MPFM – Chapter 21 – I do not approve of this marriage!!

While maintaining a very good smile, Akira’s expression stiffens.

“Hehe, Jin, don’t you know? If you put in enough effort, you can achieve anything.” (Akira)

“No, no, no! This is beyond the scope of what can be achieved through effort!” (Jin)

“Calm down, Jin. Think without being bound by common sense. Am I not very cute in front of you?” (Akira)

“It’s true that you’re cute.” (Jin)

“That’s good. I dressed up to match your preferences to make you like me…” (Akira)

The way his cheeks flush with a tinge of red stirs a feeling of wanting to protect him involuntarily.

But, Akira is a man.

There is solid proof of that in the lower abdomen, just like mine.

There is no mistake about it because we have been in the communal bath together.

“I’m as cute as a girl, right? No.. I’m even cuter than a girl.” (Akira)

“I won’t deny that.” (Jin)

“Then, I am a girl!!” (Akira)

“How did you reach that conclusion?” (Jin)

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. I’ll make you happy, Jin… Now, let’s get married? Let’s register our marriage right away? And how about making some children?” (Akira)

Even if asked in a cute way with upturned eyes, Akira is a man, and he cannot marry me, nor can we have children. This is the unchangeable reality of this world.

Nevertheless… Could it be that Akira has romantic feelings for me? When we met in the royal castle, he was always sticking close to me, and as men, we often spent time together, but I just thought he was being affectionate as friends.

However, listening to his words and actions up to this point, it’s clear that his feelings go beyond mere friendship.

If it were just a joke, he wouldn’t keep bringing up marriage talk this much.

…This is the first time I’ve been proposed to by someone of the same sex.

Now, how can I gracefully end this conversation without hurting Akira? As I ponder over this, Lucika interjects between both of us.

“I want you to listen calmly, Akira.” (Lucika)

“I can’t calm down! I can’t believe Jin is marrying someone other than me…” (Akira)

Akira stumbles and collapses, tears welling up in his eyes.

…Hmm? I feel some sort of deja vu…

“Remember, Jin! You promised, didn’t you? That once the world is at peace, we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.” (Akira)

It really is this pattern again!

Did my past self say something irresponsible again, damn it!

Remember, remember…! I need to backtrack through my memories, all the way to the first meeting with Akira…

“Hey, Akira.” (Jin)

“Did you finally remember our sweet moments of love…?” (Akira)

“I still don’t remember… Are you sure you’re not lying?” (Jin)

“Come on…! Are you doubting me, Jin?” (Akira)

“So, Akira, can you tell me when it was? If you make it clearer, I might be able to remember too.” (Jin)

“…Tch. I couldn’t hide it with tears, huh.” (Akira)

“Akira-san!?” (Jin)

I can’t hide my unease at the scary side that the younger brother-like figure, who has been affectionate until now, is showing for the first time.

He always seemed like a small animal, and I never thought Akira had such a cunning side…

“No, no, no~! Jin is going to marry me! I don’t want anyone but Jin!” (Akira)

In the end, almost as if throwing away his remaining dignity, Akira starts to struggle and thrash around on the floor.

Is this supposed to be the dignified appearance of the royal family?

Urwald-sama is also holding his head in his hands…

Anyways, I need to stop this. It would be troublesome if someone else saw him like this.

“Come on, Akira. Stand up properly. Your beautiful clothes will get dirty.” (Jin)

“Then, let’s get married?” (Akira)

“That might be difficult. It’s not allowed by the kingdom’s laws.” (Jin)

“In that case, I’ll become the king and change the laws! Grandpa! Pass that throne to me!” (Akira)

“I would rather support Jin, who is kind to me every time we meet, than Akira, who doesn’t usually pay attention to me. Therefore, I reject it!” (Urwald)

Because of such a response, Akira doesn’t seem to want to back down.

“You useless old man! That’s enough. If it’s come to this, I’ll do as I please.” (Akira)

As Akira stands up, he points directly at me—no, at Lucika.

“I’ll make sure whether you girls are suitable bride for Jin!” (Akira)

“Eh?” (Jin)

“If you admit that you love Jin more than I do, I’ll give up. However, if your love is half-hearted… I will make Jin happy!” (Akira)

“Ehh!?” (Jin)

“Grandpa, that’s okay, right!?” (Akira)

“Well, since the war has finally ended, the four of you can take your time.” (Urwald)

“That’s okay!?” (Jin)

“…Very well.” (Akira)

Urwald-sama is easily persuaded by the forceful Akira.

And so, an impromptu test for the newlyweds by the royal family was quickly arranged.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I know that some of you don’t like the ‘same gender like the MC’ trope, but well, we already know the outcome of this. They heading back to their “house” next chapter.


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