MPFM – Chapter 25 – Because I wish for your happiness

[Akira PoV]

I’ve always liked dressing up as a girl.

It made me happy to be praised as cute by everyone in the castle, and playing with dolls in my room was more enjoyable than playing outside.

But, it only stayed that way when I was still a child.

As I grew up and started attending school, the gazes around me became uncomfortable.

I’m not openly criticized because of my royal blood, but I know that behind my back, there are terrible rumors about me circulating.

Why do I have to endure such things just for being myself?

As I grew older, going to school gradually became increasingly scary, so I started to confine myself to my room.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been born in the first place. 

I wish I had been born a girl.

I continued to live my life in a daze as I repeated these thoughts over and over again in my head.

The first person who affirmed me for who I am was Jin.

He was a strange yet kind person.

One moment he wandered randomly into my room, and suddenly murmured “Cute”. He proceeded to talk a lot without realizing my bewildered feelings.

At that time, it seemed like he didn’t know I was of royal blood, but still, people wouldn’t normally act like that towards someone they just met, right?

Looking back now, I trusted him way too easily just because he called me was the first to call me “cute” after a long time.

After that, Jin continued to visit my room many times, and we became good friends.

But with each meeting, I became more afraid.

Perhaps Jin misunderstood that I’m a girl and was being friendly with me because of that. What if he feels disgusted when he finds out I’m a boy?

The fear of being disliked by someone I just became friends with, was terrifying. When I tearfully confessed about my true gender, Jin said something to me.

“Isn’t it okay? I don’t choose friends based on gender. Whether you’re cute Akira or cool Akira, I like you either way.” (Jin)

You don’t know how much those words mean to me.

You were the one who freed me from the past that had bound me for so long. I feel like I could finally be myself around someone.

As we became closer, I learned more about how kind he was, and it pained me to see him getting hurt at times.

That’s why, I wish for your happiness.

Just as you made me happy, I wanted to make you happy too.

But you know, I understand that it’s a wish that may never come true.

So, I decided to test the three of them to see if they have what it takes to fulfill that role for me.

Could they make Jin genuinely happy?

…But despite the fact that the tasks were relatively simple, everyone failed.

“Ah… I knew it.” (Akira)

Jin eating the burnt food created by Reki was exactly something that he would do.

“Jin, you can’t eat that. It’s bad for your health.” (Reki)

Reki desperately tries to stop him, but Jin’s hand doesn’t pause.

I watched over the cooking process so I roughly knew what it tasted like. The seasoning was likely so strong that it would numb one’s tongue. The batter1 was uneven and gooey. And since she couldn’t gauge the right amount of heat to use, the food was burnt. She turned off the heat immediately, so the inside is probably left undercooked too.

It’s definitely not a dish meant for human consumption.

But Jin didn’t stop and continued eating.

For the sake of someone dear, he’s willing to go to such lengths.

… That’s who Jin Geist is.

“…Phew.” (Jin)

A deep sigh. After finishing the last piece, he clasps his hands together.

“It was delicious. Thanks, Reki.” (Jin)

Expressing gratitude with a tone as if nothing had happened.

“Jin…!” (Reki)

Overwhelmed with emotion, Reki leaps onto him from behind.

“Sorry for making you eat something like that… I’m really sorry.” (Reki)

“What are you talking about? It was a real feast. After all, didn’t you pour plenty of love into it?” (Jin)

“Well, that’s…” (Reki)

Reki nods a bit shyly.

“In that case, it’s still a feast for me. I’m probably the only one in the world who gets to enjoy a dish filled with Reki’s love!” (Jin)

While saying this, he wipes away the tears from Reki with his finger.

“It’s not just Reki. Lucika and Yuuri, too. They took on the challenge seriously in their own way. If there wasn’t genuine affection, they could have done it half-heartedly and covered it up. But because both of them took it seriously, it led to the situation we have now.” (Jin)

In other words…

 “I am well-loved by these wonderful and cute girls who care about me. And I love the three of them just as much, if not more.” (Jin)

He looks at each of them, and finally, his gaze falls on me.

His smile is still as gentle as ever.

“So, Akira. I would be happy if I could marry the three of them.” (Jin)

Nothing has changed since that day.

“…Yeah.” (Akira)

I wonder what I was even doing.

His happiness is something only he can decide. This situation is no different from those people who used to torment me.

All I did was vent my jealousy of not being able to be with him… Even though that wasn’t what I really wanted to say when I heard that he was getting married.

“Congratulations on your marriage.” (Akira)

I found myself saying those words more smoothly than I expected. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

[Jin’s PoV]

“I actually already knew. There is no way I can get between Jin’s relationship with the other girls.” (Akira)

Akira’a marriage trial has just concluded, and right now, we can get started on our preparations for the wedding.

Now, before heading back, Akira and I are having a small talk while I am guiding him to the carriage.

“You know, Jin you’re really kind to me, but it’s not because we have a special relationship. You act like this towards everyone, right?” (Akira)

“…Well, that is usually how it is.” (Jin)

“…But for Jin, I could tell your feelings towards Reki and the others are different. It’s obvious when you’re with them. The way you look at me and the way you look at the three of them are so vastly different. …I just thought that I couldn’t compete with them after all.” (Akira)

Seeing him like that, I almost reflexively murmured “I’m sorry” and quickly swallowed the words.

…No, I shouldn’t apologize. If I’m not willing to accept him, then I need to choose a different set of words.

“…Thank you. Thanks to Akira, my relationship with them has deepened.” (Jin)

“It did, didn’t it? Haa, if only I hadn’t started this competition.” (Akira)

While muttering such complaints, Akira walks ahead of me.

But after a few steps, he stops, turns around, and faces me.

“Hey, Jin. Maybe I should get a reward for this?” (Akira)

“Sure, anything I can do for you.” (Jin)

“Hmm, then how about this? Here we go—Eii!” (Akira)

My cheek is lightly touched by a soft sensation as Akira pulls my arm forcefully.

I quickly understand what it is.

“A-Akira!?” (Jin)

“I’ll take this as my reward! I won’t accept any complaints~” (Akira)

With a cheeky grin, Akira sticks out his tongue and starts running into the carriage.

The carriage starts moving without giving me a chance to stop it.

“Then, let’s meet again in the capital! My dear friend~!” (Akira)

Akira continues waving until his figure is no longer visible.

…I’m truly blessed with the people around me.

And thus, our noisy yet enjoyable time comes to an end—

“…Jin. Was that… cheating?” (Reki)

“That’s strange. I heard you were just going to see him off.” (Lucika)

“A kiss on the cheek? We haven’t even done that yet?” (Yuuri)

“I’ve done it before. The only ones who didn’t are Yuuri and Lucika. Don’t lump me together with you guys just because you’ve never done it.” (Reki)

“Ha?” (Yuuri & Lucika)

――With that, a growing sense of anger is emanating from behind me, and the mission to somehow deal with the furious brides has begun.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

And yeh, that’s the end of that I guess. Time for the wedding!


  1. Batter is a semi-liquid mixture of flour, egg, and milk or water, used for making pancakes or for coating food before frying.
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