MPFM – Chapter 28 – Until the end, in our own way

Kiyaaaaaaa” (Audiences)

After a moment of silence to comprehend the situation, the audience’s screams echoed throughout the area.

“Ugh! Are there still such powerful monsters remaining?!” (Guard)

“Everyone, please calm down! Don’t panic, don’t run! Follow our instructions!” (Guard)

Inside the royal castle, chaos ensued. The royal guards were trying to guide the citizens to safety, but the sheer number of people made it difficult to maintain order.

This is bad.

If things continue like this, the citizens might hurt themselves while trying to run away.

“…Is that also a trial prepared by Akira?” (Reki)

“There’s no way that’s possible!” (Jin)

Reki uttered such words with a vacant expression.

There was no sign of panic in her eyes.

In other words, for her, that thing wasn’t a formidable enemy…?

“Reki, how long would it take for you to defeat it?” (Jin)

“On my own, five minutes. With everyone’s support, three minutes.” (Reki)

“Alright, as expected of a [Hero]. Yuuri, can you use the [Saint]]’s protection throughout the entire capital?” (Jin)

“Yes, of course. However, since the range is wide, I’ll need a little time. If you can just hold off the first wave of its attacks.” (Yuuri)

“You heard her, Lucika. I’ll support you in my own small way. This time, focus on defense.” (Jin)

“Of course. Let’s get started then.” (Lucika)

Currently, I’m in my formal dress and don’t have any weapons at hand.

However, thanks to the [Precocious] blessing I have, I’ve dabbled in numerous fields and become a jack-of-all-trades kind of person.

Even in situations like this, I had many cards up my sleeve.

“[Enchant Magic: Spell Deployment Speed Increase]!” (Jin)

Green particles danced around Lucika, bathed in my magic.

[Enchant Magic] is a type of magic that can indirectly benefit the party by either buffing them or debuffing enemies.

Even the three of them who possess great power have weaknesses. It was my role in the party to fill in those gaps.

This time, I granted Lucika the ability to skip the incantation of her magic. Casting powerful spells typically requires an incredibly lengthy incantation, but this enchantment allowed her to simplify them.

In a situation like this, where every second counts, it would undoubtedly be effective.

“Thank you, Jin. Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, no one in this place will die.” (Lucika)

“GUAAAAAA!!” (Dragon)

The Demonic Dragon circling in the sky, folded its wings as if preparing to swoop down on its prey.

“Lucika!” (Jin)

“O great spirit of the wind, bound by our race, in accordance with the contract, bestow upon us the protection that shields us from all calamities — [Invisible Barrier: Wind Zero Automata]!” (Lucika)

“GUAA!?” (Dragon)

The Demonic Dragon swooped down but crashed into an invisible wall.

“GUAAAAAAAA!!” (Dragon)

Once again, the Demonic Dragon attempted to charge, baring its fangs, but it was once again repelled.

“This magic deflects anything entering the designated area, redirecting it all outward. Now, it can’t hurt anyone.” (Lucika)

“GUAU! GUAAU!!” (Dragon)

As Lucika had said, the Demonic Dragon launched attacks with its claws and swung its robust tail, but nothing broke through.

The invasion was stopped right in its tracks.

“The drawback is the intense consumption of mana, but we don’t have to worry about that this time. I leave the rest to you, Yuuri, Reki.” (Lucika)

“Yes, it’s in our hands.” (Yuuri)

The sound of bells echoed. This signaled that the Yuuri’s preparation had been completed.

She gently overlapped her hands in front of her chest, as if enveloping something fleeting and delicate.

“Oh, goddess. Remember the sorrow that believes in you, and bestow a drop of love upon your beloved children — [Song of Compassion].” (Yuuri)

The ball of light born in her palms soared into the sky and burst.

[Song of Compassion] is a technique exclusive to Yuuri, who possesses the [Saint]’s divine protection and it is designed for use on the battlefield.

It has the effect of calming the mind and can alleviate the sense of pain to a certain extent.

Finally, the movements of the people who had been running around in panic came to a halt. Our voices could now reach them.

“Now, everyone. Please calm down and listen to the royal guards. There’s no need to worry. The [Hero] Reki will exterminate that dragon for us soon.” (Yuuri)

“Let the voice of the beginning reach all the people — [Diffusion: Circulate].” (Jin)

Alright, with this, Yuuri’s voice should have reached everyone within the [Invisible Barrier] created by [Wind Zero Automata].

All that we have to deal with now is the Demonic Dragon flying in the sky.

“……Fuu~” (Reki)

“…Are you nervous, Reki?” (Jin)

“No, it’s not that. I’m just getting fired up, it’s been a while. I just have to cut down that creature, right?” (Reki)

“Yeah. It’s partly for the sake of peace, but also—” (Jin)

“—The punishment for disrupting our wedding is worth a thousand deaths. —Come, [Holy Sword].” (Reki)

In an instant, particles of light gathered in Reki’s hand, and her partner, who had repelled numerous demons, appeared in her grasp.

Then, the radiance of the Holy Sword intensified.

She was genuinely angry. Looks like she intended to settle this with a single blow.

“Jin.” (Reki)

“I know.” (Jin)

I went to stand beside Reki, placing my hand over hers.

“Yuuri. Lucika.” (Jin)

“I know, Reki-chan and I feel the same way!” (Yuuri)

“To think that it would ruin my first wedding at the age of 28××, this thing deserves something worse than death…!” (Lucika)

The two, along with Reki, gripped the hilt of the Holy Sword.

The [Holy Sword], which derives from the [Hero] blessing, increases in power proportionate to the amount of emotion poured into it.

At this moment, the anger of the women is immense. Even I feel the same way.

The Holy Sword responded to such emotions, and the light surrounding it became much more intense.

“Instead of cake-cutting, looks like we’re going to be dragon-cutting. Well, isn’t that nice?” (Reki)

“That sounds great! Reki-chan, give it your all in!” (Yuuri)

With this much radiance, even the Demonic Dragon noticed something was off. Intense heat converged in its mouth, and red lines ran through its black skin.

“Looks like it’s preparing a little something over there too.” (Lucika)

“Don’t worry, it’ll only take a single strike” (Reki)

In sync with Reki’s movement, we also thrust our sword upward into the sky.

“Wipe everything to nothing—” (Reki)

“GUORAAAAAA!!” (Dragon)

“—[Holy Sword Excalibur]!!” (Reki)

A torrent of light was unleashed at the same time the sword was swung down.

A scorching beam of light erupted from the Demonic Dragon’s mouth.

In front of the watchful eyes of everyone, the two collided in the sky, creating a whirlwind of explosive force.

A moment of deadlock. Then, it was quickly shattered.

“GUOOOOU!?” (Dragon)

The single strike from the Holy Sword extended straight towards the Demonic Dragon.

When it tried to switch to escape, it was already too late.

“GYAAAAAAAA…………!” (Dragon)

Both wings disappeared, and the Demonic Dragon, no longer able to fly, plummeted into the ground.

The resounding crash of the colossal body can be heard from this distance.

As the silence returned for the third time, this time, it was broken by cheers.

“Amazinggg! They defeated the Demonic Dragon!!” (Audience)

“Hurray for [Hero]-sama!!” (Audience)

“Thank god it ended safely~!” (Audience)

Explosive excitement was evident everywhere.

Watching the citizens celebrate, we, too, rejoiced in our victory.

“Good job, Reki.” (Jin)

“You did really well, Reki-chan.” (Yuuri)

“That was quite satisfying.” (Lucika)

“Yeah!” (Reki)

We exchanged fist bumps.

“It’s a relief that we managed to finish it without any casualties. Or at least, there shouldn’t be any casualties, right?” (Jin)

“If there were deaths at our wedding, it wouldn’t have been good for the kingdom. It’s really fortunate.” (Lucika)

“Yeah. But, the demonic dragon from earlier could still be out there somewhere. We should start looking for it right away.” (Reki)

“In that case, let’s go immediately. We can’t afford to have casualties.” (Yuuri)

“The wedding was ruined, but I guess it can’t be helped.” (Lucika)

“We are a [Hero] party, after all.” (Reki)

The decision was made.

Since it wouldn’t be good for us to suddenly disappear, I wanted to inform Akira or someone, but I wonder where they are.

As I looked for someone to convey our message, Reki tapped me on the back.

“What’s up, Reki?” (Jin)

“Jin. I forgot something.” (Reki)

“Forgot something?” (Jin)

“Yeah—this.” (Reki)

With a blink, Reki’s long and beautiful eyelashes were right in front of my eyes.

And then, with the warmth of someone’s lips, I finally understood what was happening. I understood and… without refusing, I accepted it.

A kiss of vows. I was about to do it with Reki but we were interrupted by the Demonic Dragon.

“Aaahh!!” (Yuuri & Lucika)

The voices of Yuuri and Lucika overlapped.

After parting her lips, Reki turned towards the two and flashed her usual double peace sign.

“Earlier, Jin touched my shoulders. In other words, the first kiss was supposed to be mine.” (Reki)

“W-Well, that may be true, but… Reki-chan, you’ve already kissed him in the past, so can’t you let it go!” (Yuuri)

“That’s a different matter. If you want to blame someone, blame your own rosy head1.” (Reki)

“Grrr!” (Yuuri)

“Alright, let’s calm down, Yuuri.” (Lucika)

“Why is Lucika-san so calm!” (Yuuri)

“Well, you see… it’s because of this.” (Lucika)

“…!” (Jin)

“What a sneaky move!?” (Yuuri)

Without any mental preparation, I was kissed by Lucika.

After savoring it for a while, my lips were pulled away as Yuuri separated us.

“You cunning woman! Coward! Old ear! Chopping board!” (Reki)

Yuuri, her face bright red, was hitting Lucika.

As I chuckled at the scene, her focus turned towards me.

“Jin-san! It’s my turn next! Get ready!” (Yuuri)

“Eh, right now!?” (Jin)

“Of course! I’ll overwrite everything!” (Yuuri)

“W-Wait! It’s not something you need to put so much force into…!!” (Jin)

With my face held, I was passionately kissed by Yuuri’s soft lips.

Due to Yuuri’s excessive enthusiasm, I ended up falling backward and being pushed down.

“Hehe, I won’t let you escape~” (Yuuri)

*Chu chu (kiss kiss)* — the kiss was repeated several times.

“W-Wait, Yuuri. Isn’t the kiss of vow supposed to be done just once?” (Jin)

“I don’t know about that rule! I’ve been holding back until now, so I want to do it a lot!” (Yuuri)

“That’s unfair. Well then, I’ll keep going too.” (Reki)

“H-Hey, Reki! Ugh… I, I want to as well.” (Lucika)

The sight of my three brides filled my view.

What happened to looking for the Demonic Dragon?

I wonder if I should say something, but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be heard. Besides, I can’t speak because my lips are sealed.

…Even if people are watching, I’ll accept it as it is.

With such thoughts, I found myself showered with kisses from three directions.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Bro them gripping the sword is like that power rangers scene where all the rangers have to grip the big weapon together, for some reason, to finish off the enemy. I’m sorry but imagining this scene is too funny. Actually, now that I think about it, power rangers orignated from Japan, didn’t it?


  1. Rosy head means that the person keeps thinking of ideal outcomes.
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Technically Power Rangers is a Japanese show, but it’s not called Power Rangers in Japan but Super Sentai (Kyoryu sentai Zyuranger or something of that nature) and was quite America adapted due to fear it wouldn’t sell otherwise


What a good life he has.