ODL – Chapter  63 – Just Chatting [Otona Kodomo / Virtual Real]

When it comes to VTubers, I think the common image that is often associated with them is gaming content. However, I’m actually not a big fan of games. I don’t enjoy playing them myself, and I’m not particularly interested in watching others play either. I prefer watching streams like Ette-sama’s where she engages in casual conversations with her chat. This may be because I didn’t have much exposure to games during my childhood.

Even though I prefer living a game-free life, becoming a VTuber didn’t really help my situation, and I found myself even less motivated to play games.

Between balancing university, household chores, Souma-kai meals, unfamiliar streaming, and on top of that, taking care of Shizuka while dealing with sudden appearances of Mafuyu-chan and Hiyorin’s drinking habits, sometimes makes me wonder just how many hats I’m wearing. Naturally, the area where I tend to cut corners the most is my VTuber activities, where I have permission to “do as I please”, and I’ve been mostly doing casual conversation streams.

Today’s stream title is “Just Chatting [Otona Kodomo / Virtual Real]”.

For some reason, despite the lack of specific content, 40,000 bored onee-chans have gathered tonight to watch this stream. It’s not that I’m particularly skilled at talking either. The fact that 40,000 people gather on a weekday night just to listen to my casual conversation… well, it’s a bit rude to say this, but it makes me worry about the future of Japan.

“Onee-chans, I’m really happy that all of you always tune in to my streams every time, but… I just want to remind you that we’re really just chatting, and there’s nothing particularly interesting going on. To be honest, I’m a bit confused why there are so many of you here…” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『You’re all onee-chan has ;_;』

Comment: 『If you think that, then you should stream more often.』

Comment: 『Onee-chans are lonely adults, you know? Why would you say that?』

“I see… I’m sorry. I’ll do my best.” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『It’s okay.』

Comment: 『Watching over my little brother (otouto) is an onee-chan’s duty.』

Comment: 『What did you cook today?』

I’m starting to get used to this kind of atmosphere lately. It’s really reassuring for a beginner streamer like me that they tend to let things slide when I make a mistake. After all, I might accidentally blurt out something weird from time to time.

“Today, I made some casual simmered eggplant and ohitashi1. It’s been hot lately, so I wanted something light.” (Kodomo)

Well, that was actually a lie. This was just something I was planning to make some day in the future.

Tonight’s menu for Souma-kai was actually hot pot udon instead.

The reason I lied is simple: Shizuka is currently doing “EtteMeals” on Twitter which involves her showing off our meals.

This highly cost-effective routine involves her posting pictures of the dishes I make with a brief poetic caption, and it has become incredibly popular on Twitter. Lately, Ette-sama has even cultivated an image of being an “elegant and domestically capable young lady”, fueling the fantasies of many male fans.

Recently, there seems to have been an offer from a publishing house suggesting, “Why don’t you release a recipe book?” I remember Shizuka being quite flustered about it. We decided to decline the offer because we felt sorry for anyone who would actually purchase it.

Anyways, If I were to tell my onee-chans what I actually ate today, there would be headlines in the future like “Is Otona Kodomo Living Together with Henrietta!?” Well, it’s partially true, but some things should remain hidden. That’s why I had to lie.

Comment: 『Sounds delicious.』

Comment: 『How about selling home-cooked meals as a 500,000 subscriber milestone merchandise?』

Comment: 『Come over to onee-chan’s house to cook.』

“Hmm… selling home-cooked meals as merchandise might not be feasible, right? It seems like it could be tricky in terms of hygiene, and honestly, it’s probably not worth paying for. If there were real-world events for [Virtual Real], it might be interesting to participate as a kitchen staff in the food corner.” (Kodomo)

I consider myself reasonably skilled among people of my age, but I’m not a professional or anything. If I were to sell such things, there’s a good chance nobody would be happy with it.

Comment: 『That sounds interesting.』

Comment: 『Looking forward to real-life events.』

Comment: 『Otona Kodomo’s cooking workshop corner.』

“Yeah, standing on a stage is definitely not my thing. If I were to participate, working in the kitchen would be much more comfortable.” (Kodomo)

My casual chats really lack substance, don’t they? And yet, 40,000 people tune in to listen to them. I wonder what’s going on.

Comment: 『What’s the point of the main character doing part-time work? lol』

Comment: 『I want to see the Kodomo-chan fumbling on stage.』

Comment: 『Kodomo, do a singing stream.』

“A singing stream?” (Kodomo)

A singing stream… I think that’s like a karaoke stream, right? I remember Shizuka mentioning that you need permission for that as there are copyright issues involved. Besides, I’m not particularly good at singing, and I’m not taking singing lessons, so I have no plans of doing a singing stream.

“I’m not good at singing, so it’s a bit embarrassing. I probably won’t do a singing stream.” (Kodomo)

I said that without thinking, and I immediately realized my mistake. I had just given the onee-chans something to tease me about.

…For some reason, these 40,000 bored onee-chans are basically sadists. They’re always on the lookout for opportunities to tease and embarrass me. I don’t know why.

Comment: 『Onee-chan wants to hear Kodomo-chan sing.』

Comment: 『We’re eager for a singing stream! I’ll send feedback to Virtual Real.』

Henrietta: 『Sing.』

Comment: 『Everyone’s embarrassed at first, you know?』

“…….Hmm?” (Kodomo)

Wait a minute, did a comment with a colored name just pass by in the chat?

When I scrolled back through the comment section with my mouse wheel, I saw the name of Henrietta, the elegant and domestically capable young lady.

…I’ll also remember this.

Comment: 『Ette-sama is here lol』

Comment: 『The pressure from Senpai.』

Comment: 『Kodomo-chan is being bullied by his senpai…』

The comment section was buzzing with excitement due to Ette’s appearance. Somehow, it had turned into a discussion about me singing.

“Wait, do I really have to sing? It’s really embarrassing.” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『Yes.』

Comment: 『Just a little bit.』

Comment: 『Kodomo, sing.』

“Well, I heard that you need permission in advance for singing streams, and there are likely copyright issues.” (Kodomo)

It seemed that even the onee-chans had to yield to copyright issues. It was a close call.

…Or so I thought.

Henrietta: 『Acappella should be fine.』

“…Huh?” (Kodomo)

Ette-sama’s comment sparked a huge reaction in the chat. At the same time, my phone notified me of a message from Rime.

“(I’m looking forward to Souma-kun’s singing, okay?)” (Shizuka)

…This girl, I’ll make sure she skips dinner tomorrow. I won’t cook for her even if she cries and apologizes.

Comment: 『It’s settled then.』

Comment: 『What song are you going to sing?』

Comment: 『I’d like to hear nursery rhymes.』

The comment section had already discussed various ways to humiliate me. Why are these people so perfectly in sync? Assuming that the comment section is like a single place, they’ve only known each other for about two weeks.

…In the end, I did end up embarrassing myself quite spectacularly, but to be honest, I was kind of into it halfway through.

I guess there’s some strange sense of service in me that wants people who come to my stream to have a good time. I understand that it’s this kind of personality that makes me wear so many hats, but I also know that I can’t change my personality overnight.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Maybe this is all part of Shizuka’s plan to get MC into singing so that he can ask her to teach him how to sing. But then again, he could also ask Hiyorin.

Also lmao they felt sorry for people who bought the recipe books.


  1. Ohitashi is a boiled vegetable salad with soy sauce or something like that.
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I can definitely see how a “Just Chatting stream” on a weekday night would be popular lol
Since it can be a way to unwind/relax after a long day ~
Thanks for the update ~


Thanks for the chapter!
If it’s indeed Shizuka’s plan, well, it could go downhill for her since, indeed, Souma would much likely ask Hiyorin about it LOL