MPFM – Chapter 20 – Cuteness can be created

“Urwald-sama? You have a grandchild named Akira right…?” (Jin)

“That’s true, but since Jin is the only one who’s kind to me, Jin is also my grandchild!” (Urwald)

“Hahaha…” (Jin)

*Sigh*…” (Lucika)

My wry smile overlaps with Lucika’s sigh.

It didn’t used to be this bad before, but it looks like his condition has worsened since I haven’t been visiting the royal castle much lately.

Or maybe it’s because Akira didn’t give him much attention…

Anyways, since our conversation isn’t going anywhere, I need to divert Urwald-sama for now.

“Please calm down, Urwald-sama. Let’s return to the throne, okay? I came today to talk about various things.” (Jin)

“Hmph… I guess I have no choice. After all, you’re one of the heroes who saved us.” (Urwald)

“I haven’t done anything special. The ones who worked hard were Reki, Yuuri, and Lucika.” (Jin)

“Don’t belittle yourself. There are many people who acknowledge your efforts. Didn’t the three of them remind you of that?” (Urwald)

Urwald-sama looks at Lucika and gives a sly smile.

…That’s right. I decided to stop excessively belittling myself after getting confessed to by the three of them, and accepting their love.

I should be proud of being chosen by them. I should think that every word and action is being observed by others.

Truly befitting of Urwald-sama. He saw and pointed out my shortcomings in an instant.

“…You’re right. Thanks to everyone, I was able to renew my feelings. Please forget what I said earlier.” (Jin)

“Yes, you seem to have corrected your understanding. You’re looking much better.” (Urwald)

While stroking his long beard, Urwald-sama narrows his eyes. 

It seems like he’s satisfied with the answer.

He pats my head and returns back to the throne.

“Did you turn him into a man, Ristia1?” (Urwald)

Haa… Couldn’t you please stop with the indecent talk in the morning?” (Jin)

“Oh, so you still haven’t? I see. A woman who has let her innocence linger until this age wouldn’t have the courage for that. My apologies.” (Urwald)

“I’ll kill you, you brat!” (Lucika)

“Hahaha! How amusing!” (Urwald)

Lucikla may look young, but she has lived many times longer than Urwald-sama in terms of age.

Moreover, being one of the representatives among the elves, she has interacted with Urwald-sama since they were young. Having known each other since young, they would always lightly banter with each other at every opportunity.

By the way, he also maintains this level of familiarity with Reki.

I remember feeling quite uneasy the first time the two of us met Urwald-sama… I can only be grateful that Urwald-sama was quite easy to talk to.

“Hehehe, I’ve enjoyed our reunion enough. Shall we get down to business?” (Urwald)

“This guy… I’ll remember this…” (Lucika)

“Now, now…” (Jin)

While restraining the agitated Lucika, the two of us face Urwald-sama.

“Once again, congratulations on your engagement, Jin. I’m very happy that the two of you are together.” (Urwald)

“Thank you.” (Jin)

“I am genuinely pleased. Thanks to this, I can easily dismiss various engagement proposals that pop up here and there. It’s one less thing to trouble my mind.” (Urwald)

As expected, that topic has come up.

The three of us gained a certain prestige as members of the hero party that defeated the Demon King and saved the world. If we were to join a family, it would undoubtedly boost their political power.

Especially Yuuri, who reigned at the top of the Holy Church as the [Saint]. The nobles eager for influence would undoubtedly start eyeing her.

And somehow, I managed to snatch away these three immensely popular individuals.

…I wonder if the resentment from this would be bad enough to put my life in danger. I’m starting to feel a little worried.

“You don’t need to make such an anxious face, Jin. There’s no idiot who would attack us. The risk wouldn’t be worth it.” (Lucika)

“I agree. Besides, each of you possesses power at the level of a nation. Even if someone harbors deep resentment, it wouldn’t end well if they tried anything. If they had a sensible mind, they’d realize that immediately.” (Urwald)

“Besides, the citizens recognize us, including yourself, as members of the hero party. You’re also one of their saviors. If news of an attack were made public, there would be a massive uproar.” (Lucika)

“Yes. During your journey, Jin, you’ve saved numerous people. You’re much more appreciated and loved than you think.” (Urwald)

… It’s making me feel incredibly uneasy.

Receiving such positive words from these remarkable individuals warms my heart. At the same time, I realize that I need to live up to the expectations and not be spoiled by their kindness.

“But, isn’t it surprising that the Church allowed the marriage? I thought it would be the most difficult obstacle to overcome.” (Jin)

“It seems that Felicia2 had set it up beforehand. I don’t know what means were used… Sometimes, it’s better to not pry too deeply into things. Kukuku, you married quite a cunning woman, Jin.” (Urwald)

“Well, Yuuri is my cute wife. I love that part about her too.” (Jin)

Umu, that’s good. Now, let’s talk about your noble title, Jin. I apologize that I couldn’t do more. I wanted to at least grant you a viscount title3…” (Urwald)

“Oh, please don’t lower your head! I’m grateful that you made me a noble in the first place!” (Jin)

After all, if I hadn’t become a noble, I wouldn’t have been able to marry the three of them. Just for that, I owe a lifetime of gratitude.

I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to choose just one person either.

“Besides, I don’t understand politics. So, I would rather not get too involved in it.” (Jin)

“…Hearing you say that is a relief for me too. If we attract too much dissatisfaction from the nobles, the focus might shift from them to us, and it could hinder the implementation of good policies. As someone in the position of overseeing the country, I wanted to avoid that…” (Urwald)

“Even a baron title is more than enough for me. Thanks to you, I have an environment where I can openly love my wives. Thank you.” (Jin)

Saying that, I pull Lucika closer to me. Lucika doesn’t say anything and just leans against me, resting her head on my shoulder.

“It takes me back. I, too, had a time when I burned with such passion. But I guess the reminiscing of an old man’s past isn’t necessary. After all, we don’t have much time left to talk to each other. Well… I wish I could secure some time for my grandson.” (Urwald)

Certainly, Urwald-sama is a naturally busy person. The fact that he’s taking time out for us is a blessing in itself.

When I think about it that way, asking for more would be greed.

“Now, onto the more important topic… To think of using the royal castle for a wedding… Kukuku. You came up with such an interesting idea.” (Urwald)

While Urwald-sama laughed with delight, I could only give a dry laugh.

I do think that it’s an outrageous proposal.

But apparently, it’s the most effective plan.

I asked Yuuri and Lucika before, and they explained that there are various benefits to celebrating the marriage on such a grand scale.

Firstly, it can serve as a deterrent for other countries, knowing that Meon Kingdom has become an intermediary for the married couple.

Secondly, having the wedding amidst the celebratory atmosphere of defeating the Demon King can help suppress the negative opinions from opposing factions.

Thirdly, combining the celebration of the heroes’ triumphant return with the wedding can help the country save expenses while creating a positive image.

These reasons are well-grounded, which is how the two of them managed to get permission to use the royal castle for the wedding.

They really did an incredible job planning and working out all the details.

“Is the plan progressing well, stupid king?” (Lucika)

“Of course. After all, it’s the wedding of my adorable grandson. We won’t settle for anything less than perfection. I promise.” (Urwald)

I appreciate the sentiment, but I’m not your grandson…

Even if I correct him, he will continue to forcefully insist that I’m his grandson, so I just kept quiet.

“It will take about a month for the wedding preparations to be complete. Given the time frame, it shouldn’t be a problem to invite dignitaries4 from various countries to attend.” (Urwald)

“Yes. More importantly, we wouldn’t want the wedding to drag on, giving each faction an opportunity to make a move.” (Lucika)

Lucika’s comment is met with Urwald-sama’s agreement.

“Anyways, be patient for a while. During this time, go and heal the fatigue from your journey and spend some leisurely time together.” (Urwald)

“We will. We’re looking forward to it.” (Jin)

“I intend to fulfill all your requests. I’ll have the attendants deliver a preliminary schedule for the day. We can finalize the details at that time.” (Urwald)

“You’ve become quite capable, Urwald.” (Lucika)

“Don’t treat me like a child forever. …Now, Jin.” (Urwald)

“Yes, what is it?” (Jin)

“I’ve conveyed everything I wanted to. I’d love to continue chatting, but you should take Lucika and head home soon. Otherwise, a troublesome person might show up.” (Urwald)

“A troublesome… person?” (Jin)

“Yes, understood. Let’s head back now.” (Lucika)

“Yes, that’s good. I’ll manage to smooth things over somehow. Listen, Jin, don’t come to the royal castle until the day of the wedding.” (Urwald)

“W-What…?” (Jin)

“Well, Jin. This time, I’ll give you a princess carry” (Lucika)

“Whoa! Lucika!? Are you upset about what happened earlier!?” (Jin)

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. This is just faster.” (Lucika)

With that, I’m lifted up without understanding what they’re talking about.

“Then, I’ll leave the rest to you, Urwald.” (Lucika)

“For the sake of my adorable grandson. Leave it to me.” (Urwald)

Lucika activates the teleportation magic circle but — before we can board, it starts glowing.

This means someone entered through the entrance we used.

The number of individuals who know about this teleportation magic circle is limited. Reki and Yuuri… but they should be busy building our house back in the village.

I immediately became more cautious.

Lucika puts me down, and with her staff in hand, she directs it toward the magic circle.

I also took out two vials of liquid from my pouch and prepared to support.

As the light from the magic circle converged, a person with long, transparently radiant white hair appeared.

A perfectly structured face that could be considered cute at first glance. Large, round eyes blinked open, gazing at us.

No, this person— 

“Geh!? Akira!?” (Urwald)

Lord Urwald’s voice echoes through the grand hall.

In contrast, Akira puts on a smile, but her eyes don’t share the same sentiment. It’s the same expression Yuuri wears when she’s angry.

“So, this is how it is, Grandfather. I suspected you’ve been doing something behind my back recently.” (Akira)

“I-I’m not hiding anything! I haven’t done anything like that.” (Urwald)

“Then why are Jin and the others here? You’re a liar, Grandfather.” (Akira)

Urwald-sama, taken aback by Akira’s intimidating tone, stumbles.

She continues her relentless questioning.

“I told you, didn’t I? When Jin comes, please call me. I’ve said it many times. And yet… this is betrayal, isn’t it?” (Akira)

“W-Well, you know, if I called Akira, it would cause trouble…” (Urwald)

“Did you say something? I can’t hear you clearly unless you speak up.” (Akira)

“Eek!” (Urwald)

Haa… I didn’t expect her to figure it out so quickly in such a short time.” (Lucika)

Beside me, Lucika puts her hand to her forehead and lets out a sigh.

…Wait, could it be that when they said a troublesome person, they were talking about Akira?

I don’t really think Akira is a bad person, though…

“Ah, Jin!” (Akira)

Her tone suddenly changes as if there are musical notes (♪) at the end.

Upon spotting me, Akira immediately links arms with me, rubbing her cheek against her arm.

“Long time no see. I really missed you. Honestly, I wanted to be by your side all the time, but I didn’t want to inconvenience you by holding you back. But now that the Demon King has been defeated, there’s nothing tying you down. I can stay by your side in the royal castle from now on.” (Akira)

A rapid-fire of words. It’s impressive how she can speak without stumbling.

“I did my best even when you weren’t here. Today, too, I followed Grandpa’s instructions and helped Dad. I was wondering why he suddenly gave me work, but it turns out it was for this scheme.” (Akira)

“Hey, be nicer to Urwald-sama. He surely asked for this because he cares about Akira’s growth.” (Jin)

“That’s right, that’s right! Akira, be kinder to me!” (Urwald)

“…Ha?” (Akira)

“Eek!?” (Urwald)

The grand hall becomes noisy all of a sudden.

Using the magic circle, Akira・Me・On, who inherits the prestigious royal bloodline, enters. She’s the real grandchild of Urwald-sama and happens to be the same age as me.

For some reason, she tends to be particularly rebellious against her actual grandfather, and I guess that because of this, Urwald-sama calls me his “grandson” to compensate for his loneliness.

“So, what did Jin come for? I think Reki and Lucika have already reported on the Demon King’s defeat…” (Akira)

“Oh, well, I came to talk about my marri—guh!?” (Jin)

“Akira! We still have some matters to attend to, so we’ll be taking our leave!” (Lucika)

For some reason, Lucika covers my mouth with her hand from behind. She then pulls me away, towards the teleportation magic circle. However, something pulls me back with a strong force.

“…Marriage?” (Akira)

When I look, Akira is gripping the hem of my clothes, as if saying she won’t let go. Her small hand is so firm that the veins are visible.

“…Marriage… Kept it a secret from me… Grandpa’s involved… Ah!” (Akira)

“A-Akira?” (Jin)

“I see! So that’s what it is, Jin!” (Akira)

“Whoa!?” (Jin)

With a sudden smile, Akira, who won the power struggle against Lucika, pulls me close to her chest.

Her appearance is undoubtedly mesmerizing, a sight that would captivate anyone.

Her white hair, meticulously groomed to the tips, emits a pleasant fragrance. Her Long, beautiful eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and moist lips…

No matter which part you focus on, Akira, who rivals my wives, holds me in her arms. However, I feel no excitement at all.

“So, Jin, you’ve made up your mind to marry me! I’m so happy… I’m really, really happy! How many children should we have? Grandpa, you can be rest assured about our future. We’ll make lots of children—” (Akira)

“No, Akira can’t have children.” (Jin)

Because Akira is a very cute guy who cross-dresses.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Lmao I purposely kept it as “her” until the end. It would be kinda weird to ruin the surprise, but you would have seen it coming if you saw the title and remembered ch 12 when the girls talked about a man.

Also, I forgot to update the character list so you probably forgot the 3 main girl’s last names.


  1.  Lucika as in Lucika El Ristia. It’s a bit weird since he did call Lucika by her first name when they entered in the previous chapter.
  2. Felicia as in Yuuri Felicia. I guess Yuuri is the only one the king doesn’t act familiar with.
  3. The order of ranks go by: Duke, Marquess/Marquis, Earl/Count, Viscount, and Baron. MC is currently baron.
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