MPFM – Chapter 18 – Being princess carried is her dream

“We’re here Jin. You can open your eyes now.” (Lucika)

As I opened my eyes, the scenery before me had completely changed from my hometown overflowing with nature’s greenery to a sophisticated and glamorous city.

“How do you feel?” (Lucika)

“No dizziness and no other issues. Lucika’s magic is top-notch as always, so there’s nothing to worry about.” (Jin)

Fufu, I’m honored to receive your praise.” (Lucika)

Being subjected to transfer magic can have various side effects on the user such as deterioration of health.

These side effects are affected by a variety of factors. Carefully woven magic circles. Adjustment of the amount of magic used.

I’ve been traveling for a long time now, but I have yet to come across a mage more skilled than Lucika.

And this is without any bias.

“Well then, shall we go, danna-sama1? With these robes, no one will be able to tell that we’re from the hero party, so you can rest easy.” (Lucika)

With that, Lucika took my hand, and we walked along the road leading to the royal castle.

Naturally, the capital was bustling with activity, and the streets were crowded with people.

However, the people around us passed by as if we didn’t exist.

Of course, this was all thanks to Lucika.

We were wearing a magic robe imbued with the spell [Recognition Inhibition (Shadow)2].

By simply putting it on, our presence became nonexistent and seemingly invisible to those around us.

A first-class creation crafted by the [Sage] Lucika.

Lucika’s craftsmanship was of such high quality that if this were to be put up for auction, countries from all over the world would likely spend a fortune to obtain it. I couldn’t express my gratitude to Lucika enough for letting us have something so invaluable.

“…? Is there something on my face?” (Lucika)

“No, Lucika, your face is as beautiful as ever.” (Jin)

No matter how close we were, personally, I didn’t like accepting someone’s kindness without giving something in return. I believe in expressing gratitude for actions done out of goodwill.

I wondered what I could do to make Lucika happy.

“Well, well… thank you. I see, maybe—” (Lucika)

As she pondered, she led me into a narrow alley and suddenly pushed me against the wall.

“Have you become captivated by me?” (Lucika)

Lucika’s face was so close that I could see each of her long and delicate eyelashes.

Her almond-shaped eyes were beautifully clear, drawing my consciousness towards them.

If I was one step closer, our bodies would likely touch.

It was a prince-like, handsome gesture, like something out of a storybook.

By the way, I knew that Lucika had no real romantic experience, and all these actions were based on her knowledge from novels. So, this kind of act was expected from Lucika.

Come to think of it, she once complained while we were drinking that…

(I enjoy reading love stories because I yearn for that kind of romance.)

… Ah, I just got a good idea.

“You’re so captivated that you’re speechless, huh? Jin, you seem to be quite head over heels for me, aren’t you?” (Lucika)

“What about you, Lucika?” (Jin)

“Huh? What do you mean…” (Lucika)

“How do you feel about me?” (Jin)

“W-What!?” (Lucika)

Taking a cue from the novels she often references, I lifted her chin with my finger.

Suddenly, Lucika’s face turned bright red.

I felt a bit embarrassed doing something so cheesy, but hey, sometimes you’ve got to push through for the sake of being bold.

“Of course, I love you (aishiteru), Lucika. Now it’s your turn to say it, isn’t it?” (Jin)

I suddenly recalled a passage from the romance novel she had lent me during our journey.

If I remember correctly, after this, the next thing to do was to bring my face closer to her ear like this…

“Come on, say it.” (Jin)

“…Hyaahhh.” (Lucika)

Lucica slumped onto the ground, her usually clear and dignified voice now trembling.

“Lucika?! A-Are you okay!?” (Jin)

“…Jin… my knees…” (Lucika)

“Your knees…?” (Jin)

“My knees gave out…” (Lucika)

Was it really that stimulating…?

Anyways, this couldn’t continue like this.

I should use the “Recovery (Healing)” magic or something… Oh, right, I can just do that.

There’s another way to reach the royal castle in this state.

I put my arms around her waist and lifted her up.

Despite Lucika being tall, her slender frame made her weight almost negligible.

*Yotto* Let’s head to the royal castle like this.” (Jin)

“W-What!? But, people will notice, won’t they?” (Lucika)

“It’s okay. The magic robe will keep us hidden. So, let’s continue like this.” (Jin)

“Jin, you’re always teasing me…” (Lucika)

“Hahah, that’s because you give the best reactions, Lucika.” (Jin)

“…Even though you’re younger than me, you’re quite cheeky…” (Lucika)

…My future wife is so cute.

While enjoying Lucika’s immense blushing, I resumed our journey with a smile.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!


I caught up with the author on my other series that I was working on, so in other words… daily chapters from now on.


  1. Danna-sama means husband.
  2. I know it’s just two random words slapped together but here is a ChatGPT response anyways: Recognition inhibition refers to the impairment or difficulty in recognizing stimuli. Author-san why couldn’t you have picked an simpler name >.<
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I am absolutely not jealous in slightest


Wao, Jin used his “Ladykiller Mode”. Making a girl lose the strength of her knees is not easy, as expected from the Harem King.