ODL – Chapter  42 – The Trials Awaiting Hiyori Hasekura

“Wa-Wait a minute… What do you mean by ‘using it together’?” (Souma)

Was this really how a spare key was supposed to be used? They decided this as if it were high school students tossing around the key to a clubroom. Of course, there was no way I could just accept it so easily. Even if they come to my house almost every day.

“Exactly as it sounds. We want to be able to enter Souma-kun’s place whenever we like… Is that not okay?” (Shizuka)

“Even if you ask me that…” (Souma)

I averted my gaze as I got caught off guard by Shizuka who tilted her head and glanced upwards in a cute way.

…Where do girls learn these kinds of techniques…? Do they practice them during physical education classes? While boys are playing baseball or soccer, do girls practice making cute gestures? That can’t be the case.

“…Come to think of it, aren’t you guys coming to my place pretty freely? I mean, the door is basically always unlocked.” (Souma)

“Yeah, but sometimes it’s locked. Like after you’re livestream yesterday. During that time, Mafuyu took out a key and opened the door so casually which really shocked me and Hiyori-san.” (Hiyori)

“Ah…?” (Souma)

I fell asleep right away, so I don’t remember much, but I remember talking to Mafuyu-chan for a bit after the stream ended. Could it be that the other two were also planning to come, and they just so happen to run into Mafuyu-chan leaving?

“I’m sorry, onii-chan… Even though, it was supposed to be a secret just between the two of us…” (Mafuyu)

“No, it’s not like we were secretly dating or anything like that… Hmm.” (Souma)

I quickly interrupted Mafuyu-chan before she started fantasizing too much about the situation. By the way, Mafuyu-chan always keeps a straight face even when joking, so it’s really hard to tell if she’s serious or not. Well, that doesn’t matter now.

…Honestly, giving them the spare key isn’t that big of a deal. I don’t think that doing so will change the status quo that much. After all, Shizuka and Hiyorin aren’t the type to sneak in in the middle of the night like Mafuyu-chan… right?

Actually, wouldn’t it be better if the two of them had spare keys so that they could help keep Mafuyu-chan in check?

Oh, come to think of it, if I didn’t want her to come in at night, I could have just used the door chain. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh well, but if I had the chain on, Mafuyu-chan would feel hurt… It’s not like I really mind her coming in that much anyway… Sigh.

“…Absolutely don’t lose it, okay? And promise me you won’t enter without permission when I’m not here. If you can promise that, well… I guess it’s fine. I have already given you a spare key, after all.” (Souma)

“Yay! …Oh, by the way, I haven’t given you my spare key yet! I’ll bring it next time, but oh, where did I put it…” (Shizuka)

“No need for that, really.” (Souma)

“Why!?” (Shizuka)

Well, because I really don’t want to go to that dump except for when I’m cleaning it up. She seems like she’s about to get angry and pounce on me, but is this really the way you treat someone who’s cleaning up your room?

“Good, then… Now I can look at Souma-kun’s sleeping face whenever I want. Well then, I have work, so I should go soon.” (Hiyori)

“…Huh?” (Souma)

Hiyorin waved her hand casually and walked towards the entrance. I felt like she just said something I shouldn’t just ignore, but before I could confirm it, Hiyorin had already left.

Well, I shouldn’t worry too much about it, right?

I thought that there was no way she would use the spare key in the middle of the night on the very first day.

…Or so I thought.

“…She’s really not coming, huh! I mean, I didn’t want her to come in, but still.” (Souma)

As I was woken up by the morning sun streaming through the gap in the curtains, I raised my upper body and found that there were no Shizuka nor Hiyorin in their pajamas right next to me — It was a very ordinary morning.

“You know, in romcoms, this is normally the time when the usual cliche happens, right? Like waking up to find Hiyorin sleeping next to me in her underwear or something. Well, I guess I’m lucky it didn’t happen…?” (Souma)

I didn’t want it to happen, but… I felt a bit embarrassed at myself for being slightly disappointed by the weird expectations that I had. Even though no one was listening, I found myself making excuses.

“I guess I was worried for nothing…” (Souma)

I ended up starting the first morning of the week with an unfounded sense of unease. Starting the week off with this kind of feeling definitely wasn’t good. I decided to head to the bathroom inside my room and wash my face with cold water to clear my mind and wash away these unpleasant feelings.

Yawn… Let’s do our best this week, I guess…” (Souma)

I yawned and turned the doorknob in my bedroom.

As I stepped out of the bedroom, the slightly cooler breeze in the morning gently brushed against my skin and…

“……Wha!?” (Souma)

I jumped lightly at the sudden appearance of a figure. No, that figure might have been there all along. That certain someone was standing right in front of the door.

Who do you think it is?



Or maybe…

“W-W-W-Would it h-have been b-b-better if I-I-I w-was n-n-naked i-instead1?” (Hiyori)

…That would have been worse. Hiyorin, who was dressed in a stylish dress, had her turned bright red as she started trembling like a malfunctioning robot.

“N-n-n-no wait, that’s not what I meant! I just wanted to say a generic romcom cliche line! I wasn’t thinking about wanting anything like that at all!” (Souma)

“T-t-that’s right! I mean, you wouldn’t want to see me naked anyways, right? I’m 26 years old and much older than everyone else. Honestly, this makes me feel out of place but I’m really sorry, okay!?” (Hiyori)

“No, that’s a different topic, and I don’t think you’re out of place or anything.” (Souma)

“Sorry for bothering you in the morning, I just thought it would be nice to have a little chat. I have to go to work now, so see you later!” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin dashed out with swift movements that I had only seen during her live streams. I could only watch in a daze as she disappeared into the distance.

“…This is the worst.” (Souma)

I can’t believe I made a dirty joke in front of Hiyorin…!

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I guess Hiyorin was planning to come and see the sleeping face she mentioned but got something ecchi instead. But I wonder what’s up with that stylish dress thing.

MC had a door chain the entire time… Well, it’s not as if that’s gonna actually stop her from breaking in. Yanderes always find a way.


  1. She heard the MC say that he was expecting to see Hiyorin in her underwear, so she ended up frozen in front of the door I guess.
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Thanks for the chapter!
There’s no way an older sister persona could become that embarrased
She’s cute!