ODL – Chapter 17 – Sleepy Hiyorin and Lying Shizuka

“…………Wow.” (Souma)

When I opened the door to the living room, I couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

…No, it’s not dirty like Shizuka’s house. It’s only been a week, so the living room is still pretty empty. In fact, it feels kind of deserted.

However, there was a certain something that was placed throughout the living room.

…Although, I can’t say I’m surprised.

“Such an enormous amount of alcohol…” (Souma)

On a small table meant for one person, bottles of sake and whiskey were densely lined up. In a corner of the room, there were two stuffed trash bags filled with empty alcohol cans. There seemed to be a rough estimate of nearly 50 bottles.

…This person just moved here last week, right?

Even if you simply divide it by 7… No, no, that can’t be right.

“For now, should I put her on the bed…” (Souma)

I walk past the alcohol-packed living room and opened the door to the back room. One of these rooms should be the bedroom.

“This is…” (Souma)

It seemed like I had picked the wrong one. In the room, there was a computer desk and shelves neatly arranged along the wall which are filled with merchandise from Hiyorin’s appearances in shows like “Zanimus” and “Drecure”. Perhaps this was her work room.

Since I roughly follow Hiyorin’s appearances in various works, I did feel a curious urge to take a closer look around, but I resisted and moved to the other room. I’ll ask for permission next time to see them.

As expected, the other room was the bedroom.

There was a cute bed, and various items like a humidifier, an aroma diffuser, and other fancy accessories that were neatly arranged.

Yep, this is how a woman’s room should be like. Shizuka is the odd one out, after all.

It would have been perfect if there wasn’t a “Demon Slayer1” sake bottle by the bedside, but now isn’t the time to worry about that.

“Hiyorin-san, I’m putting you down okay?” (Souma)

“Mmm…” (Sleepy Hiyori)

I leaned backwards and gently placed Hiyorin onto the bed, and she slowly untangled her arms and legs that had been wrapped around my back.

Hiyorin started to wiggle on the bed, searching for a comfortable position, but eventually, she settled down and started breathing peacefully in her sleep. Mission complete.

“Hah… I’m tired.” (Souma)

Mainly on the psychological side. If I didn’t possess a certain amount of rationality, things could have taken a different turn. Good thing I’m hard-boiled2.

“…Let’s head back.” (Souma)

For one night, I have to leave Hiyorin’s house unlocked… Well, it should be fine. My apartment has a locked entrance, after all. Also, it’s unlikely that someone would enter late at night and come up to this floor specifically. The security is quite heavy for a reason.

Anyways, I need to do something about the sensation of Hiyorin clinging to my body earlier. If this continues, I might end up having weird dreams about her. I’ll say it again, if I start lusting after my neighbor, it’s going to disrupt my daily life in many ways. Not to mention, we will be seeing each other every night.

I take a bath which was longer than usual as if trying to wash away Hiyorin’s pheromones, and dive onto the bed with my heated body.

It’s 10:30 PM. I finished dealing with all the cooking oil and dishes, and even though it’s earlier than usual, I might as well go to sleep.

“…………” (Souma)

Somewhat unconsciously, I opened up MeTube. Even though I know I shouldn’t, I find myself mindlessly scrolling through it. Hear me out, Ette-sama’s livestreams have a sleep-inducing effect, okay?

Although, I can’t really connect Ette-sama’s soothing voice with Shizuka’s “karaage~ karaage~3” chant. I guess Shizuka is a professional too. It’s impressive how she can portray a character so different from her usual personality.

On the MeTube homepage, videos and livestreams from people I follow were all over my feed. Coincidentally, Ette-sama’s livestream was at the top of it.

The title was “【Drunk Chat】Staying Up Late on Monday【Henrietta/Virtual Real】”.

…This girl, she must have made use of the fact that we were drinking during dinner and turn it into a drunk stream. Clever move.

When I tapped on Ette-sama’s thumbnail, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease as the familiar voice played.

“(I’m starting to get used to life in Tokyo. Oh, by the way, my neighbors are really nice people. I heard that people in Tokyo can be cold, but it wasn’t like that at all. We managed to become friends on the first day.)” (Henrietta)

“Oh?” (Souma)

Ette-sama seemed to be talking about her move.

I can’t help but feel happy being called “a really nice person” in front of thousands of people.

“Still……” (Souma)

What do you mean by getting used to life in Tokyo?

Shizuka, you hardly ever left your apartment.

I hear Uber Eats delivery drivers bringing fast food to your place almost every day, you know?

…Could it be that “getting used to life in Tokyo”, means mastering the art of using Uber Eats? I remember her mentioning that her hometown is in the middle of nowhere. They probably don’t even have Uber Eats there.

Comments: 『People don’t usually greet others when they move in, right?』

Comments: 『I would freak out if someone greeted me.』

Comments: 『Neighbor Gacha SSR?』

“(Yeah, that’s right! We became good friends, and both of them turned out to be SSRs.)” (Henrietta)

Hearing my oshi refer to me as an SSR made me feel a bit proud. By the way, in the idol-raising mobile game called “Zanimasu4“, which is how I got to know Hiyorin, SSR is the highest rarity.

“…………” (Souma)

Putting that aside…

…Is she really my oshi?

Honestly, my feelings towards Ette-sama are quite complicated at the moment.

Of course, it’s not like I don’t like her at all, but I can’t help but have Shizuka’s face flash through my mind every so often.

I do understand that Ette-sama and Shizuka are different individuals, but it’s hard to accept that fact.

As for Shizuka… I wonder. Aside from her messy room, I actually quite like her.

It’s fun talking to her and I don’t have to be on edge or anything when I’m talking to her.

That feeling is unique to Shizuka. I don’t feel that way with Mafuyu-chan or Hiyorin. With Hiyorin, I’ll probably always be nervous.

“…………” (Souma)

Should I leave a comment?

After all the trouble she’s caused me, I want to tease her a bit.

Comment: 『You look like the kind to order Uber Eats every day.』

I didn’t expect that my comment would be picked up so quickly, but luckily (or unluckily?), it seemed to catch Ette-sama’s attention.

“(Uber Eats? I give off that kind of image? I actually cook quite a bit.)” (Henrietta)

“Pfff” (Souma)

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Ette-sama casually telling a lie.

Hey, Shizuka, didn’t you say you don’t have a rice cooker at home?

Where is there a person who cooks their own meals without a rice cooker in Japan?

Are you having pasta for all three meals?

Well, that kind of fits Shizuka’s image, though.

Comment: 『Ette-sama sure have a lot of girl power.』

Comment: 『As expected Virtual Real’s seiso5 streamer.』

Comment: 『I want to be Ette-sama’s pimp.』

“…………Come on.” (Souma)

The comment section was filled with innocent people who didn’t doubt Shizuka’s claim at all. You guys should train your eyes to see the truth.

Well, I guess I would have believed it too if I hadn’t known her in real life. With only streams as the source of information, there is no reason to doubt her.

Comment: 『Do you have a rice cooker at home?』

I entered another follow-up comment.

Thousands of viewers watching the stream were about to believe in false information. I was the only one who could save them from that.

I was fueled by an unprecedented sense of justice.

The comment I had typed wasn’t read by Ette-sama. Instead, my phone notified me of an incoming message on Rime.

“(I know you’re watching the stream.)” (Shizuka)

Above the “Souma-kai” chatroom, there was a room with an unread message. The name of the chat, which had been at the top of my Rime lately, was “Rinjou Shizuka”, the girl who doesn’t own a rice cooker for cooking.

“(What are you talking about?)” (Souma)

I replied cautiously, making sure not to let my expression change. Almost immediately, I received a reply. You should focus on your stream.

“(Rice cooker.)” (Shizuka)

“(You want one?)” (Souma)

“(Nah, I don’t need it.)” (Shizuka)

“(Well, if you’re not cooking, then you don’t need it, right?)” (Souma)

“(You’re still watching, aren’t you?)” (Shizuka)

“…………” (Souma)

I closed Rime and reopened MeTube. Even if she didn’t reply, she would probably send another trivial message once the stream ended.

“(────Hey, I made karaage again today. Making karaage is quite a hassle, isn’t it?)” (Henrietta)

Comment: 『I totally understand.』

Comment: 『Dealing with the oil after frying is such a hassle.』

Comment: 『What’s your professional advice ojou-sama6?』

“Ah…” (Souma)

In the short moment that I looked away, things seemed to have taken a ridiculous turn. Once you tell one lie, you end up having to lie more to convince others.

The comment section was completely filled with people asking for Ette-sama’s domestic stories. I wonder what he intends to do.

If she decides to send me an SOS, I guess I could help to some extent.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

It’s been like forever since I translated one of these stream chapters. Shizuka is digging her grave so quickly, I wonder how did she even manage to stay seiso until now.


  1. This isn’t talking about the anime. I think this is talking about Onikoroshi Sake, which is an actual alcohol product. Demon Slayer is like one of the names of the product.
  2. To give you a refresher, hard-boiled means something like being tough, I think.
  3. Karaage is basically fried chicken
  4. Okay… but couldn’t you have told me what Zanimasu was earlier? I guess it’s something like bang dream where live performances happen from time to time?
  5. Seiso is a pretty common VTuber slang that describes someone as neat and clean, or something like that.
  6. Ojou-sama is like a high-class young lady
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