MPFM – Chapter 24 – The Best in the World

It has been an hour since the start of the first task.

Lucika was randomly assigned to clean a room by Akira, and the only condition to fulfill was to ensure that the room was neat and tidy.

Huh…? That’s strange…? Was that supposed to be cleaning…?

I rub my eyelids vigorously. However, the scenery before me remains unchanged.

What’s with this disastrous situation…?

“Heh… I gave it my all.” (Lucika)

Lucika wipes the sweat beads on her forehead.

While she’s trying to convey a sense of accomplishment, the conclusion is that she only managed to make a mess.

The table she moved for the floor cleaning is in a different position, and the chairs are scattered around.

The floor is damp and half-dried. And because she was wiping it with water before removing the dust, the dirt ended up scattering all over the floor.

Despite going all out, she has created a scene that you don’t come across every day.

“Lucika…” (Reki)

“Lucika-san…” (Yuuri)

“I’m sorry…” (Lucika)

…Come to think of it, I’ve only seen Lucika’s room room once.

Books were piled up here and there, sticky notes were scattered all over, and memos were all left on the floor.

I used to think that it was because she was too busy during her research to bother about such a thing… but it seems like she’s just really bad at cleaning.

“…I don’t really need to comment much on this, right?” (Akira)

“……..” (All 3)

No one interjects with complaints.

Because, no matter how you look at it, the result was obvious.

“Let’s just keep it short… fail.” (Akira)

Those words weigh heavily on the moment.

Well, it’s still okay. There are two more tasks left.

If I can win both of them, I should be able to offset the fact that cleaning is not my strong suit.

“…I’ll go next. This is going to be more challenging than I imagined.” (Yuuri)

Yuuri’s expression turns serious.

It’s the face she shows when she’s truly serious during battle. Looks like Yuuri understands the dire situation we are in.

The result of the next challenge will be important moving forward.

“Next is Yuuri. In that case, let’s go with this one.” (Akira)

Judging from the cleaning task, the topic written on the card is likely related to household chores.

In that regard, Yuuri can handle all household tasks perfectly. We, who have traveled together for a long time, are well aware of that.

This should be easy…!

“It’s to massage Jin.” (Akira)

Oh, this might be the end.

If Yuuri is the one doing it, it would turn into a massage (in another sense). I can confidently see what’s about to happen in my mind.

Seemingly caught off guard, she involuntarily asked for clarification.

“…Massage… as in, um, that?” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. It’s about soothing the tiredness of a husband returning from work. Conversely, a husband soothes the fatigue of a wife tired from household chores. I believe that sharing such moments deepens love.” (Akira)

I see. That makes sense.

If you have a caring heart for each other, you should be able to perform a massage without feeling like it’s a hassle.

No special skills are required.

As long as there’s a caring heart for the other person, that’s enough.

Massaging the shoulders, tapping the lower back, stepping on the feet. Just by observing the meticulousness of these actions, you can immediately understand the feelings behind them.

“This time, Jin will be the recipient. What type of massage to do is up to Yuuri.” (Akira)

“Yuuri.” (Jin)

“Hehe, don’t worry, Jin-san. I am the [Saint]. What you’re thinking right now is not going to happen.” (Lucika)

Yuuri’s expression… hasn’t changed!

This is going well! Yuuri is serious.

Despite everything, her mental strength as a [Saint] who fulfills her duties is incredibly strong.

I feel embarrassed for even momentarily thinking she might do something suspicious.

In fact, it was none other than me who didn’t trust Yuuri.

“Now, let me show the power of my message technique which can make people of all ages feel comfortable!” (Yuuri)

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Ah, wait, wait, Reki-san! There’s a reason for this…!” (Yuuri)

“No need for explanations. Yuuri attempted to touch where she shouldn’t have. She’ll be tied up as punishment.” (Reki)

“…*sobs*……*sobs*” (Yuuri)

“It’s okay, Jin. The scary person is gone…” (Lucika)

“…Are you guys really a hero party? Not impostors or anything?” (Akira)

Yuri is rolled up on the floor like a caterpillar, bound by Reki.

I, who was now shirtless, had a sheet draped over me by Lucika, and she was gently stroking my head.

Seeing us like this, Akira is visibly disgusted.

At first… it really was a legitimate massage.

Starting from the shoulders and flowing down to the lower back, Yuuri’s massaging skills were truly remarkable.

Akira was even nodding in approval, acknowledging her high skill level.

I was feeling good, and Yuuri seemed to be getting into the groove as well. Naturally, we ended up lying on the bed in a comfortable position.

And then, things took a strange turn from the moment she uttered these words.

“Jin-san… there are lymphs1 building up here.” (Yuuri)

This was the turning point.

Her movements became suspicious, and the areas she touched became rather sensitive.

But, believing in Yuuri, I didn’t say anything.

Because I’m Yuuri’s husband.

Despite thinking that… it all came to a halt when she tried to pull down my pants and we were intervened by Reki and Lucika.

“…Can I ask you something?” (Akira)

“I’ll answer. What is it?” (Lucika)

“Do you guys really have the intention to get married?” (Akira)

“Of course!” (All 3)

The words of the three overlap, but Akira just sighs.

For some reason, Yuuri, who was responsible for this chaotic situation, replies with confidence.

“Because Akira-san said that if he could determine that we can make Jin-san happy, then he would approve of the marriage. So, I judged that what’s important is whether Jin-san can feel happy.” (Yuuri)

…Thinking back, that’s true.

As Yuuri says, Akira’s victory condition was “my happiness.”

I had thought the only way to get married was to pass at least half of his tests, but that’s not exactly true.

“Because men like naughty things, they should be able to be happy! So, my actions are not wrong at all.” (Yuuri)

“Even so, I don’t think it’s right to pounce on him in front of everyone…” (Akira)

“Hehe, Akira-san, you’re quite childish.” (Yuuri)

“Yes, fail!!” (Akira)

“Why!?” (Yuuri)

Yuuri is squirming on the floor, complaining.

Her approach earlier was terrible, but what she’s saying is not wrong.

If that’s the case, there might still be a way to salvage this situation.

Don’t give up!

I… I want to marry the three of them.

And I want to do it in a way that is blessed by others.

That makes sense, right? We’re the heroes who saved the world.

I think it’s only natural to want to be blessed with happiness after all the effort we’ve put in so far.

So, please…! Open up a way for this to work…!

“Reki…!” (Jin)

“Yeah, leave it to me.” (Reki)

The reliable childhood friend who knocked Yuuri out with a chop confidently responds with his usual peace sign.

“…You’re quite confident, Reki.” (Akira)

“Of course. I’ve been in love with Jin for the longest and spent 10 years with him. No one can compete with me.” (Reki)

“Hmph, how long do you think you can maintain that confidence? I know, you’re completely useless at anything other than fighting.” (Akira)

“So, what?” (Reki)

“Hmm…” (Akira)

“Despair isn’t a reason to give up. Did Akira forget who I am?” (Lucika)

“I am the [Hero] Reki. I’ll overcome any difficulty that comes my way.” (Reki)

“Final challenge, Akira.” (Jin)

“…Alright. The last task I’ll give you guys is—” (Akira)

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I sat at the table with a serious expression.

It was to assist in judging the final task.

“…I’m sorry, Jin.” (Reki)

Reki looks like she’s on the verge of tears.

The confidence she had just moments ago has vanished, and Reki, who used to be the [Hero], is now a vulnerable girl.

But that’s understandable.

On the plate placed in front of me was a completely burnt Four-Legged Bird fried chicken.

The final task was “cooking”.

Reki, who has never attempted cooking and is only an expert in eating, didn’t give up. Recalling the actions she observed from me and Yuri while always by our side, she took on the challenge anyways.

The stains on Reki’s apron, more than anything else, are proof of her effort.

“…There’s no need to even taste this. The judging is over. Jin… maybe I really can’t go through with this marriage…” (Reki)

Akira’s words were never fully spoken.

His mouth hung open in astonishment.

Amidst the ensuing silence, the sound of my vigorous chewing echoed.

Savoring the tempura I picked up, I chewed thoughtfully and swallowed with a gulp, then expressed my honest opinion.

“It’s the most delicious thing in the world.” (Jin)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I call that BS. There is no way that could miraculously taste good. That kind of stuff only happens in novels… Oh wait.


  1. I’m no biology person but here’s the easiest definition I could find: Lymph is a clear liquid that transports useful substances around the body, and carries waste matter, such as unwanted bacteria, away from body tissue in order to prevent infection
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Husband passive ability “Love is blind” activated. Effects- “The brain of the Husband constantly activate and turn off certain parts of itself to better suit the wives needs and shortcomings”


The power of love is amazing.


I read on another novels that in japanese jobs like Paladin or Sant can mean other things. For example, Paladin/Holy Knight can mean Sexual Knight and Saint can be Sex Lady. In cases like this, Yuuri is making honor to her job.