reki”!

“Could it be that the three of you don’t really get along…?” (Jin’s Mom)

“No, we’ve been through thick and thin together, so we’re very close! Right, Reki-chan? Lucika-san?” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. These two are irreplaceable friends in my world.” (Reki)

With that, Reki spread her one free leg and extended it in front of them.

Seemingly understanding the intention, Reki and Lucika clasped their feet together, forming a handshake.

Is that supposed to be showing how close they are…?

No, perhaps this actually does make them look close…?

“Wow. It’s nice that Reki-chan has made some new friends.” (Jin’s Mom)

“I see, I see. In that case, I’m relieved.” (Jin’s Dad)

“That’s right, Aunt (oba-san), Uncle (oji-san).” (Reki)

It seems that we’re in the clear.

Reki, who had been treated poorly by her biological parents, was raised in our home and my parents treated her like their own daughter.

Thanks to that, the parental bias played in our favor…

“Oh, should I call you mother-in-law and father-in-law now?” (Reki)

“Either way is fine~. Reki-chan is really going to be Jin’s wife… Auntie is so happy.” (Jin’s Mom)

“It’s not just Reki-chan, Mother-in-law.” (Yuuri)

“We’ll do our best as Jin’s wives too.” (Lucika)

“Haha, but I think Jin can only marry one person… Is it really going to be okay?” (Jin’s Dad)

“Of course, we’ve already resolved that issue as well. I’ll explain it to both of you later.” (Yuuri)

Ara ara. That sounds reassuring.” (Jin’s Mom)

“All of you are beautiful, smart, and reliable… My son sure is lucky to have you girls. You better not abandon them, Jin.” (Jin’s Dad)

“Everyone, please take good care of our son.” (Jin’s Mom)

“Don’t worry. We would never abandon Jin.” (Reki)

“Of course! I’ll do my best to show you the faces of your grandchildren soon!” (Yuuri)

“Despite being an Elf with a long lifespan, I swear that I would make him my only partner in my life.” (Lucika)

*Hahaha* Laughter echoed in the room, not just from me.

…But shouldn’t we at least get Reki off the floor before we continue talking?

In the midst of an atmosphere where I couldn’t bring up such a thing, the greetings with my parents concluded.

◇ The first volume, “Marriage Approval Arc”, will conclude in 1 or 2 more chapters. The second volume is the “Harem Relaxation Life Begins Arc”.◇

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I’m guessing that the wedding is gonna happen in those 1 or 2 chapters? Since the wedding is done in the royal capital, that means that it will be done in front of the country right? I can’t wait for the wedding.


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