MPFM – Chapter 26 – Beautiful Brides

After the commotion with Akira, time passed in the blink of an eye.

Measurements for dresses and suits, rehearsals within the royal castle, and studying the minimum acceptable manners as nobility.

Despite the existence of teleportation magic, the back-and-forth life between the royal castle and the village was incredibly challenging.

If it weren’t for Urwald-sama and Akira taking care of the behind-the-scenes stuff, I think things would have been even more disastrous.

Things were pretty tough for Reki since she had to go through many greetings during this period.

Still… everyone worked hard to make sure that this wedding went smoothly.

“Finally, it has come…”  (Jin)

Under the clear blue sky, the red carpet laid from the entrance of the capital city straight to the royal castle.

The plan was that we would use teleportation magic to move to the starting point, then ride in a carriage provided by Urwald-sama, showing our faces to the citizens along the way.

Upon arriving at the royal castle, we would ascend to the stage prepared for us with our own legs and fulfill the eternal vow.

Fuu” (Jin)

As I imagined the scenario playing out, a sudden tension swept over me.

It’s finally time… I’m going to be their husband.

Of course, there is no regret or confusion. In fact, we have grown even closer in the month leading up to the wedding.

This tension I’m feeling stems from whether I can conduct myself with proper etiquette, and not be an embarrassment in the eyes of the people.

In other words, it’s just a bit of stage fright.

“My collar isn’t crooked, is it…” (Jin)

Even though I knew a professional had helped me with the dressing, I couldn’t help but worry as I glanced at myself in the mirror.

Then, there was a gentle knock.

“Jin, can I come in?” (Akira)

“Akira? Sure, come in.” (Jin)

“Thank you. Excuse me.” (Akira)

Akira, with a body a size smaller than mine, was wrapped in a dress.

However, the dress was not heavily decorated, making it stylish but not stand out as much.

As usual, he knows how to bring out his own charm through his clothing. If he weren’t well-known, many might mistake him for a woman.

“It looks good on you, Akira.” (Jin)

“While I appreciate those words, today they shouldn’t be directed at me, right?” (Akira)

“Haha, true. But I think you should express what you feel sincerely.” (Jin)

“Ugh… You shouldn’t say things like that without taking responsibility.” (Akira)

“Sorry, sorry. So, Akira coming means…” (Jin)

“Yeah. Reki and the others are ready.” (Akira)

That means the long-awaited, once-in-a-lifetime wedding is truly about to start.

I’ve fought against numerous Demon Army executives so far, but this wedding is many times more nerve-wracking.

“Shall we go, then? It’s almost time to start the wedding parade.” (Akira)

“Are we behind the schedule?” (Jin)

“No. We’re on time. You just need to show ourselves to the citizens as planned.” (Akira)

“Understood. Let’s get going.” (Jin)

“That’s good. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.” (Jin)

The bride and groom won’t see each other until they reach the entrance of the capital city.

This was Yuri’s suggestion, apparently to add a sense of anticipation and excitement as they approach the wedding ceremony.

“(We’ll make you fall in love with us all over again. Look forward to it!)” (Yuuri)

When I was told something like that, my expectations would unavoidably increase. And there’s a premonition that, knowing them, they’ll easily surpass those expectations.

“By the way, just curious… How cute are they?” (Jin)

“It’s frustrating, but without a doubt, at least twice as cute as me.” (Akira)

Once again, my expectations continue to rise.

“Thank you. Did Akira outsource the people who created their dress?” (Jin)

“Yeah, I ordered a custom-made dress from a shop I had my eye on for when I needed it. They have good quality, and they work relatively quickly. You can thank me more if you want.” (Akira)

“I can’t thank you enough. Seriously, thank you.” (Jin)

It’s not just that. The splendid suit I’m wearing is also from Akira’s trusted source.

And all the costs for these things are being covered by the country.

Uh… just thinking about it is making my stomach ache.

Seeing my expression, Akira shrugged in a somewhat exasperated manner, as if he could tell what I was thinking.

“Don’t worry about it. Honestly, you guys are too considerate.” (Akira)

“I don’t think that’s the case…” (Jin)

“It is. You guys are the heroes who defeated the Demon King. We don’t mind spending money for you to celebrate the occasion.” (Akira)

“Even so, when I hear that a budget of an unprecedented amount has been allocated, as a commoner, it feels a bit…” (Jin)

“This is an event related to the dignity of the Meon Kingdom. If the wedding of the hero party that brought peace to the world turns out to be lackluster, it would be a total loss of face.” (Akira)

“Is that how it is…” (Jin)

“Yeah, that’s why, Jin, you don’t need to overthink it too much.” (Akira)

He, who is deeply involved in the operation of the wedding, says so.

Let’s stop thinking about that and focus on the wedding in front of us.

“Look, we’re here. After stepping on this magic circle, we can teleport to the main gate of the capital city.” (Akira)

Akira pointed to a large magic circle on the ground. Of course, it’s Lucika’s handmade creation.

As per our promise, this magic circle is set to lose its effect after one use, so we need to be careful about the timing.

“Just step on it right when it hits twelve o clock. I’ll give you the signal.” (Akira)

“Got it. How much time do we have left?” (Jin)

“Well, actually… ten seconds.” (Akira)

“What!?” (Jin)

“It was quite close. We were in a bit of a hurry too. So, three, two, one!” (Akira)

“Whoa!?” (Jin)

Pushed from behind, I step into the magic circle with the momentum. Suppressing the urge to fall, I turn towards Akira.

“Have a good time, Jin. I’ll be watching from here, so enjoy yourself.” (Akira)

Smiling, Akira waves his hand as he sees me off.

“…Yeah, I’m off.” (Jin)

In an instant, a dazzling flash surrounds my field of vision.

Soon, I find myself standing under the vast sky surrounded by cheers.

“So many people…” (Jin)

The grand avenue leading to the royal castle was packed with people eager to catch a glimpse of the hero party. 

Even though the kingdom’s guards were securing the pathway, they seemed overwhelmed by the density of the crowd.

As they noticed our presence, the cheers became even louder.

“Jin.” (?)

Amidst the clamor, a voice calling my name reached my ears clearly.

When I turned around, there they were, dressed in pure white.

“――――” (Jin)

My heart was captivated in an instant.

“How does it look, Jin? I’m not really used to this kind of thing…” (Lucika)

Lucika, looking a bit shy, tugs at the hem of her dress.

The dress, designed to maximize her charm, tightens at the waist, highlighting her beautiful silhouette. With her tall stature, it gives off a stylish and fashionable vibe.

However, the skirt, with its fluffy and sweet design, might reflect Lucika’s admiration for the girlish side within her.

This outfit, which is not only stylish but also expresses her inner self, suits her perfectly.

“It’s really… really wonderful. I feel like I want to capture the image in a painting or something.” (Jin)

“This feels kind of… weird. I haven’t had many opportunities for people to compliment my clothes.” (Lucika)

“Hey, Jin-san! Look at me too! I’m really cute!” (Yuuri)

While puffing her cheeks, Yuuri holds my hand.

In contrast to Lucika, she was the embodiment of the word “cute”.

The moment I saw her wrapped in the dress, I couldn’t help but murmur “cute.” It was an impulse that just overwhelmed me.

A voluminous princess-like skirt1.

A large bow-shaped flower blooms at the waist, making it clear from any angle that Yuuri is the princess-like bride.

It suited her so well that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it was born just for her.

“Yuuri’s charm has increased many times over. You look extremely cute…” (Jin)

“Stop it, Jin-san… staring at me like that… you’re making me blush.” (Yuuri)

“But you really are cute. I can’t help but want to keep looking.” (Jin) 

“Lastly, it’s my turn. Jin’s true favorite.” (Reki)

Giving a little tug to the hem, Reiki now insists that it’s her turn.

As I face Reki who was wrapped in a dress, I unconsciously avert my gaze.

I thought I was fully aware of how cute she was. However, that was an understatement.

With proper makeup and wearing a wedding dress, she looked… unbelievably cute, enough to make my heart flutter.

A simple and classic wedding dress. It hung on her shoulders, emphasizing her chest a bit.

From top to bottom, it was decorated with lace patterns, and it was undoubtedly glamorous.

Perhaps because of the heels, our faces were closer than usual, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit flustered.

“What’s wrong, Jin? Does your stomach hurting?” (Jin)

“Hehe, no, Reki-chan. Jin-san is probably…” (Yuuri)

“Yeah, I was just captivated by Reki’s appearance.” (Jin)

“…? Is that so, Jin?” (Reki)

Reki looks up from below. Her emerald eyes were filled with expectation.

“…Yeah. You look really beautiful, Reki.” (Jin)

“…I’m glad that you like it, Jin.” (Reki)

She smiles sweetly, truly a beautiful bride.

Of course, it’s not just Reki. Lucika and Yuuri too. They’re all wonderfully amazing, almost too good for me.

Through Akira’s trials, I’ve come to understand how much everyone cares about me.

I’ll definitely make them happy.

“I actually want to monopolize the beautiful appearance of everyone like this, but there are a lot of people who have come to see us, aren’t there?” (Jin)

I reach out my hand toward the three.

“Now then, shall we go?” (Jin)

To make that vow, we advanced our steps before the audience.

Illustration of Reki in her wedding dress

A simple and classic wedding dress. It hung on her shoulders, emphasizing her chest a bit.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Let’s go! The wedding is finally happening! I am so sorry if I couldn’t describe the wedding appearance properly, I have no idea what it is saying tbh xd

Apparently I forgot to insert an illustration at ch 13. It’s not my fault! The illustration doesn’t match the content of what they were talking about.

Btw I already started on the aforementioned LN. You can check it out here:
A Toxic 20-Year-Old Game Streamer Accidentally Reveals His Nice Personality Because He Forgot to End the Stream


  1. I honestly don’t know what this is, so here’s your chatgpt answer: voluminous skirt is a calf-length, high-waisted skirt made of woven fabric, with discreet pockets and a concealed zip at the back. 
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