MPFM – Chapter 12 – Unseen Love Rivals [Side: Lucika]

“Hehe, you’re so cute, Jin.” (Yuuri)

Yuuri gently strokes Jin’s hair as he sleeps on the bed.

His body is wrapped in bandages, but he should be fine.

He just got a little injured in the crossfire.

After we healed him, Reki, who wasn’t adept in healing magic, wanted to help out in some way so she ended up wrapping Jin’s entire body with bandages except for his face.

The brave soul who risked his life to stop our fight was now peacefully sleeping.

“Ah, you’re usually so dignified, but when you’re asleep, you look like a child.” (Lucika)

“Yes, really childlike… like a child…” (Yuuri)

“Hm? Is something wrong?” (Lucika)

“I suddenly feel a surge of maternal instinct. Should I breastfeed him?” (Yuuri)

“Are you in heat all year round or something?” (Lucika)

If ten people were asked, they would all say that Yuuri’s appearance is that of a delicate and lovely young lady.

From the tips of her hair to her clear eyes, she is beautiful, everything about her is beautiful and captivating, even compared to other women.

However, when she opens her mouth, stuff like this comes out.

I would really like to know what the goddess was thinking when bestowing Yuuri the [Saint] blessing.

“Don’t worry. It’s only exclusively for Jin.” (Yuuri)

“Could you stop being in heat all year round? We’ve been together with Jin for three years, you know.” (Lucika)

“Well, I suppose I’ll save this overflowing maternal instinct for our baby play…” (Yuuri)

“Go back to the church and get yourself purified, you rut1.” (Lucika)


I let out some vulgar words without thinking.

I need to be more careful about this when around Jin. Otherwise, he might pull back.

“Uh. What were you two talking about?” (Reki)

As Yuuri and I were engaged in a verbal battle, Reki, who had gone to pick flowers2, returned.

“Oh, we were just talking about how Yuuri’s a bit of a pervert.” (Lucika)

“Ah, so it’s about that.” (Reki)

“Ah! Reki-chan, you’re actually on her side, aren’t you?” (Yuuri)

Yuuri pouts as if offended.

It’s too late to try and act cute now.

Besides, there’s no point in acting cute when Jin doesn’t even see it.

*Sigh* Well, it can’t be helped. After all, I’ve been forced to listen to all of the adults’ bizarre and intense acts for a long time. It’s only natural that my preferences have become a bit twisted.” (Yuuri)

“Even if you tell it like some sad origin story of a monster…” (Reki)

“It doesn’t affect me at all.” (Lucika)

Mouu! You people are awful! I guess I’ll just have Jin comfort me…!” (Yuuri)

“I won’t allow that.” (Reki)

Going with the flow, Reki grabs Yuuri by the nape of her neck as she tries to hug Jin, and places her down in a nearby seat.

Even Yuuri can’t resist her incredible strength.

Yuuri glared resentfully at her while coughing and holding her throat.

“Isn’t it fine if it’s just a little bit?” (Yuuri)

“No, not even a little bit is allowed.” (Reki)

Yadayadayadayada3!” (Yuuri)

“Yuuri wasn’t such a strange girl when she joined the party, right?” (Lucika)

“…That’s right, we’ve been corrupted by Jin-san.” (Yuuri)

“You sure changed your mood fast… but I understand what you mean.” (Lucika)

Right when I was about to give up, meeting Jin single-handedly reignited my desire for marriage. And now, I was about to achieve my goal of getting married.

I felt a sense of fulfillment every day as I was able to continue spending more time with Jin.

In other words, just by being here, he managed to change the lives of three people.

“I sometimes couldn’t help but think… there must have been other women who have been charmed by him.” (Lucika)

“Let’s see… we traveled partway with Floria the dragonkin, Rutie the beastkin. Plus… there’s also Lilishna, the Undead.” (Yuuri)

“…Come to think of it, it’s quite bizarre that he managed to sway Lilishna, one of the Demon King’s top brass.” (Reki)

“Jin-san has a natural charisma, after all. I think it works on men as well as women.” (Yuuri)

“…Men huh? You mean that troublesome guy.” (Reki)

They were probably thinking of the same person as me.

“Moreover, he’s so close to Jin-san that it’s hard to separate them.” (Yuuri)

“Well, he’s not a bad guy…” (Lucika)

“It’s just that he’s likely to oppose our marriage…” (Reki)

“Hahaha. I can easily imagine that.” (Lucika)

“If it comes to that, I’ll make him shut up with my fists, so you can rest assured.” (Reki)

“Reki-chan, that will cause a lot of problems. You can’t do that okay?” (Yuuri)

I can only agree with Yuuri’s words. I wonder how many times she’s resorted to violence in the past.

If she wasn’t the “Hero”, I think she would have been executed.

And yet, he holds an incredibly important position over there.

“…Anyway, when the news of the Demon King’s defeat spreads, they’ll each visit us under various pretexts, like celebrations.” (Lucika)

“They all hold prominent positions, so there’s no doubt that they will come looking for us.” (Yuuri)

“Which means, they’ll also try to get in touch with Jin.” (Reki)

“…But we can’t let them disrupt the wedding.” (Lucika)

“We’ll definitely protect it.” (Reki)

“That’s right, Jin-san’s first time belongs to us.” (Yuuri)

“…” (Reki & Lucika)

“I’m talking about the first wedding, you know? Whoever Jin-san accepts, we won’t stop each other from becoming his wife later on. And, could you please refrain from looking at me like that?” (Yuuri)

In the end, after a moment of hesitation, we both nodded, as if confirming our shared determination.

Having strengthened our bond, we both happily crawled into Jin’s bed.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So there are three other girls out there, and also a man apparently. My guess is that they are just gonna be side characters, or at least for now since vol 1 of the LN is focusing on the current trio.

Once again, dialogues are all over the place so I don’t really know who’s talking and have to make guesses.


  1. Rut means an annual period of sexual activity in deer and some other mammals, during which the males fight each other for access to the females. I probably didn’t use this word correctly…?
  2. Picking flowers means using the toilet, I think.
  3. I don’t really know how to translate this. Basically, she’s whining.
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