MPFM – Chapter 19 – Even a king would spoil their adorable grandson (※Not actually grandson)

In order to defeat the archenemy of humanity known as the Demon King, cooperation with the country was essential.

Reki, who possesses the powerful blessing of a [Hero], was originally a normal girl from a rural village so she lacked the necessary fighting skills and didn’t even know how to handle weapons.

This changed when the country stepped in and provided her with a suitable environment to learn and train. Eventually, she was able to become a full-fledged warrior ready to fight on the battlefield.

Of course, that’s not all.

Our weapons and armor which are required for the intense battle against the demon race, as well as the money needed for the journey – the country bears all of the burden.

And the current king, Urwald・Me・On1, was the one who provided them. He can definitely be called a benevolent king.

“We sure owe a lot to Urwald-sama.” (Jin)

The only reason I could accompany Reki as a member of the hero party was that Urwald-sama overrode the opposition.

Urwald-sama definitely understood the amount of burden being placed on a single girl.

Rather than seeing Reki as just the [Hero], he treated her as a girl who happened to receive the blessings of a [Hero] and told me, “She needs you as her emotional support. If you feel that you reached your limit, you’re free to quit. But for now, just walk alongside her.”

It’s because of all these that I felt a great sense of gratitude towards Urwald-sama. To give back to him, I actively offered my assistance around the royal castle whenever I could.

“Indeed, If it weren’t for that king, the demon king subjugation might have been delayed.” (Lucika)

“I still remember when the Rhinegot Empire attempted to defeat the Demon King with help from the [Dragon Knight] and [Great Swordsmen], but they failed.” (Jin)

The Rhinegot Empire originally planned to support the girls for only a year, so they had to defeat the Demon King quickly. 

As a result, by the time they were facing the Demon King’s executives, they were already exhausted without proper rest, thus, they couldn’t fight to their fullest and ended up getting defeated.

Fortunately, we were able to save them and join forces.

After various events, they entrusted us with the task of defeating the Demon King and they soon left the empire to return to their respective hometowns.

“I wonder how [Dragon Knight] Floria-san, and [Great Swordsmen] Rutie-san are doing.” (Jin)

“When our wedding ceremony is over, we should visit them again. I’m sure they’ll be delighted to see us.” (Lucika)

“That would be nice. And I think they would be surprised to learn that we are all getting married.” (Jin)

“They definitely will… in more ways than one.” (Lucika)

In more ways than one? What does that mean?

Before I could ask, Lucika poked my chest with a tsun-tsun2 demeanor and continued speaking.

“B-by the way, Jin? How long do I have to stay like this…?” (Lucika)

“…………” (Jin)

“J-Jin?” (Lucika)

“…What if I told you, I was thinking of showing this off to Urwald-sama?” (Jin)

“T-That, that would be… I might die of embarrassment if we do that…” (Lucika)

Lucika, with her dignified expression melting into happiness, covered her face with her hands and refused to show it at all.

She’s so cute; there’s no need to hide it…

With that, I trespassed through the main gate with Lucika in my arm! …Not!

Out of consideration, there’s actually a special entrance located at the back prepared just for us.

Um, I think it’s around here… Oh, there it is.

“[Limited Unlock: Jin Geist]” (Jin)

While touching a brick on the castle wall that is slightly different in color, I uttered a spell known to only a few people. The space in front of us warped and twisted.

… And what appeared was a small, dark alleyway just big enough for one person to pass through.

It was pitch black to the point where anyone unaware of the circumstances might hesitate to touch it.

“Lucika, we’re going in.” (Jin)

After informing her in my arms, I took a step forward.

As our bodies melded into the darkness, a teleportation magic circle created by Lucika, activated on the floor.

In an instant, our surroundings were engulfed in black and soon gave way to an open space.

That darkness was merely a camouflage to conceal the existence of the magic circle.

The place we teleported to was the heart of the royal castle. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the heart.

After all, it’s the grand hall to have an audience with the king.

A deep crimson carpet, evoking a sense of history, covered the floor, leading to a chair only permitted for the ruler of this country.

And even now, there sat a person wearing a crown decorated with gold, red, and azure gemstones.

“…Welcome, Jin, Lucika.” (Urwald)

His low voice carried enough weight and dignity to make anyone bow their head, and there was no doubt that this person was indeed the king.

WIth his sharp sanpaku eyes3 fixed upon us, the aged figure rose from the throne and approached us calmly, without any sign of haste.

Realizing what might happen next, I gently set Lucika down and stood upright, facing him.

“It’s been a while, Urwald-sama. I, Jin Geist, have returned safely and came to offer my greetings.” (Jin)

“Oh… seriously…” (Urwald)

Urwald-sama placed his strong, warm hand on the head. After a few strokes, he moved down to the waist—

“You’ve finally come back!! I missed you so much, my sweet and adorable grandson!!” (Urwald)

—And he embraced me tightly and firmly.

The dignity from moments ago disappeared, and in its place, a doting grandfather character emerged.

Of course, I’m not actually his grandchild. But this person always refers to me as his “grandson”.

This man is none other than Urwald・Me・On.

“I’ve heard the news~ So, you’re getting married, huh? What kind of house do you want? Don’t hesitate to tell me; I’ll buy anything for you.” (Urwald)

He is the current king of the Meon Kingdom, where we live.

◇ All the characters in this world are kind. There might be a new character introduced in the next installment. ◇

◇ Note: The absence of a “・” in the name is not a typo. ◇

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

LMAO I thought he was going to put Lucika down and walk in normally when he said “…Not!” but he was just looking for the alternative entrance. He princess carried her inside anyways lol.

I don’t remember if I already named any of the countries in previous chapters, so tell me if I did.

Also, I’m not actually sure what that last line in the author’s note is about.

Btw Rutie and Florida are the same beast kin and drsgonkin mentioned in ch 12.


  1. His name is really dumb to translate. It’s Uruvuaruto me on (ウルヴァルト・メ・オーン). I translated it to what you see as I have no idea what I am seeing. If you have a better name, feel free to tell me
  2. Tsun tsun refers to someone who acts cold, blunt, or curt. I guess in this context, this is the cute kind of tsun tsun.
  3. Sanpaku eyes refer to three white dots or spots that are visible in 3 different areas of the eye. It’s honestly hard to notice, so just imagine something like shiny eyes.
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are the dragon knight and greatswordsman also waifu’s that were crushing on him during adventures too? lol


Thanks for the chapter TL. Do you mind if I make a suggestion, on you’re next project?
This novels has been dead for a few years, and a good number wants to see how it ended or continued.
1. Is it tough being a friend.(LN)- this novel has ended in volume 10 and nobody seems to be picking it off, the previous translator, hasn’t updated and many people are waiting for volume 7. it’s quite a good novel and you’ll never get bored reading it again and again but I’m sure it will be a tough project because of the reference’s this novel has.
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There you have it my suggestions, I’ll be happy if you choose either one but if you can’t then I just hope you keep it at the back of you’re mind.


I see, well 1. is a good read so I think you won’t regret number 2 was dropped somewhere before chapter 20, so I think that fits the criteria.

Well I would be happy if you keep it at the back of you’re mind.


I think the tsun tsun in this context is a sound effect for poking something playfully/ curiously.


Wao, Jin is being quite proactive.