MPFM – Interlude 1

It was a certain afternoon when I was enthusiastically engaged in some DIY activities at home.

“Jin onii-chan. Come flirt with Reki, okay?” (Reki)

Reki suddenly approached me with moist eyes while saying something outrageous.

“Jin-chan, don’t you want to be spoiled by Yuuri Mama?” (Yuuri)

Yuuri followed suit while holding a baby bottle and pacifier in her hands.

“Jin-sama, please feel free to ask for anything.” (Lucika)

Finally, Lucika started saying such things while looking excited.

“S-Scary…! W-What do you guys want…!” (Jin)

Feeling a strong sense of fear, I quickly distanced myself from them.

Seeing this, Yuuri pouted discontentedly.

“Wait! Why are you reacting like that?” (Yuuri)

“Anyone would react like this if they were approached in such a weird way.” (Jin)

“It’s not weird! I just had something I wanted to ask!” (Yuuri)

“Doesn’t that make it even scarier!?” (Jin)

“Yuuri, calm down. There, there.” (Reki)

Reki, who was dressed in an outfit more childish than usual, restrained Yuuri.

In her place, Lucika stepped forward.

By the way, she was wearing a maid outfit with a kimono… A maid dressed in a traditional Japanese outfit has quite a charming contrast.

“Look, we’ve been together for quite a long time, haven’t we?” (Lucika)

“Well, if you include the time we’ve been traveling, it’s quite a lot. Does that have anything to do with this odd behavior?” (Jin)

“Oh, absolutely. And it’s quite a significant issue.” (Lucika)

“Alright, I’m listening. Go ahead.” (Jin)

“Wait a minute! Why is your response different for her!?” (Yuuri)

“There, there.” (Reki)

Since Lucika said it with a very serious expression, I decided to listen properly.

You see, with Yuuri, there’s always this preconceived expectation that the conversation will head towards a certain direction…

“Actually, Jin. There exists something out there that even a [Sage] like me doesn’t understand.” (Lucika)

“Even Lucika…?” (Jin)

“Yeah. But I thought maybe you, Jin, might understand. That’s why I’d be happy to hear your opinion.” (Lucika)

“I’m not sure whether I can help… but I’ll give it my all.” (Jin)

“Thank you. So, without further ado… I want to know Jin’s preferences.” (Lucika)

“My preferences…my preferences?” (Jin)

Surprised, I asked again, and Lucika nodded with a serious expression.

“That’s right. We want to know Jin’s preferences.” (Lucika)

“Um… why?” (Jin)

“Because we want you to like us even more.” (Lucika)

“Jin-san is always looking out for us, right? We want to do something in return.” (Yuuri)

“—And then, we realized. We don’t even know Jin’s preferences.” (Reki)

So that’s why they’re dressed in such a variety of outfits.

The mystery is solved, and I feel a bit relieved.

It seems like everyone hasn’t gone mad or anything.

“…I mean, I like everyone as they are normally… isn’t that enough?” (Jin)

The three of them nodded in agreement.

Preferences, huh… I don’t really have any specific preference.

But it seems they won’t be satisfied unless I say something…

Hmm, let’s see. If I have to say something, then maybe it should be something that the three of them would definitely never do…

“…like a queen who would step on my head with her foot?” (Jin)

“Aah…” (Reki)

“Jin-san, you’re, uh…” (Yuuri)

“…You’re into that huh…” (Lucika)

“Alright, let’s do it. For Jin!” (Reki)

“I have stockings.” (Yuuri)

“Should I bring a whip too?” (Lucika)

“You don’t have to! I prefer everyone as how they are!!” (Jin)

Watching the three of them eagerly prepare, I quickly intervened while thinking that I have such good wives.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Jin seems like the kind of person with a hidden M side.

With that, we have caught up with the author. I’m actually considering doing another series similar to this, but I’ve been sleeping on it for a while. Idk if I should actually do it cause the author dropped it at around 50 chapters.

It’s about the MC, after going through an isekai life, finally completed his journey and defeated the Demon King. He had to be sent back to Japan afterwards, so they shared a final sad farewell. But for some reason, his harem got sent back with him to Japan and now they live there together. It’s a slice of life from that point on. Btw the harem consists of a classmate who got isekaied with the MC, a princess, a fairy, the Demon King’s daughter, and a white wolf beast-kin. 

If this sounds intriguing, maybe I’ll pick it up soon, right now I’m busy. Here’s the raw btw.


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Jin is really afraid of yuuri huh, the novel your talking about, if its ended on good note than consider picking it up.


Hi! I was just wondering will you continue to work on this novel? Ik that the author stopped posting a VN and continues to work on a LN version instead… i really hope that you’ll continue translating the LN version if it’s possible… cause it seems like we won’t get a continuation of a VN.

Rei 8

so is it possible that the author just dropped WN? :\


vol 2 release today


another great news ,comic is coming (source from author twitter )