ODL – Chapter 5 – Her Name is Minase Mafuyu

“────!?” (Mafuyu)

In response to my words, the long black-haired girl turned around forcefully. She stared at me for a while… until it suddenly hit me. Her face similar to that of a delicate ice sculpture, froze in surprise.

“W-Wait, Mafuyu, is it maybe this person!?” (Pink-beige-haired girl)

The pink-beige girl is talking to the black-haired girl in an excited manner, but the latter doesn’t respond. Instead, she utters a nostalgic name.

“Souma… onii-chan1…?” (Mafuyu)

“……Ah.” (Souma)

The moment I heard that name, memories that had been forgotten rushed into my mind like a storm.

“Mafuyu-chan…?” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan was a girl who lives nearby and was close to me when I was in elementary school.

Originally, our parents were good friends. Because of that, I was often taken to their house during tea parties, where I ended up becoming friends with Mafuyu-chan.

At first, Mafuyu-chan was shy and would hide behind her mother, so it was difficult to have a proper conversation with her. But as I continued coming over, she gradually started playing with me.

Mafuyu’s mother was worried that she was spending too much time indoors, so she asked me to teach her how to play outside, and I did.

Around that time, she started calling me “onii-chan” and I grew fond of Mafuyu-chan, who would happily follow me around like a little sister.

However, one day, she suddenly disappeared.

Later, I found out from my parents that she had moved away due to her parent’s job transfer.

Afterwards, I entered middle school and was desperately trying to fit in with my peers, so I forgot about Mafuyu-chan quite quickly. It’s a cruel thing to say, but that’s how it happened.

But now that I think about it, Mafuyu-chan’s last name was indeed────

“────Minase Mafuyu-chan. So that’s why the name sounded familiar. Long time no see, how have you been?” (Souma)

In response to my call, Mafuyu-chan widened her beautiful eyes. Her lips moved slowly, but she didn’t make a sound. To an outsider, it seemed as though she was overwhelmed.

“Wait, really? Your first love, for real? Oh my gosh, this is incredible! Mafuyu, come on, go talk to him! I’ll disappear!” (Pink-beige-haired girl)

The pink-beige girl pushed Mafuyu-chan forward, urging her towards me.

“Well then, I’ll leave her to you! Bye!” (Pink-beige-haired girl)

With that, the pink-beige girl quickly moved to the front seats. Now, only Mafuyu-chan and I were left behind.

“…I’m sorry. Please give me some time to calm down.” (Mafuyu)

“Sure, take your time.” (Souma)

I sat next to the beautiful girl as I listened to the lecture of the professor who was deeply involved in the development of a certain mobile phone system.


Due to being seated at the back, I could easily see the behavior of the not-so-many students attending the lecture. 

Judging from the fidgety glances and hushed whispers of the boys, it was evident that they were all aware of our presence. It must have been because of Mafuyu-chan.

In conclusion… I was attending the lecture with the beautiful girl who was currently the talk of the university.


A comfortable silence lay between us. I couldn’t help but think, “Who would have thought that I would be attending a lecture side by side with Mafuyu-chan?”

That same small, crybaby Mafuyu-chan had grown up into a dignified adult woman, with a strong “cool beauty” aura. She even got nicknamed the “Shootdown King of the Engineering Department”. Time really flies by quickly.

“…’Onii-chan’ is a bit embarrassing in public. Can I call you Souma-kun instead?” (Mafuyu)

“Sure. I’ll continue to call you Mafuyu-chan. Or rather, it’s fine to use a casual tone like we used to.” (Souma)

I noticed something peculiar in the way Mafuyu-chan phrased her words.

It sounds like she is implying that she would call me “Onii-chan” if we were not in public. Well, It could be just a slip of the tongue or a play on words.

It’s hard to imagine the calm and composed Mafuyu-chan calling someone “Onii-chan” with a sweet voice.

“Well… Souma-kun. I never thought we would be studying at the same university.” (Mafuyu)

“Me neither. I mean, I’m really surprised too. In my memories, you know, you were still so small.” (Souma)

“Yeah… about that. I can’t quite grasp the distance between us now.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan glanced at me out of the corner of her eye, and I could tell since I was doing the same.

I understand Mafuyu-chan’s feelings.

Indeed, those 10 years of adolescence2 changed us into the university student we are now. we have both grown and developed our own values and friendships. Although we used to get along like siblings, behaving as if we were still family based solely on our past friendship would create a considerable sense of awkwardness. Even if we both wanted to maintain that kind of relationship, it can’t be avoided.

“Well… I guess we have both grown in our own ways. Regardless, I’m happy about this reunion. I have always wondered if you were doing well.” (Souma)

In truth, I had stopped thinking about Mafuyu-chan around the time I entered middle school, but there was no need to mention that. I have grown into an adult, and adults are creatures that tell white lies3 when necessary.

“You cared about me all this time… You know, I never forgot about you, Souma-kun.” (Mafuyu)

Application layer, network layer, and transport layer… As I was copying them into my notes, I felt a piercing gaze on my cheek. It wasn’t just any gaze; it was a strangely intense and heated one.

“Souma-kun, you heard what I said earlier, right?” (Mafuyu)

“…Yeah, well…” (Souma)

The conversation from earlier.

Confession. First love. Tendou Souma.

I couldn’t possibly forget it. It was almost like a love confession. I never thought it would be directed at me.

“What I said before… it’s true. Now that we have reunited, I have to say this… I… I could never forget about you, Soumu-kun. So… um…” (Mafuyu)

The session layer, data link layer… I consciously moved my hands. Otherwise, I felt like I might lose control due to nervousness.

“If you don’t have a girlfriend or anything, I, um… sometimes think… I would like you to… take care of me like you used to.” (Mafuyu)

She must have been really embarrassed. I think I blushed too, but Mafuyu-chan seemed even more so.

“…” (Souma)

“If you don’t have a girlfriend.” Mafuyu-chan said that.

If it’s a matter of having one or not, then of course, I don’t have one. However, there are people I’m interested in.

Ette-sama and Yasumi Hiyori.

They are my so-called “oshi”.

…Wait, hold on. Let me explain.

I’m not the kind of otaku who has romantic feelings for my Oshis.

Sure, when I see Yasumi Hiyori during a live performance, I might think things like “Her legs are amazing” or “Her face is like a gem”, but it’s not quite romantic feelings. Besides, even if I wanted to get to know her, there is the whole issue of how to meet in the first place. I admit I have had some fantasies about this, but I know they are just fantasies and nothing more. Of course, if I could date her, I would want to. But that’s just wishful thinking.

But as for Ette-same, by some miracle, I met her in real life. Her contact information is right there on my phone. This goes beyond the realm of typical otaku fantasies. Of course, there is no way she actually likes me in that way, but we have at least built a relatively friendly relationship. To be honest, there might be a chance.

So, putting Yasumi Hiyori aside, when it comes to Ette-sama, I’m currently in the process of “deciding what to do”.

“………” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan looked at me with a worried expression. While I sometimes think that Yasumi Hiyori has a “face like a gem”, Mafuyu-chan’s face was truly like a gem. Her facial features were so immaculate4 that she could easily be recognized as a national treasure-level artwork.

And yet, she’s expressing her desire to be close to me.

How can anyone decline such a request from someone like her?

“In that case, I would be happy if you still see me as an older brother like before. Look forward to being with you, Mafuyu-chan.” (Souma)

Upon hearing my words, Mafuyu-chan’s face lit up with a smile.

She had changed quite a bit, but her smile remained just like it was in the past.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Well, MC is not wrong that he definitely has a chance with Shizuka. At least he noticed it.

I actually thought that it was a confession of love from Mafuyu but then I guess she didn’t really say that she still liked him during the conversation.


  1. Onii-chan = big brother
  2. Adolescence = the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult.
  3. White lies = a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
  4. Immaculate = perfectly clean, neat, or tidy.
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