MPFM – Chapter 17 – Right. I forgot that you were called by the king.

“Mffpmm” (Reki)

After the rest of us finished our meal, we sat around and watched Reki as she continued eating. 

“Hmm~ Can Reki really eat that much and still move around? We’re going to exercise right after this, you know?” (Lucika)

“Not a problem. I digest food pretty quickly.” (Reki)

“That’s true. I guess I was worried for nothing.” (Lucika)

While laughing, Lucika takes a sip of the tea she brewed.

“By the way, Jin. There’s something I need to tell you.” (Lucika)

“Hm? Did something happen?” (Jin)

“Well, the king actually sent a message asking you to come and see him. He really wants to meet you. Yesterday, I was preoccupied with various things and completely forgot.” (Lucika)

“The king? Specifically, me?” (Jin)

“Well, considering that Jin was part of the Hero’s Party, it’s not strange, is it? Besides, the king was quite fond of you.” (Lucika)

“Indeed… It was thanks to the king that Jin-san was able to stay with us until the end.” (Yuuri)

“I’m really grateful for that.” (Jin)

“I’ve heard that the king pushed through the opposition, saying, ‘Jin is necessary for that party.’ Looking back, it was quite a bold decision.” (Reki)

“The king seemed to understand perfectly who was the central figure in this party. He truly lives up to being called the ‘Wise King’.” (Lucika)

Certainly, it seems like the king valued the relationship between me and Reki from the very beginning.

That being said, I haven’t really done anything to win the king’s favor…

I sent him herbs I obtained during our journey to help him relax from the fatigue of his duties, compiled reports on monster subjugation because I knew his work was tough, and even engaged in games during our wait at the royal palace under the guise of taking a breather.

“So, it seems that the king wants to show his appreciation. Come on Jin, I’ll use [Transfer] so we can head over to the royal palace now.” (Lucika)

“Hold on a second..” (Yuuri)

Yuuri puts a stop to Lucika’s idea.

I knew it. As soon as Lucika brought it up, I knew it would lead to an argument.

I have witnessed this kind of exchange between the three of them several times in the past few days.

I even physically felt it when they were fighting with magic.

In Yuuri’s mind, I’m sure she imagined some intense, peach-colored fantasy happening1 between me and Lucika.

It’s nice of her to be thinking about me so much, but she really doesn’t need to worry.

“If that’s the case, I’m coming too.” (Yuuri)

“Oh? Didn’t you leave the report to me and Reki last time? Could it be that I remembered it wrong?” (Lucika)

“W-Well, that was to take care of Jin-san… A-And the king must want to see me too!” (Yuuri)

“No, he never mentioned Yuuri at all.” (Lucika)

“…That beard-face guy…” (Yuuri)

She’s probably the only one who can freely throw such insults about the king. With that thought, I quickly finished my cup of tea.

Alright! It’s my duty as a husband to diffuse this situation.

For the sake of the future, let me lend a hand.

“Yuuri, I need you to stay here this time. If you’re not around, who will give Reki instructions on how to build the house?” (Jin)

“I’m absolutely confident it would become a total mess. I have that much faith in myself.” (Reki)

With a beaming face, Reiki gives a thumbs-up.

When it comes to fighting, Reki undoubtedly excelled at it. However, her cognitive2 abilities take a fatal hit in anything else.

That’s just a side effect of being from a rural area and spending her days devoted to defeating the Demon King.

Knowing that, Yuuri couldn’t argue back.

If I give it one more push, she’ll probably understand and back down.

“Besides, waiting here could create a chance for Yuuri.” (Jin)

“A chance… you say?” (Yuuri)

“Yeah, if you wait here, you can play the role of a newlywed wife welcoming her husband back.” (Jin)

“Be careful on the way out, Lucika-san. Jin-san, make sure to come back early, okay?” (Yuuri)

“Are you already getting into character!?” (Lucika)

Even Lucika was frightened by the fast transition.

As expected of someone who always wears a mask3.

“Reki-chan, let’s wait together~” (Yuuri)

“I wasn’t against it from the beginning. Don’t act like I’m your accomplice.” (Reki)

“Ahh, that’s harsh! We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we?” (Yuuri)

“Don’t press your chest against me… I can’t breathe…” (Reki)

Yuuri hugged Reki, pressing her face against her chest and rubbing it.

It’s amusing to see Reki genuinely looking uncomfortable.

It’s a situation that every man in the world wishes for at least once… I can’t help but feel envious.

“…Pu~ha!” (Reki)

“Hyan!? ” (Yuuri)

Having successfully escaped by grabbing her chest, Reki gave us a thumbs-up.

“Leave everything here to us. We’ll build a house that will surprise you when you come back.” (Reki)

“And Lucika-san has even prepared the Bone Dragons for us. We’ll be fine.” (Reki)

“Got it. We’ll also bring back some souvenirs with us. Maybe we can stock up on new ingredients too.” (Jin)

“Yeah. I look forward to it.” (Reki)

“Ah, that’s not fair. Jin-san, me too!” (Yuuri)

“…C-can I join in too?” (Lucika)

As I ruffled Reki’s head, both of them leaned their heads towards me for me to pat.

Their actions were so cute that my cheeks naturally loosened into a smile.

And so, Lucika and I went to the royal palace, while Yuuri and Reki began building our home.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Looks like MC is already getting used to handling the girls. Can’t wait to see what those 2 will build within this time frame lol.

Yeh I know, my posting schedule is trash. Well, I’m about to catch up with the author on my other ongoing series in like 1-2 weeks, so I can post more frequently on this series afterwards. 

Also, feel free to tell me if your experiencing weird website glitches, like having your scrolling get messed up.


  1.  I think this means naughty stuff.
  2. Cognitive means relating to the mental process involved in knowing, learning, and understanding things.
  3. Wearing a mask means that she is hiding her true colors.
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