MPFM – Chapter 29 – Happy Married Slow Life

In the end, the unprecedented invasion of the Demonic Dragon ended safely.

Thanks to Lucika and Yuuri, there were no major injuries or casualties. Furthermore, there was no collateral damage, making this a good way to show off the power of the hero party to the outside world.

Later, we found out that the Demonic Dragon was a monster that had been tamed by the Demon King. This information was confirmed by the testimonies of Reki and Yuuri.

According to Lucika, who could also tame creatures, it seems that the Demonic Dragon, having lost its master, was confused. With nothing left to do, it likely pursued Reki and Yuuri, who defeated the Demon King.

Apparently, the reason it tried to attack people was to appeal to a new master by showcasing its capabilities.

Upon witnessing the Demon King killing people, the Demonic Dragon might have thought that if it did the same, it could find a new master willing to take him in.

“Come here, Pochi. It’s mealtime.” (Reki)

“GAU!!” (Pochi)

And so, now he is being kept as Reki’s pet in our village.

It seems that he managed to twist his body and escape death. After finding him near the capital, Reki decided to tame him.

Now, with a large collar around his neck, the Demonic Dragon bites into the roasted pig placed on a plate.

Urwald-sama was troubled by the decision for us to keep him, but in the end, he gave his blessing, reasoning that if Reki was the one taking care of him, then he figured that it would be fine.

“Hmm… quite an unbelievable sight.” (Jin)

Well, as long as she’s happy, I guess it’s fine.

“Hehe, are we going to be doing pet play tonight?” (Yuuri)

“Haha~ Yuuri, you never change.” (Jin)

“Even if you praise me, Jin-san, I still can’t produce breast milk.” (Yuuri)

“I can’t keep up with your thinking!” (Jin)

Yuuri wriggles her hips suggestively.

Her sexual appetite knows no bounds, and it seems she has reached a point where dirty jokes come out of her naturally.

They say that early education has a significant impact on one’s personality, but who would have thought it could reach this extent…

“…Jin, do you like that kind of thing?” (Lucika)

“Don’t take it seriously, Lucika. It’s all just Yuuri’s usual nonsense.” (Jin)

“Well then, what kind of play do you prefer?” (Lucika)

“Why does everyone keep asking me these kinds of things?” (Jin)

“Well, because… you know?” (Yuuri & Lucika)

The two of them pierce me with their dubious gazes.

…Well, it’s not like I don’t understand. I know full well the intention behind their rather straightforward questions.

Because tonight… we will be spending our first night together.

We just moved into our new home yesterday.

Having received the title of baron, there were various things we had to do.

Interviews about the wedding, serving as models for paintings, discussions about how to handle Pochi… the list goes on.

In the end, it seems that, for now, the girls are fine with how the wedding turned out. I thought about redoing the wedding, but if the three of them are satisfied, I won’t say anything.

When I asked for the reason, they said something like, “If we do it again, the others might try to meddle in,” but I wonder who those “others” are. Are they talking about other noble families’ daughters?

Not that I’m planning to marry them anyways.

When I mentioned that, everyone sighed, bringing back memories (of Akira) I’d rather not dwell on.

And then, Yuuri asked me for something afterward.

“I want tomorrow to be a special day,” she said. I’m not so insensitive that I don’t understand what she meant by that.

I agreed, and it led to their current situation.

“What are you three talking about?” (Reki)

“Oh, welcome back, Reki.” (Lucika)

“We were just talking about tonight. Reki-chan is interested too, right?” (Yuuri)

“No, not really.” (Reki)

“Hasen’t this child been acting cold lately!” (Yuuri)

No need to say things like a mother dealing with a rebellious daughter.

“Well, Reki is still a child, so it’s understandable if she’s not very interested.” (Lucika)

“Mmm. I’m not a child. I’m an adult.” (Reki)

“I guess so. Reki, you’ve grown up quite fast.” (Lucika) 

“Muuuu.” (Reki)

Being treated like a child by Lucika, Reki seems dissatisfied and her cheeks puff up.

“Well, Jin loves me, and I love Jin. So, no matter what we do, I’ll be happy anyways.” (Reki)

“Did you hear that, Yuuri? These are the words of gratitude of someone who has found true love. Which one of you is the child?” (Lucika)

“Don’t betray me so quickly! Jin-san, they’re bullying me~!” (Yuuri)

“Yes, there, there. I’ll comfort you, but if you touch me in weird places, I’ll push you away, okay~?” (Jin)

“….!” (Yuuri)

Ah, the hand that had been moving from my back to my waist stopped.

This is exactly why I had to set restrictions.

“Anyways, let’s just enjoy the rest of today1.” (Reki)

“…Yes, that’s right, just as Reki-chan says.” (Yuuri)

With a double peace sign to celebrate today’s victory, Reki smirks triumphantly.

But soon, she returns to her usual expressionless demeanor.

A loud growl emanates from her stomach.

“Well, I’m hungry. Let’s eat.” (Reki)

“Yuuri was in charge of cooking today… which means.” (Lucika)

“Yes! As everyone predicted, today’s meal is full of ingredients known for enhancing stamina, Jin-san. Please eat a lot!” (Yuuri)

She brings to the table the dishes that she had apparently already finished preparing.

In response to my protesting gaze, Yuuri winks at me.

She’s trying to distract me with her cuteness, and I find myself forgiving her anyways. Well, that’s just who she is, and that’s just who I am.

It can’t be helped. It’s the weakness of being in love.

The fact that I love everyone is undeniable, and I’m sure that won’t change in the future.

Spending time with everyone.

That makes me happier than anything else.

“…Haha, I wonder if we’ll be able to see the morning sun tomorrow.” (Jin)

For now, let’s enjoy this lovely moment.

Our happy, slow life after marriage has only just begun.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Yes it had only just begun, but we’re already one chapter away from catching up with the author lol. Btw, some of the illustrations were exclusive to the LN. Talking bout the ones with Jin fighting and the wedding rings breaking.


  1. I know this was random and doesn’t make any sense, but idk what the author was trying to say for this part.
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I hope Jin survive, let’s pray for him 🙏


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