MPFM – Chapter 13 – Even if our relationship changes, everyone is still the same inside

Last night, I confessed my feelings to everyone and learned of their true feelings.

As morning broke, we gathered around the dining table and were having breakfast.

Mom and Dad had already finished their meal and gone back to sleep.

Since we were the only ones here, I decided to bring up a topic I believe we need to discuss eventually.

“I’m thinking of building our own house here to live.” (Jin)

Upon hearing that, the gazes of the three of them turned toward me.

Reki, after casually licking jam from the corner of her mouth, expressed a simple opinion.

“Why? I’m fine the way things are.” (Reki)

“Because I’m embarrassed that our parents might see us sleeping together!” (Jin)

I couldn’t help but slam my hand on the table.

Yes, it happened again.

My mother caught us cuddling together in bed last night.

And for some reason, Reki, Yuuri, and Lucika were all half-undressed!

Why!? You guys didn’t have such messy sleeping habits before.

It’s embarrassing to be caught by our parents and see them smirking…!

“Wait, when did you guys even sneak into the bed in the first place?”

“Yuuri invited me.” (Reki)

“What!? You betrayed me, Reki-chan! We all climbed into bed together, didn’t we? You’re guilty by association! Guilty!” (Yuuri)

“So you admit that you did it…” (Jin)

“Both of you, be quiet. Making too much noise will be a nuisance.” (Lucika)

“While you’re trying to calm them down, isn’t Lucika part of this too?” (Jin)

It seems like the three of them aren’t feeling remorse at all.

…Well, that’s fine. I’m more than happy to be surrounded by these girls when we sleep.

The real issue is doing this with my parents around.

“So, anyways, that’s the plan. Starting today, let’s build a home for us to live in.” (Jin)

“Of course, I don’t mind. Shall I draw up some simple blueprints?” (Yuuri)

“In the future, we’ll need a love nest. I’ll help too.” (Reki)

“That’s right. We’ll want a children’s room in the future.” (Lucika)

“I’m starting to get scared leaving it all to you three…” (Jin)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any knowledge of architectural design. To be honest, I didn’t think we needed anything fancy. I believed that as long as it didn’t cause any problems in our daily life, it would be fine…

However, since they are so enthusiastic about it, it’s probably best not to interfere. After all, our marriage is already a done deal, and it’s a husband’s duty to be considerate and accept his wife no matter what.

“Well, we could also have a room dedicated to these kinds of plays… Ah, I’m sorry, I started drooling.” (Yuuri)

“Then, maybe we can make the bathtub big enough to fit all of us… Oh, I’m starting to feel a bit hot…” (Lucika)

Yes… no matter what…!!

“Jin, why are you biting your lip?” (Reki)

“Oh, I’m just battling some inner conflict.” (Jin)

“I see… Thanks for the meal.” (Reki)

“Are you done eating already?” (Jin)

“Yeah. But more importantly, I’ve got something I want to do. I’m going to the forest for a bit.” (Reki)

“I see. Be careful.” (Jin)

“It’s fine. The monsters are the ones who should be running away.” (Reki)

That’s true.

Even monsters can understand the difference in skill.

If they were to feel the aura surrounding Reki, the battle-hardened warrior who defeated the Demon King, they’d probably tuck their tails and run home immediately.

“I’m heading out.” (Reki)

“Take care.” (Jin)

Reki left the house, swinging her arms energetically.

Just as I was thinking she seemed really determined, a loud *thud* echoed through the surroundings.

Slightly delayed, the ground trembled as well.

There was only one conclusion to be drawn.

“…Yeah, let’s just pretend we didn’t hear anything.” (Jin)

I closed off my thoughts, seeking to escape reality.

But joining Yuuri and Lucika in their conversation didn’t seem right either.

“I… sometimes can’t help but think… I want to be a chair. Because he’s usually so kind, I want to see Jin-san sit on me with a disgusted look.” (Yuuri)

“Is that where you’re into, Yuuri? I, on the other hand, want to be spoiled by Jin…” (Lucika)

…I really wanted to avoid their conversation.

Why on earth has the topic shifted from building a house to this… erotic discussion?


…Yuuri and Lucika are quite mischievous, aren’t they?

I guess they’re really looking forward to a married life.

I’m starting to catch a glimpse of their true selves that I didn’t see during our journey thus far, and it honestly makes me a little happy.

I have to think this way, or I cope with it.

…It’s okay. I’ll accept them properly.

No matter how unique their preferences are, I’ll respect them as my partners in marriage.

To get some breathing space, I fled to the garden.

“…Yeah, the air out here is good.” (Jin)

For now, please let me rest just a bit.

“Strange… This isn’t how I imaged a newlywed life to be…” (Jin)

Idk why this illustration was placed here

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Man, their future house already seems quite crazy. A bathtub that can fit 4 people? Might as well just make an entire sauna. An entire room dedicated to *ahem* those kind of plays? They really going crazy with the design.


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whelp too late now jin you’re in for long term so best get used to it


Most protagonists are like that too. Well, a harem life is not as easy as people imagine. Just do your best.


Just 3 waifu can cause mc quite a problems, imagine mc with more than 5, definitely chaos🤣