MPFM – Chapter 22 – 28xx year old elf onee-san

“It seems like things have become quite complicated, huh?” (Jin)

“Hehehe, isn’t it cute? As the older one, I intend to accept the challenge.” (Lucika)

“As expected of Lucika. You’re quite composed.” (Jin)

“Don’t underestimate my love for you. It might sound vulgar, but I won’t lose to a girl who hasn’t even reached the age of twenty.” (Lucika)

“Even though he’s a man.” (Jin)

Akira’s declaration at the royal castle was quite impactful.

It seems like he was serious about it, accompanying the messengers to confirm the proceedings of the wedding and to assess the abilities of my brides, including Reki.

If he even slightly thinks that these girls cannot make me happy, he absolutely refuses to acknowledge the marriage.

By the way, my opinion was never sought after until the end.

It’s strange, isn’t it, even though I’m the one involved. Maybe I should be the one crying.

“We need to talk to Reki and the others about this matter.” (Jin)

“Yeah. But I’m sure the two of them will react just like me.” (Lucika)

“Well, they are more of a fighter than Lucika so I already know what they are gonna say.” (Jin)

“Exactly.” (Lucika)

Unlike how we initially teleported here, right now, we’re returning to the village in a carriage.

Of course, it’s not just an ordinary carriage; it’s an ultra-high-speed carriage pulled by magical creatures called Bone Dragons and Windcutting Warhorses.

The minimal swaying of the carriage is also thanks to Lucika’s magic, which helps mitigate those movements.

“Since magic can solve any inconvenience, every country should be looking for more mages.” (Jin)

“I appreciate the compliment, but I can’t do everything. Even I have limitations.” (Lucika)

“Haha, being modest?” (Jin)

“Marriage.” (Lucika)

“…………” (Jin)

“You can’t just conjure up a marriage partner, you know. Ahaha… Ahahaha…!” (Lucika)

“B-but, I’m here now! I love you, Lucika!” (Jin)

Unn… Lucika likes you too.” (Lucika)

Perhaps the self-deprecating remark had a more significant effect than expected, as Lucika leans in as if seeking comfort.

She mentioned that she wanted to return home by carriage to extend the time we could spend together, even if it was just a little.

Staying together for more than a day could result in serious beatings from Reki and Yuuri, so this seems to be the compromise.

“But seriously, Lucika’s magic is amazing. I’ve been wondering for a while, though, why are the magical creatures so obedient?” (Jin)

“Oh, that’s because I defeat them first and then perform a [Summoning Contract: Tame]. They follow me because they recognize my strength.” (Lucika)

“I see. But wouldn’t they be free to rampage or escape if Lucika’s eyes weren’t on them?” (Jin)

“I’ve made it so that if there’s a contract violation, I can immediately detect it. As their master, I hold the power of life and death. The only time a tamed magical creature can truly be free is if something unfortunate happens to the master and they die.” (Lucika)

“Is that so… I’ve learned something. Thanks for explaining.” (Jin)

“No problem. Is Jin interested in taming too? If so, I could teach you.” (Lucika)

“Really? It sounds incredibly useful, and now that I have some free time, it might be okay… Yeah, I appreciate it.” (Jin)

“Of course! I would never refuse a request from Jin. No matter what it is.” (Lucika)

As Lucika speaks with a meaningful smile, her hand gently strokes my thigh.

Despite being a virgin like me, Lucika’s effort to act like an onee-san (older sister) is one of her cute traits. It’s charming to see how far she goes to act like one.

“I wonder how our house is coming along. With Yuuri there, I don’t think anything strange would happen.” (Jin)

“We left the Bone Dragons behind, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s already finished. They don’t get tired, and they’re quite skillful. If the materials were already gathered, there shouldn’t be any problem.” (Lucika)

Certainly, the ease with which they effortlessly drive our carriage at such high speeds gives off a reassuring feeling.

The worrying part, however, might be the interior. From what I saw on the blueprints before leaving, it could end up being a disaster.

…Did they really make all those children’s rooms?

Anticipating the appearance of the new home, we dash through the forest leading to the village.

“…Ah, there it is!” (Jin)

A small dot, clearly different in color from the surroundings, gradually grows larger. By the time we realize it’s a house, we’re sticking our heads out of the window, looking up in awe.

…Huh? Isn’t this a mansion?

“That’s… an upgrade from the blueprints, isn’t it?” (Lucika)

“…Which means?” (Jin)

“Yeah. I think Reki and Yuuri came to realize something when building. For example… maybe they realized there weren’t enough children’s rooms and decided to add more.” (Lucika)

“Fifteen rooms is not enough!?” (Jin)

My legs began to tremble at the implications.

I wonder what I’m going to experience from now on.

The desires that couldn’t be consumed in the battle against the Demon King’s army are now rebounding, exerting an unimaginable influence on their words and actions.

These two, who have the strength to confront the Demon King’s army head-on and defeat them, now turning all their strength towards making children…

In normal circumstances, I might be excited about the rosy development, but the fear of imminent danger to my life is rising.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Jin? You look really pale.” (Lucika)

“…Lucika. Can you promise me that you’ll keep things within the bounds of common sense?” (Jin)

“I already told you, Jin. I will do whatever you want me to do” (Lucika)

“Lucika…!” (Jin)

She really is the only one on my side!

“Rest assured! I’ll develop a magic potion that never runs out, no matter how much you use it for night activities!” (Lucika)

It seems Akira is the only ally I have after all.

I feel betrayed.

“Hey? Jin~? We have arrived~?” (Lucika)

It appears we’ve reached the place where pleasure and torment are mixed together.

Guided by Lucika, I step down from the carriage.

At that moment, it appears they noticed us, and they come running towards us.

“Welcome back, both of you.” (Yuuri)

“Jin! Welcome back…!” (Reki)

“I’m ba—She vanished!?” (Jin)

As I witness Reki, who was supposed to be beside Yuuri, disappear, I feel something pressed tightly against my stomach.

“I did my best. Praise me.” (Reki)

“Ah, I see. Good job!” (Jin)

Hehe.” (Reki)

As I pat her head, Reki smiles satisfactorily.

Looking at her pure expression, I feel the tension leaving me.

Reki must have really wanted to be praised by me, which is why she made such an incredible house.

“Our amazing house is done. Impressive, isn’t it? Jin, are you happy?” (Reki)

“… Yeah, I’m really happy.” (Jin)

“Then, I’m glad. Lucika’s magical creatures also helped a lot.” (Reki)

“It seems like you guys did a great job. Thank you for your hard work.” (Lucika)

When Lucika praises them, the Bone Dragons that were kneeling around the house each strike a muscle pose to showcase their work.

As she mentioned on the way back, they obediently followed instructions and were a great help.

“Oh, and Yuuri too.” (Jin)

“That’s right! Why am I being treated like some bonus? If it weren’t for my instructions, they wouldn’t even know how to stack the wood properly.” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. So, Jin, praise Yuuri too.” (Reki)

“Thanks for instructing everyone, Yuuri. Good job.” (Jin)

“Fufu~” (Yuuri)

As I pat her head, a soft, sweet voice comes out from Yuuri.

Her cheeks are so squishy. It’s amusing…

As I wonder what would happen if I kept patting her like this, her expression suddenly tightens up.

“That’s right, Jin-san! There’s something I haven’t done yet!” (Yuuri)

“Something you haven’t done?” (Jin)

“Yes! Is it okay? Please cooperate properly, okay?” (Yuuri)

*Cough* She clears her throat, then creates a clear expression and gazes up at me from below.

It seems that Yuuri knows that this position makes her look the cutest.

“…Welcome back.” (Yuuri)

Ah, aah.

I remembered now. I said that to convince Yuuri.

If she waited patiently, we could play newlyweds. And she’s executing the first part perfectly.

As the one who proposed it, I can’t just brush her off.

“Ahh, I’m home. Thanks for welcoming me.” (Jin)

Hehe, I’ve been wanting to see your face for so long… Would you like to have lunch first? Or a bath? Or perhaps… me?1” (Yuuri)

Yuuri blatantly emphasizes her chest by squeezing it with her arms.

Looking at those plump mounds, it’s hard for any man not to feel the urge to climb.

However, if I were to succumb to my desires and touch them now, for some reason, I feel like the happy future would crumble, so I restrain myself.

I won’t touch them until the wedding is over.

I’ll make sure to remind myself of this.

With a subtle smile, I reach out and pat her head again.

“Then, let’s eat first. Actually, I’ve been thinking that something smells good since a while ago.” (Jin)

Mouuu, Jin-san. I’m always ready, you know…” (Yuuri)

“Come on, let’s go inside. I’m really looking forward to seeing the interior you made. Plus, there’s something we need to talk to you two about.” (Jin)

Fuwaa~i.” (Yuuri)

Ah, she melted again. So cute.

“Jin… before we go inside, do that play to me too!” (Reki)

“W-Well, me too!” (Lucika)

“Lucika, we just went out together, right?” (Jin)

This is more of a reward for the two of them who waited for us to return.

I feel bad for Lucika, who went to the capital with me, but this time, it’s a no-go for her. She did get to do some secret princess-carrying behind their backs, after all.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So that means that MC will do the deed after they get married right? I haven’t read ahead but based on the LN illustrations, they’re definitely getting married soon. Oops, oh no, I accidentally spoiled things. Not that it was a big secret.

Akira ain’t on your side either MC, he literally said he wanted to make babies.


  1. I don’t need to explain what this is, right? The raw actually said bath before lunch but this is probably more familiar. Also, I’m assuming that this is in the afternoon.
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Harems are a fusion of pleasure and torment. His only hope is to develop the Peerless Skill or have a potion with a similar effect. Lucika should work hard on that matter.