MPFM – Chapter 11 – Striving for Happiness with Everyone from now on

After I finished introducing the girls to my parents, I found out that the report of the Demon King’s subjugation to the king had also been completed. In other words, everything we needed to do was done.

…No, I still have one more thing left to do.

Besides that, there were no more formal duties assigned to us.

And there’s no reason not to celebrate such a joyous day.

“In celebration of the upcoming wedding between my son, Reki-chan, Yuuri-chan, and Lucika-chan, and the birth of Baron Jin Geist1! And let’s not forget the successful subjugation of the Demon King—cheers!” (Jin’s Dad)

“Cheers!” (Everyone)

At Dad’s command, everyone in the village raised their cups filled with alcohol.

I’ve never seen our hometown so lively before.

On the table, there were a variety of salads, crispy roasted whole chickens, spiced skewers, stir-fried wild vegetables… and various other dishes, all lined up side by side.

The alcohol was high-quality, and the spices weren’t the cheap kind.

However, the reason we could afford such extravagance was that we had brought them from the capital city.

With Lucika’s magic, any form of transportation is basically instantaneous, after all.

So it was only natural that everyone in the party agreed that we should make the most out of this and turn it into a memorable event.

By the way, as for the explanation of the current situation to my parents—

“We have received approval from the king, so in the near future, Jin will be granted the title of Baron and will receive the territory centered around this village. In other words, he will be treated as a noble from now on.” (Lucika)

“It’s a reasonable decision considering his achievements as a member of the party that defeated the Demon King. The territory is also in a remote location surrounded by forests, with limited transportation access, so there should be minimal opposition for such a land.” (Yuuri)

“We’ll be here to support him so the other nobles can’t easily interfere.” (Reki)

“Therefore, you can be rest assured that he can take over as the village chief in the future without much trouble.” (Lucika)

“Aside from that… Please give us your son” (All 3)

“Of course~!” (Jin’s Mom and Dad)

And just like that, everything was settled.

They truly are reliable wives.

…Yes, they are so reliable that I’ve let myself get caught up in their flow.

“…What’s wrong, Jin? Do you have a stomachache?” (Reki)

“No, it’s not that.” (Jin)

“Then, do you want to eat this? It’s delicious.” (Reki)

Reki offered one of the skewers she had in her hands.

“Did you get drunk? Here, I’ll help you.” (Yuuri)

Yuuri slowly rubbed my back, showing concern.

“Don’t push yourself too hard. If you need it, I have some medicine that I mixed before. Here, take it.” (Lucika)

Lucika proceeded to take out some water and a mixture of medicine.

Each of them had their unique charm, and after spending three years together with them, I never got tired of it. They are all wonderful girls I want to be with forever.

If you ask me how I feel now, the answer is clear.

The only option was to accept them.

Is there a man who wouldn’t be moved by their passionate confessions?

I also had to show my resolve.

“No, I’m okay….Um, can everyone come with me?” (Jin)

With that, the three of them obediently followed without a single complaint or question.

We retreated from the celebration venue and went back to my room.

I gestured for them to sit, and they all took a seat on the bed.

“So? What did you call us here for, Jin?” (Lucika)

Lucika was the one to start the conversation.

She probably had a sense of what was going on. Before I fainted last night, I had told her that it was all a misunderstanding.

…Now that it’s come this far, I have to make up my mind.

Just like the day I resolved myself to go on a journey with Reki and to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

I slapped my cheeks and took a deep breath to prepare myself.

“First, I want to apologize for something… The words of my proposal from before, was not done with romantic intentions.” (Jin)

As I said that, Yuuri had a bewildered expression on her face.

“As for Reki… I just remembered. The promise you were talking about before I was banished was about the marriage proposal I made a long time ago, wasn’t it…? I’m sorry. At that time, I mentioned that without knowing how important it was to Reki.” (Jin)

Reki showed a similar reaction to Yuuri.

Is this anger? Or perhaps sadness?

I was prepared to get scolded, but I wanted to at least convey my own feelings properly.

“But after the subjugation and the various interactions between us, I started to see all three of you as women… I’ve been thinking about how wonderful it would be if we could sit around the dining table, laugh together, share memories, and spend the rest of our lives together as a party…!” (Jin)

I pressed my forehead against the floor, trying to convey my sincerity as much as possible.

“I will definitely make all of you happy…! Reki, Yuuri, and Lucika are all so important to me that I I can’t really choose one of the other! So, if you’re okay with me being like this… please, marry me!!” (Jin)

I said it…

I had been receiving their love for a long time, but I hadn’t been able to respond properly to them at all.

Perhaps they would have silently forgiven me and we could go through with the wedding without needing to address it.

But that would be a cowardly way out. It would be the same as neglecting Reki’s, Yuuri’s, and Lucika’s feelings.

So, that’s why I took action to convey my feelings to the three of them properly.


After shouting, the silence that followed felt even heavier.

Breaking the heavy atmosphere, laughter burst forth from the three of them, as if they couldn’t contain it any longer.

…Huh? What’s going on?

“W-Why are you all laughing? I did something terrible…” (Jin)

“Ahaha, sorry! It’s just that, Jin-san, you were so serious.” (Yuuri)

“I’ve already had a feeling that that was the case for a long time. Don’t underestimate my ten years of loving Jin.” (Reki)

Reki got off the bed, knelt down, and playfully poked my forehead with her finger.

“…Indeed, forgetting the promise was bad. I’m deducting points for that.” (Reki)

“Ugh… I’m ashamed of myself.” (Jin)

“…But even with that taken into account, Jin is still at a perfect 100 in my book. The ‘love’  that has been developing for so long can’t be changed this easily.” (Reki)

Reki hugged my head tightly with a smile.

“Back then, when it was decided that I would leave this village, hearing you say you’d come with me made me so happy. You’re who’s been warming my heart all this time, Jin.” (Reki)

“Same here. Jin-san, your words pulled my heart out from the depths of the sea. That fact remains unchanged.”(Yuuri)

Not just Reki, but Yuuri also wore a smile befitting a saint and gently stroked my head.

“My answer has been decided ever since the day I fell in love with you.” (Lucika)

Finally, Lucika lifted my face upwards as I tried to hide my face in embarrassment.

“Let’s get married.” (All 3)

“…Thank you… Thank you…!” (Jin)

Thank you… for accepting me as I am.

From now on, I vow to live my life for these girls who love me.

With tears in my eyes, I continued to say “thank you” to their smiling responses.

“Jin… your tears have soaked my clothes.” (Reki)

“S-Sorry…! I’ll buy you new ones…!” (Jin)

“Hehe. This is the first time I’ve seen Jin-san cry.” (Yuuri)

“Jin was always the one who never complained no matter how tough a situation was. Letting us see this side of you is also proof of love, isn’t it?” (Lucika)

“…It’s normal for people to get moved and cry.” (Jin)

“Oh, you’re sulking. That’s rare.” (Reki)

“Hahaha. If we tease you any further, you’ll sulk even more, so shall we change the subject?” (Lucika)

The mature Lucika provided some much-needed follow-up.

Yuuri, who was sensitive to other people’s emotions, joined in on the sentiment as well.

“But seriously, we’re going to have a wedding at the royal castle! I actually always wanted to do that!” (Yuuri)

“I never thought I would be wearing a Shiromuku2… The folks back in my hometown will be shocked to hear this.” (Lucika)

“Hah… I always wanted to marry Jin.” (Reki)

“Haha, I’m starting to look forward to it more and more.” (Jin)

Being blessed by many while walking down the aisle set up in the royal castle. I could see it happening.

Although… I’ve never worn a suit before, so I hope it suits me.

I should probably make sure to stay in shape until then.

It seems like everyone is choosing their own outfits, looks like this will be quite a grand wedding.

By the way…

“What about the order of our entrance? There aren’t any specific procedures, so I think we can decide it freely…” (Jin)

As I tried to think of who should walk beside me, I accidentally let my thoughts slip.

In response, everyone chuckled and let out smiles.

“Jin, you make some interesting jokes.” (Reki)

“With all your accomplishments, there’s only one choice, right?” (Yuuri)

“That’s right, Jin. On such an occasion, there’s no need to think so hard about this. After all…” (Lucika)

“It’s obviously me.” (Reki)

“It’s obviously me.” (Yuuri)

“It’s obviously me, isn’t it?” (Lucika)

“……….” (All 3)

“………. Ha?” (All 3)

I see… When girls have something they won’t compromise on, they make such scary faces.

With a newfound understanding, I jumped in between the three of them, who were ready to fight, fully prepared to get beaten up in order to stop the quarrel.

◇ With this, Volume One is complete!!

It may seem like the end, but we will continue with Volume Two. There might even be interludes along the way.◇

Illustration of the argument

I see… When girls have something they won’t compromise on, they make such scary faces.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Looks like the wedding wasn’t in this chapter, but I think there is one since the LN illustrations say so. Unless it’s LN exclusive, in which case it would be very stupid.

This chapter was mostly dialogue so I had trouble figuring out who was talking. I might have put down some incorrect speaker tags and not noticed it.

Edit: I’m currently outside and it just hit me that one of the illustrations was supposed to be in this chapter I think. I can’t insert it in since I don’t have my laptop with me, but it’s that illustration of them looking at each other menacingly.


  1. Since he became a noble, he is granted the Baron title.
  2. Originally worn at weddings in samurai families, the shiromuku has become one type of wedding kimono worn by brides in Japan. Basically, it looks something like this but the design varies. Unless I’m wrong and that isn’t actually one.
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