ODL – Chapter 6 – My Real Life Oshi Moved In Next Door

One day, specifically the day after meeting Shizuka and reuniting with Mafuyu-chan, an incident occurred.

“What’s going on? Did someone move in?” (Souma)

It was still bright outside even at 6:00 PM during this rainy season.

After returning from university, I spotted a well-known moving company’s truck parked in the parking lot of my apartment building. Several men wearing work uniforms with the company’s label were diligently carrying boxes and furniture.

As I entered the apartment building, I glanced at the hardworking adults and pressed the elevator call button.

As I gazed at the lift floor light indicator, a well-built guy carrying a cardboard box stood beside me. The elevator arrived, and the doors opened. Since both of the guy’s hands were occupied, I took the initiative and stood in front of the control panel.

“What floor?” (Souma)

He answered with a familiar floor number – the same floor I lived on. Seriously? Shizuka just moved in, and now we are already getting another new resident?

I hope they are a nice person. If possible, it would be great if it is an attractive woman.

While thinking about such things, the elevator reached our destination floor. The guy next to me gave a nod of thanks and strode confidently to the vacant apartment, which happened to be right across from mine.

──── Our apartment building is structured with four units per floor, two on one side of the central corridor and two on the opposite side. Shizuka and I live on one side, and it seems that someone new moved into one of the two units opposite from ours. Now, only the unit opposite of Shizuka’s room is left. Until recently, I was the only one living here, but what happened all of a sudden? It’s not even the moving season.

“………” (Souma)

It would be a lie to say that I’m not curious about the new neighbor’s personality, but I can’t just go and see their face. Suppressing my restlessness, I opened the door to my apartment and sent a message to Shizuka. 

“(It looks like someone is moving in across from us.)” (Souma)

“(Really!?)”  (Shizuka)

I quickly received a response from Shizuka. Even though it had only been two days since we met, we had become messaging buddies. We managed to have casual conversations without any particular topic, and surprisingly, it was quite enjoyable.

“(I hope he’s a good-looking guy)” (Shizuka)

“(No, I’m sure it’s a beautiful girl.)” (Souma)

“(What beautiful girl lol)” (Shizuka)

“(A beautiful girl means a beautiful girl.)” (Souma)

“(If it’s a beautiful girl, I already fill that role.)” (Shizuka)

“(Beautiful girl (age 20).)” (Souma)

“(Shut up.)” (Shizuka)

The conversation continued effortlessly. We were both messaging each other without overthinking the conversation.

Although, it’s true that if it’s really a beautiful girl, it might clash with Shizuka’s position (as a beautiful girl). I won’t mention it to her, though.

“(I will pretend to pass by and look inside.)” (Shizuka)

“(You’re acting suspicious!)” (Souma)

Unlike me, Shizuka was more proactive.  Without responding to my advice, the conversation paused for about five minutes.

…Could it be that she actually went for it?

How on earth is she going to pretend to pass by? If she has a reason to accidentally enter a room while they are in the middle of moving, I really want to know. Well, she would probably just end up being a nuisance.

As I head towards the entrance to check the situation, I received a message.

“(She was incredibly beautiful!!!)” (Shizuka)

“(Really?)” (Souma)

I could feel my cheeks loosening upon hearing Shizuka’s report. Oh man, seriously? Did my spring finally arrive?

“(Seriously?)” (Souma)

“(Dead serious. She had a sparkling aura around her.)” (Shizuka)

“(That’s too much.)” (Souma)

Having both Shizuka and Mafuyu-chan in my life already feels like accomplishing an unachievable dream, but now it seems like god is pushing the boundaries even further. God, how much do I have to pay for this?

“….Eh?” (Souma)

I froze. Frozen like a frog being stared at by a snake. No, there is a better way to describe it, especially for this very moment.

…I was frozen like an otaku being approached by their Oshi.

“Eh, um, eh…?” (Souma)

The sudden event caused my thoughts to completely short-circuit. My brain was rejecting the sudden influx of dopamine caused by my Oshi in front of me.

Yasumi Hiyori.

The woman who had moved in, described by Shizuka as “having a sparkling aura” introduced herself with that name at my doorstep. However, I knew her by another name. There was no mistaking it. Her face had the same jewel-like features.

“Um… Are you… Yasumi Hiyori-san… The voice actress?” (Souma)

I managed to utter those words with great difficulty, and she broke into a bright smile.

“Oh, you know about me?” (Hiyori)

“Y-Yes, um… I’m, uh, well… Yasumi Hiyori’s my oshi… I have been to all of Zanimas’1 live concerts, and I watch Drecure too.” (Souma)

Oh no.

This is bad.

I feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest.

The impact of meeting Ette-sama, Shizuka, and now Hiyorin within such a short period of time was incomparable. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before!

How can I not feel this way?

I would always desperately wave my glow stick, hoping to catch her attention. And when her gaze met mine, I felt a rush of joy. Not to mention she would sometimes even wave back. Moments like these are what I would cherish for a lifetime.

The overwhelming barrier between performer and fan.

To be the chosen one among tens of thousands of nameless extras gazing at Yasumi Hiyori from afar. She is right in front of me, actually listening to what I have to say.

I used to be one of the tens of thousands of nameless mobs gazing at Yasumi Hiyori from a distance. And now, she’s right in front of me, actually talking to me.

I mean, she’s just too cute.

What is this? Is her face really made of jewel-like beauty or something?

Of course, she also shines brilliantly during her live performances, but even now, that doesn’t matter. I cannot put this into proper words, but it’s dangerously overwhelming. Having your Oshi right in front of you like this. I can’t stay calm.

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m so happy. Thank you for always supporting me!” (Hiyori)

Yasumi Hiyori, aka Hiyorin, tilted her head and smiled.

“…Ah.” (Souma)

With that, I completely lost it. My brain couldn’t take it anymore.

“…Hmm?” (Hiyori)

As I stood there like a motionless scarecrow with smoke coming out of my head, the neighboring door opened. Just like a turtle reaching for food, Shizuka peeked her face out and looked over here.

“Oh, the person from earlier.” (Shizuka)

I didn’t know what kind of coincidence she had feigned, but Hiyorin gave a slight bow to Shizuka. Shizuka greeted her with a “Hello” as she fully stepped out of the entrance and walked over.

“I’m Hasekura Hiyori. Nice to meet you (Yoroshikune gaishimasu).” (Hiyori)

“I’m Rinjou Shizuka. Nice to meet you too… well, actually, I just moved in the day before yesterday.” (Shizuka)

“Oh, really?” (Hiyori)

“Yes, that’s right. Souma-kun has been living here for quite a while though.” (Shizuka)

“………Ah?” (Souma)

When I heard my name, I was brought back to my senses. That was close; I almost lost consciousness there.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t asked for your name yet. Should I call you Souma-kun?” (Hiyori)

“Eh, ah, yes. I’m Tendou Souma.” (Souma)

“Tendou Souma-kun, huh? Nice to meet you (Yoroshiku ne)!” (Hiyori)

“Ah, urh, y-yes!” (Souma)

“…Why are you using casual language2?” (Shizuka)

Shizuka was giving us a stern look, shooting her ‘humidity-increasing beam’ our way.

“Well, um, I’m a voice actress, and it seems like Souma-kun is my fan. So, I got a little too relaxed and used casual language.” (Hiyori)

“Eh, a voice actress!?” (Shizuka)

Shizuka’s reaction was like something you would see in a manga from a decade ago, with her mouth wide open in surprise.

Well, it’s understandable. If a voice actress suddenly moved in, it would be surprising.

“Um, can I ask for your alias?” (Shizuka)

“I work under Yasumi Hiyori… but do you happen to know me?” (Hiyori)

“Um… hmmm…? I feel like I have heard of you… maybe?” (Shizuka)

Unlike me, it seemed like Shizuka wasn’t familiar with voice actresses. She didn’t seem to recognize Hiyori.

“Haha, I guess I’m not that famous yet.” (Hiyori)

“No, that’s not true! Hiyorin-san is also in Drecure this season, right? It’s just that Shizuka is a bit ignorant!” (Souma)

“I wonder.” (Hiyori)

I couldn’t bear seeing Hiyorin giving a sad smile and hastily jumped into the conversation. Shizuka, who was cast aside, pouted discontentedly.

“Souma-kun, you’re really taking Hiyori-san’s side, huh? I thought I was also your Oshi.” (Shizuka) 

“W-Well, even if you say that, having your oshi voice actress right in front of you has a different impact, you know?” (Souma)

“What’s so different about it?” (Shizuka)

As we argued back and forth, Hiyori watched us with a puzzled expression.

“Oshi…? Shizuka-san, are you doing something too?” (Hiyori)

Upon Hiyorin’s innocent question, we stopped arguing and looked at each other for a moment. There was nothing I could do. I shot Shizuka with the ‘it’s your fault beam’ using my eyes.

Shizuka tried to bridge the awkward silence by uttering “Ah” and “Um,” but eventually, she seemed to give in and spoke up.

“I’m a VTuber. My character name is Henrietta…” (Shizuka)

“No way?! Ette-sama!?” (Hiyori)

Now, Hiyorin also let out a surprised voice. She leaned forward like a high school girl admiring a mannequin dressed head to toe in branded clothes and turned her body towards Shizuka.

“I watch Ette-sama’s streams a lot! So, was the Peyoung stream two days ago a celebration for moving in here?” (Hiyori)

“Uh, um… yes, that’s right…?” (Shizuka)

Shizuka probably didn’t expect that a genuine voice actress would be her fan. She looked taken aback and surprised.

“Oh, what should I do? What a coincidence. Um, if you’re okay with it, let’s get along from now on.” (Hiyori)

“Yes, of course! Nice to meet you and please take care of me from now on.” (Shizuka)

With a gentle grip, Shizuka shook Hiyori’s offered hand.

I wish I could shake hands too…

“Ah, Souma-kun, please take care of me from now on too. By the way, it’s nice to see that my neighbors seem like good people.” (Hiyori)

No hand was offered to me…

It seemed that Hiyorin had a more straightforward and lively way of speaking during live MCs or online shows, but off-camera, she had a more relaxed way of talking.

With that, my real-life Oshi moved in next door.

Illustration of Hiyori moving in

“Oh, you know about me?”

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

OH SHIT I messed up Hiyori’s name. Her real name is Hasekura Hiyori but her alias (Voice acting) name is Yasumi Hiyori. I will go change it later. 

Imagine the likeliness of a female fan moving in next door to a female VTuber. That has like basically zero odds of happening unless it was planned.

Rip MC no handshake was offered. Although I’m pretty sure she would let you if you asked.


  1. I honestly don’t know what this is. Edit: Future me talking, this is actually an idol raising game, like bang dream but instead of bands, it’s idols.
  2. When greeting Shizuka, Hiyorin used Yoroshikune gaishimasu which is more formal than she greeted MC using Yoroshiku ne
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