ODL – Chapter 33 – Is this Company Okay?

“Interesting. I approve.” (Maya)

“Seriously?” (Souma)

“……good.” (Mafuyu)

It was the evening of a weekday in July. The sun was setting and the sky turned red.

I had brought Mafuyu-chan with me to the [Virtual Real] HQ for the first time in two days.

Apparently, Maya-san is unbelievably busy this week and only has 15 minutes of free time. It was fortunate that this time happened to be after our classes.

“…Are you sure about this? I mean, Mafuyu-chan isn’t technically my sister.” (Souma)

“It’s just a matter of changing the family register1.” (Mafuyu)

“Could you please be quiet for a moment, Mafuyu-chan?” (Souma)

I held Mafuyu-chan back as she leaned forward eagerly. Things would get messy if she kept cutting in on the conversation and we went over the time limit.

…Maya-san was responding so quickly that I began to feel anxious. Well, maybe she wasn’t really listening at all. If she had been listening, there’s no way she would’ve agreed. After all, Mafuyu-chan isn’t my sister.

For the first time, Maya-san lifted her face from the laptop she had been busily typing on. Her gaze wandered, and then her focus landed on Mafuyu-chan.

“Hey there… Mafuyu-chan, right? I don’t mind if you join the stream, but can you promise me one thing? When you’re on the stream, act as the perfect little sister. If you can promise that, I’ll allow your participation. I can even prepare a 3D model for you if you want.” (Maya)

“Being his sister is my specialty.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan replied without hesitation to Maya-san, who was examining her with a stern gaze.

Is that really her strong suit?

The little sister that Mafuyu-chan was portraying up until now clearly deviates from the norm for siblings. Either that or real-life little sisters love their older brothers way more than I assumed.

I have a feeling if I asked a brother with a little sister about this, they would strongly deny it. Maybe I should ask Keisuke next time.

“In that case, this discussion is over… Souma, I’m expecting a lot from you. You don’t need to act any differently than you normally do. Your natural self is likely to be the most appealing. As for the little sister thing, gradually incorporate it based on the viewer’s response. And… I’ll continue to rely on you for the ‘EtteMeal’ thing. It’s been getting really popular. Ever since Henrietta moved to Tokyo, the increase in numbers has been quite noticeable.” (Maya)

Maya-san’s cheeks relaxed ever so slightly.

…Could that have been a smile just now? Her mouth barely moved.

I had already informed her that I couldn’t be active frequently due to my university and cooking commitments, and she had graciously accepted it. The EtteMeal must have played a role in her decision. Personally, I felt much more at ease knowing that I could prioritize my life over VTuber activities.

If you want to become popular, it’s probably better to stream more frequently… But honestly, I don’t have that desire. I’m not too keen on changing my daily routine. I feel sorry for the people who are doing their best to get into my position.

“I understand… um, can I ask one thing?” (Souma)

“What is it?” (Maya)

The sharp gaze behind the glasses gleamed with intensity.

“It’s about the character thing… Can I go for a hard-boiled type of character?” (Souma)

“Rejected. It doesn’t suit you.” (Maya)

“No way…” (Souma)

…Maybe Maya-san really isn’t listening to what people are saying. There’s no way a hard-boiled2 character wouldn’t suit me, right?

“Hm… Hehe… Hmm~♪” (Mafuyu)

On the way back to the apartment.

Mafuyu-chan was unusually cheerful, humming a tune and walking with a light, almost dancing step.

“You seem to be having fun, Mafuyu-chan.” (Souma)

“Do I look that way? …Then maybe I am.” (Mafuyu)

It’s not just that it looks that way… She’s practically radiating happiness from head to toe. Does she not realize it?

“But anyways, it’s great that we can stream together now.” (Souma)

“Yeah. If it didn’t work out, I would have had to resort to threatening Shizuka.” (Mafuyu)

“Threatening… Just don’t bully Shizuka too much, okay?” (Souma)

“Well, that depends on her, doesn’t it?” (Mafuyu)

As Mafuyu-chan continued talking, we arrived at our apartment building. I wonder what’s wrong with Shizuka and Mafuyu-chan. As a guy, I don’t really understand these things, but maybe this is how women get along. I can’t imagine a scene where these two fight and Shizuka would win, so if it ever came to that, I might have to step in and help Shizuka.

“Well, just get along with each other.” (Souma)

I playfully pat Mafuyu-chan’s head. Her black hair always has a glossy shine to it, and if I let my guard down, it makes me want to touch it. It’s so smooth and pleasant to the touch.

“─Onii-chan, let me tell you one thing.” (Mafuyu)

“What is it?” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan reached up and playfully tried to catch my hand which was swaying back and forth. After a few back-and-forths, she finally grabbed my hand.

“You know, girls… prefer this over being petted on the head.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan’s slender fingers intertwined with mine.

If I remember correctly, the term for holding hands with fingers intertwining with each other is called…

“…But Mafuyu-chan, aren’t you supposed to be my little sister?” (Souma)

“I remember you calling me your girlfriend, onii-chan.” (Mafuyu)

“I already told you it’s not like that…” (Souma)

I wonder when she’ll forget about that incident from back then.

Fufu, if you want to blame someone, blame that sinful mouth of yours?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan, while still holding my hand, swung it back and forth playfully as she walked. It seemed like she was in a good mood after all.

Come to think of it… We used to walk like this, holding hands when we were kids.

Despite growing up, the sensation of those hands hadn’t changed, and I couldn’t help but reminisce about the past.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Oh please, there is no way she’s gonna forget that like ever.

MC’s sister gonna get a VTuber model too? FuwaMoco is that you? Well, I don’t actually watch them so I am assuming their settings are sisters or something. I wonder if this chapter came out after FuwaMoco, than the author might have gone with the duo VTuber concept.


  1. Family register is a official document that records and certifies the identity and family relationships of Japanese citizens on the basis of family law.
  2. Hard-boiled means tough and cynical. I’m putting this footnote again cause I actually forgot the definition xd
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Thanks for the chapter!

Mafuyu little by little is tying up Souma again. What’s not to love about this type of yandere


Thanks for chapter!

Is calling her a yandere a bit too much? All I see is that she’s very possessive of the person she loves, not to the point of being called a yandere…


Looks like the word yandere has been toned down. Thank you again for your translation work! (^^)b

P/s: Sorry if my words are wrong because English is not my native language 😉