MPFM – Chapter 27 – The wedding ceremony doesn’t end easily

“[Hero]-sama~!” (Audience)

“Kyaa~! Lucika-sama, please look this way~!” (Audience)

“[Saint]-sama! Thank you as always! Thanks to you, our family is getting along well!” (Audience)

“Jin-sama! Congratulations on completing the long journey~!” (Audience)

As we walked down the aisle, cheers rain down from all around.

Among them are voices calling our name, causing me to involuntarily pause.

“…” (Jin)

“What’s wrong, Jin? You should wave back properly.” (Reki)

“Oh, yeah… that’s right. I should, shouldn’t I?” (Jin)

I turn around and wave to the woman who cheered for me.

Likewise, Reki and the others are spreading smiles to the crowd that came to celebrate.

When you hear expressions of gratitude directly, you truly feel that what you’ve done has borne fruit.

Even though I left the party before the final showdown… Well, let’s not say that out loud, otherwise, it would end up like last time…

“(Well then, in that case I’m disqualified from the Hero Party too. The ones who defeated the Demon King were Reki and Yuuri.)” (Lucika)

“(That’s right. So, Lucika can’t become a bride. Goodbye.)” (Yuuri)

“(The penalty is harsh!)” (Lucika)

…Strangely, I feel like I would miss those kinds of interactions we had.

Reki being chosen as the [Hero], me joining her on her journey out of concern, making precious companions like Yuuri and Lucika, overcoming difficult battles, and ultimately marrying everyone…

So many things had to go right to get to where we are right now. I feel like this is fate.

“Hey, Reki.” (Jin)

“What is it?” (Reki)

“Are you happy being chosen as the [Hero]?” (Jin)

“Yeah. I’m really happy right now.” (Reki)

“I see… then, that’s good.” (Jin)

“Hey, why are you two acting lovey-dovey without us?” (Yuuri)

“Don’t leave us out of it…” (Lucika)

Yuuri and Lucika tightly entwined their arms around mine.

Reki ends up being pushed aside, but she doesn’t seem particularly angry.

She turned towards us and gave a small laugh.

“Both of you are quite something. I’m an adult, so I’ll let it slide.” (Reki)

“…” (Yuuri & Lucika)

And then, she gives the usual double peace sign.

While it’s nice to see Reki growing up, I should probably teach her not to tease people. They’re holding back because they’re in public, but that just means their grip on my arms is incredibly strong.

It’s a husband’s duty to endure this pain.

Resuming our walk as if nothing happened, we continued making our way to the royal castle.

After walking for about ten minutes or so…

Finally, we arrived at the royal castle, where the main gate stood open.

At the entrance, there was a specially arranged altar, and the priest from the Holy Church was there.

Glancing at the castle’s courtyard, there were Urward-sama, the Queen, Akira, and both of his parents. The royal family of the Meon Kingdom were all here.

But that’s not all. There was also the Grand Elder of the Elven village, which is Lucika’s hometown, and the high priest, who is the top figure in the Holy Church.

“Look, Jin. Over there.” (Reki)

At the direction of Reki’s gaze, my parents were there.

Their usual cheerfulness was nowhere to be seen, and they were unusually tense today. I bet they never thought attending their son’s wedding would involve sitting next to the king.

Seeing my dad and mom, who were pale-faced, I couldn’t help but feel like laughing.

It seemed Reki felt the same way. As we approached the altar, their slightly stiff expression softened.

I waved to my parents, saying thank you.

And now, the finale of this wedding was approaching.

Sensing the atmosphere, the crowd fell into silence. It was something unimaginable in the lively royal capital. We stood in front of the altar as the main event drew closer.

“Jin Geist.” (Priest)

The priest called my name, and I took half a step forward.

“You, Jin Geist, do you vow to take Reki Arias, Yuuri Felicia, and Lucika El Ristia as your wives, to share with them in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to love, honor, and cherish them?” (Priest)

“Yes, I do.” (Jin)

“Reki Arias, Yuuri Felicia, Lucika El Ristia.” (Priest)

They stepped forward, standing beside me.

“Do you vow to take Jin Geist as your husband, to share with him in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to love, honor, and cherish him?” (Priest)

“Yes, we do.” (All 3)

Upon hearing their responses, the priest smiled.

…Well, here we go.

Finally, the moment has arrived for something I haven’t done before.

… I can’t afford to mess up here, for the sake of the three of them.

“Now, you may kiss the brides.” (Priest)

Slowly, we faced each other.

… Everyone looks truly beautiful.

… To be honest, I haven’t decided who to kiss first. There’s no set order.

Even though Reki and the others should have known that we had to do this. No one brought it up when we were planning.

Of course, I love them all. I want to dedicate all my love to the three of them equally.

Still, it’s in a maiden’s heart to wish to be chosen first.

—And I, too, have made up my mind.

Closing my eyes, the maidens waited for the kiss as if in prayer.

I took a step closer to one of them and placed my hand on her small shoulder.

It was at that moment.

“GUAAAAAA!!” (?)

A thunderous roar pierced our ears. An unwelcome guest, unsuitable for this joyous occasion.

Jet-black scales. Glinting red eyes. Two fangs protruding from its mouth.

A Demonic Dragon was flying over the capital.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Man, I can’t believe that Jin would go all the way up to the courtyard to prepare to kiss Akira before the girls. This was truly one of the most weddings of all time. Of course, dragon-kun had to show up to make sure that there was no unfair treatment between the girls.


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Of course, the uninvited troublemaker is a given in the kind of events. Let’s see how it is punished by the ones who didn’t give a damn about the formalities during the Demon King Battle.