MPFM – Chapter 15 – Who’s the cutting board!!

“Stop! That’s far enough desu! I knew that I sensed something off! Aren’t you two having lots of fun?” (Yuuri)

“No stealing a march on us!” (Lucika)

Yuuri and Lucika start causing a commotion as soon as they burst out of the house.

There’s no trace of the “Saint” or “Sage” left to be seen as they continued shouting like children.

“…Even though, it was such a good atmosphere, we got interrupted.” (Reki)

Reki frowned with a look of dissatisfaction.

And rightfully so. Anyone would want to voice a complaint when their peaceful time was suddenly interrupted.

“You’re guilty of stealing a march on us…! Guilty desu!” (Yuuri)

“Yeah, yeah, calm down. But, wasn’t it the two of you who got so engrossed in your activities that this all started?” (Reki)

“Ugh… Well, that’s true…” (Yuuri)

“So, did you make any progress with your discussion?” (Jin)

“Yes! We’ve concluded that the best and ideal lifestyle involves being embraced by Jin-san while he whispers sweet nothings in your ear every day!” (Yuuri)

“You two are the guilty ones here.” (Jin)

I responded with a slightly bewildered tone.

I had thought that Yuuri would have more ladylike qualities, but she’s been quite carefree lately.

Now that I think about it, her ladylike qualities might be the result of the expectations placed on her as the “Saint” and now the suppressed desires within her started to overflow.

No, no, if I were to be disillusioned1 by this, I’d be no different from those who judge based on appearances.

…Accepting her true self is what being a husband is all about.

And the thought that she’s showing me a side that she doesn’t show to anyone else is kind of cute… probably.

“But, Jin-san, you wouldn’t just abandon me for being like this, would you?” (Yuuri)

“…If I were to dislike you for something like this, I wouldn’t have proposed in the first place.” (Jin)

“I love you, Jin-san!” (Yuuri)

“No. I won’t allow it.” (Reki)

Yuuri, who attempted to shower me with kisses, found herself blocked by Reki’s hand.

Her quick hand movements were so skillful that Lucika even applauded with a clap.

“It looks like Reki’s martial skills are still unmatched.” (Lucika)

“Of course. I can even make Jin whimper.” (Reki)

“Hey, Reki. Don’t say things like Yuuri.” (Jin)

“Huh? Is my name being used as an insult?” (Yuuri)

Up until now, I would usually hold back on making these kinds of comments, but now that the distance between us had shrunk, I decided to be a bit more assertive.

“So, [Women of Lust]-sama.” (Lucika)

“Lucika-san? The Holy Church is going to be angry at you, you know?” (Yuuri)

“I think the one who they would be angry at would be the women they worshipped so much who turned out to have such filthy desires..” (Lucika)

“That might even lead to a riot.” (Reki)

“Don’t worry. I plan to retire when we get married, so there won’t be any exposure.” (Yuuri)

Yuuri clasped her hands and gave a small, reassuring smile.

It was relieving to see that she had at least had some common sense left.

Looks like I’m in for quite the ride with the shitstorm (marriage reveal) that’s about to happen soon. Well, it can’t be helped. It’s something I have to accept as her husband.

“…And we’ve gone off-topic again. Yuuri, show Jin the blueprints.” (Lucika)

“That’s right! Putting aside our explicit discussion, we’ve properly completed the blueprinted.” (Yuuri)

Saying this, Yuri unfolded a piece of paper with the layout drawn on it.

…It’s even larger than I imagined. Why are there ten children’s rooms? Isn’t that a bit too much?

“The area around here is rich in wood, so I think we can make something as amazing as this.” (Yuuri)

“Yeah, that’s fine, but… we might not have enough manpower…” (Jin)

“No need to worry about that. This should take care of it.” (Lucika)

In Lucika’s palm were eight black bone fragments rolling around. 

She clapped her hands together, then twisted and crushed the bones as they fell to the ground like tiny, crumbling fragments.

“[Summoning: Bone Dragon Undead Dragooner]” (Lucika)

A magic circle expanded on the ground, and the bones grew, transforming into eight Bone Dragon Undead Dragooners.

Originally, these creatures would be something to hunt, but as Lucika summoned them through the black bone fragments, they were under her control.

All of them lined up, and with one knee on the ground, turned toward their master, Lucika.

“Bone Dragons don’t feel fatigued, and they have the intelligence to understand detailed instructions. They’re perfect for this kind of heavy lifting work.” (Lucika)

“Yeah, that’s a great help. Thanks, Lucika.” (Jin)

“Hehe, it’s the duty of a good wife to support her husband. Don’t worry about it.” (Lucika)

“…I’m here too. I’ll make sure to be a good wife and mother.” (Reki)

“If that’s the case, so do I. We’ve been joking around until now, but I’ll work diligently as well!” (Yuuri)

Reki and Yuuri tugged at my sleeves, eager and determined. Of course, I was just as motivated.

“All right, with that decided, let’s start assembling—” (Jin)


A particularly loud noise caused everyone’s gaze to shift to one spot.

As she was being watched, she awkwardly placed both hands on her belly.

“…In order for me to give it my all, Jin should start by preparing a meal.” (Reki)

“Haha. I’ll be sure to put extra effort into it.” (Jin)

“I’ll help too! Let’s make something delicious so we have enough energy to work later.” (Yuuri)

“Come to think of it, the weather is quite nice outside, so how about we eat out here?” (Lucika)

“In that case, Yuuri and I will handle the cooking. Reki, Lucika, can you set up the tables and stuff?” (Jin)

With that, everyone began working on their respective tasks.

The division of labor was similar to when we were on our journey, so everyone went about their work quite efficiently.

“Yuuri, could you do me a favor and get the cutting board? I think it’s drying outside.” (Jin)

“Sure! Let’s see, cutting board, cutting board, cutting… Ah, Lucika-san~!” (Yuuri)

“Wait. Why did you call my name? Care to tell me the reason?” (Lucika)

“I didn’t have any ulterior motives, really! It’s just that there was a full set of washed cooking utensils near you…” (Yuuri)

“…Well, fine.” (Lucika)

“Thank you, Cutting Board-san.” (Yuuri)

“It was intentional after all!!” (Lucika)

I could hear such a tsukkomi2 from afar.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I knew it was intentional! There is no way she would miss such an opportunity. 

This chapter took longer than anticipated to translate. It had a bunch of weird sentences that didn’t make sense to me and thus, the weird translation.


  1. Disillusioned means disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.
  2. You expect a definition but idk how to explain this. It’s like a comedy act or something.
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Thanks for the chapter!

Cutting board-san LOL
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gonna be rough life jin


thanks for the chapter!
btw, tsukkomi & boke routine, aka manzai, is the Japanese equivalent of straight man & funny guy comedy act


Good one! However, there is no right or wrong in that area. I believe that big stands for dreams and hope, and stands flat for justice.