ODL – Chapter  41 – There are Only Strange People in this Apartment

[Shizuka PoV]

“Sorry, let me take a moment to organize my thoughts…” (Shizuka)

Faced with a series of events beyond comprehension, I found myself clutching my head. 

As I lowered my head, the clean, polished hardwood floor came into view, clearing my thoughts.


Okay, I already knew that Mafuyu liked Souma-kun. She doesn’t even try to hide it. Her attitude towards Souma is blatantly different from how she treats the rest of us. No matter how oblivious you are, it’s hard to not notice it… Although Souma-kun may not have realized it.

Anyways, Mafuyu is currently right there on the top of my “take down” list.

The problem is that now, there is a new unexpected enemy in Hiyori-san.

…However, Hiyori-san never showed any signs of being interested in him before.

The atmosphere within Souma-kai, as I knew it, was me making a fuss, Mafuyu and Souma making some comment about it, and Hiyori-san gently smiling as she watched over us. That was the usual routine among us. I always thought of Hiyori-san as a calm, older sister figure who was looking out for us.

…But in reality, she was someone who had shamelessly given her spare key to Souma-kun.

So, in other words…

“Does this mean that… everyone here likes Souma-kun?” (Shizuka)

I raised my head.

First, I looked at Mafuyu’s face. She showed no sign of being shaken by my words. She had her usual icy, poker face. I’m sure she’s been given a nickname like “Ice Queen” or something at her university. She can be a bit intimidating at times.

Then, as I looked to my side, it was clear that Hiyori-san was visibly shaken. Her face was bright red, and her gaze was wandering all over the place. Without needing any further elaboration, I understood exactly what was going on.

“Eh… What are we supposed to do now?” (Shizuka)

What escaped from my lips was a vague question with no answers.

“For now, how about we share the spare key?” (Shizuka)

“Ha? Why?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu clutched the spare key she had tightly to her chest.

“Because it’s unfair. You probably took it forcibly, didn’t you?” (Shizuka)

“Don’t jump to conclusions. He willingly gave it to me.” (Mafuyu)

“Can I verify it with Souma-kun, then?” (Shizuka)

“…For now, I’ll hear what you have to say.” (Mafuyu)

For the first time, Mafuyu furrowed her brows.

See? I knew it; she must have taken it by force. Souma-kun probably wanted to give it to me in the first place.

“…Ah. So the reason I didn’t get a spare key was because he didn’t have it anymore…? Then, I probably have the right to ask for a spare key too, right?” (Hiyori)

Hiyori-san, who had been lost in thought, clapped her hands and spoke up. She looked at us with a happy expression.

“…Do you think it is okay to lend out someone else’s key?” (Mafuyu)

“Well, in that case, let’s ask Souma-kun about that. We can just tell him that the 3 of us are sharing it.” (Hiyori)

“I can’t imagine onii-chan granting permission for that.” (Mafuyu)

“But what if we all plead with him? Maybe he’ll forgive us?” (Hiyori)

Hiyori-san clasped her hands together and said happily.

Even though she had looked anxious just a moment ago, she had now done a complete 180 change.

“Besides, I have no reason to cooperate. I’m perfectly fine with everything as it is.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu tucked the spare key she had been holding carefully into her pocket. Seeing this, Hiyori-san furrowed her brows with a somewhat sad expression.


…Mafuyu, so that’s how it’s gonna be huh?

Well, if that’s how it is, then you leave me with no choice.

…Just watch.

“Please, Mafuyu! Reconsider this! We’re comrades who have fallen for the same person. Please lend me his spare key even if just for a while!!” (Shizuka)

I put my hands on the floor and bowed deeply.

“Me too! Please, Mafuyu-chan, I want you to borrow it for a while too. I’ll give you your favorite drink as a present next time!” (Hiyori)

With a swift and unfamiliar movement, Hiyori-san got up from the couch and knelt beside me in a begging posture. The two of us lowered our heads together.

“…You know that I can’t drink, right?” (Mafuyu)

Her tone sounded a bit softer than usual, and I instinctively raised my head.

In the corner of my vision, I could see Hiyori-san doing the same.

“…I’ll ask onii-chan about it tomorrow, but I don’t think he will allow it.” (Mafuyu)

“Mafuyu!” (Shizuka)

“Mafuyu-chan!” (Hiyori)

We both hugged Mafuyu.

It’s just like how the saying goes, “Three heads are better than two1“.

[Souma PoV]

“A spare key?” (Souma)

I thought it was unusual for all three of them to come over so early in the morning, only for Mafuyu-chan to say something even stranger.

Well, whatever it’s about, the time is perfect. I was planning to talk to Mafuyu-chan about it soon.

“The spare key… Can I have it back?” (Souma)

“Ha?” (Mafuyu)

“What!? Why?” (Shizuka)

“No way… ” (Hiyori)

Even though I only asked Mafuyu-chan, for some reason, all three of them reacted to it.

Actually, how do they all know that I gave Mafuyu-chan a spare key anyways?

“You know, how I started streaming, right? I thought it would be awkward if Mafuyu-chan suddenly came in while I was streaming. Of course, I plan to introduce Mafuyu-chan gradually.” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan really does come in without hesitation… Besides, I think spare keys are meant to be exchanged between couples.

“No!” (Shizuka)

The one who opposed this decision was unexpectedly Shizuka. She pushed aside Mafuyu-chan and came in front of me.

“Why is Shizuka against it?” (Souma)

“Souma-kun, you really don’t understand a girl’s heart at all!” (Shizuka)

“……A girl’s heart?” (Souma)

It’s true that I don’t feel like I understand a girl’s heart at all, but what does that have to do with this situation?

“Asking to return a spare key you have already given is like… saying that you want to break up! Souma-kun, do you realize how incredibly harsh you sound!?” (Shizuka)

“Well… We weren’t even dating to begin with…” (Souma)

“Oh, you’re not dating after all. That’s a relief… Wait, no! Anyways, Hiyori-san and I won’t allow you to retrieve the spare key from Mafuyu!” (Shizuka)

“You can’t Souma-kun.” (Hiyori)

Following Shizuka’s strong declaration, even Hiyorin chimed in. What on earth is happening right now?

“That’s why I can’t give back this spare key. I’m sorry, onii-chan.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan carefully cradled the spare key in her hand as if it were something precious.

“Since Souma-kun doesn’t understand a girl’s heart, as punishment, we have decided to conduct surprise inspections! There may be situations where we have to use the spare key reluctantly, but please understand.” (Shizuka)

Shizuka started saying something incomprehensible in a weirdly formal tone.

Is it just my imagination or does nothing that they are saying makes sense?

“Huh? Inspections? What does that mean?” (Souma)

Unable to catch up with their conversation, I asked, and all three of them said in unison,

“From now on, we will all be using this spare key.” (All 3)

…Wait, why!?

And why are they so in sync only at times like this?

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

After reading this chapter, I feel that I will never understand a girl’s heart. 

Honestly, they could have just had him make more spare keys for all of them, but MC is lucky they didn’t come up with that idea.


  1. Lost in translation. Literal translation is “When three people gather, get the wisdom of Manjushri.” Meaning of the literal translation is — Even ordinary people can come up with good ideas when brainstorming with others. It’s better to have multiple brains working on something than only one. Manjushri is one of the Bodhisattva that’s on the path toward Buddhahood.
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