MPFM – Chapter 14 – A happy time that passes sweetly

Escaping from the chaos at home, I was leisurely drinking tea outside until Reki returned.

“I’m back.” (Reki)

“Welcome back, Reki. You seem quite enthusiastic.” (Jin)

“Yeah, it was fun.” (Reki)

“I see, I see. So, what happened to the ‘Holy Sword’ you’re carrying on your shoulder? Were you fighting some monster?” (Jin)

“Nah, I used it to chop wood. It cuts really smoothly, so it’s handy.” (Reki)

While saying that, Reki used the “Holy Sword” to mimic the motion of cutting wood with a saw.

The “Holy Sword” probably didn’t expect to be used as a saw.

A legendary weapon that defeated the Demon King is now being treated as a tool…

I can’t help but feel that its radiance is somewhat dimmer than usual. Did it hurt the pride of the “Holy Sword”? Are you okay?

“Please stop using the ‘Holy Sword’ like that from now on.” (Jin)

“Aww.” (Reki)

“No ‘aww,’ please. It’s not respectful to the ‘Holy Sword,’ you know.” (Jin)

“…If Jin says so, then I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll cut it with my hands next time.” (Reki)

Couldn’t you just use a normal tool?

Well, in Reki’s case, that method might be more convenient.

It’s not good to deny her personality and way of doing things.

While I’d prefer her not to swing the “Holy Sword” around in her daily life, I can always cover for her if something happens.

“Hey, Reki, would you like to have a drink too? You’ve worked hard, so come take a break.” (Jin)

“Yeah, thanks.” (Reki)

I poured the freshly brewed tea into a cup and handed it to her.

She then came towards me and sat down comfortably between my legs.

“…Ahh. It’s delicious.” (Reki)

“I’m glad to hear that.” (Jin)

“Yeah… I’ve been looking forward to spending time with you like this.” (Reki)

Leaning against me, Reki gently fluttered her slender legs up and down.

Her previously tense expression seemed to have melted away, and she appeared fully relaxed.

“Yeah… It feels like I’ve gone back to my childhood.” (Reki)

Listening to the chirping of birds, occasionally feeling the breeze on our skin, and basking in the pleasant sunlight.

When I stroked her head, she pushed back against my hand.

A soft and fluffy sensation in the palm of my hand.

“Jin, please tie my hair.” (Reki)

“Haha, you’re quite spoiled today, aren’t you?” (Jin)

“I’ve been working really hard all this time. From now on, I want to spend my time as ‘Reki,’ not as the ‘Hero’.” (Reki)

As I listened to her determination, I began to undo her golden hair with my fingers.

…This beautiful hair will never be tainted with blood again.

I pray that this time will never be taken from us for all eternity.

With that wish in mind, I started braiding the strands.

Reki swayed her body gently, waiting for me to finish.

“…Alright, Reki, look this way.” (Jin)

“Mmm.” (Reki)

“…Yep, you look even cuter.” (Jin)

“Jin, that’s wrong.” (Reki)

Reki clicked her tongue lightly and wagged her index finger.

“I was originally cute. So, it’s more accurate to say that I became the ‘cutest in the world’.” (Reki)

With that, she smirked, and I couldn’t help but break into a wide grin.

“Sorry, sorry, I was wrong. Reki, you’re the cutest in the world.” (Jin)

“‘You’re the girl I like’ works too.” (Reki)

“Do you really dislike how I said it?” (Jin)

“…Mmm. Jin, you have no sense of humor.” (Reki)

“Yes, yes, come on stop puffing up your cheeks.” (Jin)

As I pinched her cheeks with my hands, her puffy cheeks deflated with a little sound.

As we continued to gaze at each other, I made a funny face, causing her shoulders to shake with laughter.

“Pfft… No… That’s cheating. You look really dumb…” (Reki)

“Haha, how bad is it?” (Jin)

“About as bad as the expression the Demon King had just before dying.” (Reki)

“I promise I won’t make a funny face again.” (Jin)

Wait, was Reki feeling that way when she was trying to defeat the Demon King…?

Well, she’s always so carefree and true to herself so that isn’t the weirdest thing I guess.

Yoisho.” (Reki)

Reki changed her position to face me, then sat on my lap and hugged me.

Her chest, which didn’t seem quite fitting for her small body, was distorted in shape and pressed against me.

…In the past, I might have pulled away.

But now, feeling the impact of our changed relationship, I placed my hands on her waist, strong enough not to lose to Reki.

…It’s warm.

With zero distance between us, I could even almost hear the heartbeat of Reki. 

“Mmm… I’ve decided. From now on, giving you a tight hug after tying my hair is going to be a daily routine.” (Reki)

“That’s a surprisingly gentle request coming from you, Reki.” (Jin)

“…Every day in the morning and at night, I want to hug you. I know I’m being selfish but…” (Reki)

“That’s perfectly fine. There’s no need to hold back. …Besides, I want to be with you like this too, Reki.” (Jin)

“Jin, you’re being surprisingly assertive. That’s unusual.” (Reki)

“Do you not like me like this?” (Jin)

“No, not at all. I love every side of you. …Right now, I’m happy.” (Reki)

As if overwhelmed by the shyness, Reki buried her face in my chest.

She had been rubbing her forehead against me, but her movements suddenly came to a halt.

“…Jin too.” (Reki)

“Me?” (Jin)

“…Jin, who can marry the cutest me in the world, is a lucky person.” (Reki)

“…You’re right, just as Reki says. There’s no doubt about it.” (Jin)

“…Satisfied.” (Reki)

With a smile, Reki nodded and resumed her rubbing.

◇ Meanwhile, the two other are discussing things in secret? ◇

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Damn go and get a room you two! Also is it really a good idea to let those two go crazy with the housing?


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Is it a good idea? No.
Is it safe to stop them? Also no.

Impasse detected.


moment weddign done best be prepared jin cause you know what they say “in for a penny in for a pound those waifu’s wanna go another round” lol


Wao, it was too sweet.