ODL – Chapter  64 – Hiyorin’s First Livestream Watchalong [Otona Kodomo / Virtual Real]

“I’m getting nervous…” (Kodomo)

Sitting in front of the computer, I kept glancing at the clock.

The time was 21:58. It was just two minutes away from the first live stream of [Hiyorin’s Tipsy Channel].

Since I often brought up topics related to Zanimasu and Hiyorin during my streams, I thought it would be a good idea to reserve a time slot and watch it together with everyone. Of course, I had obtained permission from Hiyorin and [Virtual Real].

Comment: 『What kind of gathering is this?』

Comment: 『Who is Hiyorin?』

Comment: 『Kodomo-chan, can you explain the meaning of this to onee-chan properly?』

The comment section was buzzing with excitement for this different format of livestream.

I had a gut feeling that the fans of “Otona Kodomo”, and the fans of the idol voice actress “Yasumi Hiyori” might not overlap much so it wasn’t surprising that they were confused by this.

“You see, I often talk about Hiyorin during my streams. Today is her first livestream on her personal MeTube channel, and it’s starting in just 1 minute. How about we all watch it together?” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『She’s in Drecure, right?』

“Oh, you watch Drecure too? I started watching Drecure because Hiyorin is in it. Tsukasa-chan1 is so cool, right?” (Kodomo)

Hiyorin plays the main character “Kazamatsuri Tsukasa” in the long-running Sunday morning anime “Drecure”. Unlike Kotori from Zanimasu2, Tsukasa-chan is the big sister character who takes care of everyone, and her voice acting seems to fit her really well.

Comment: 『Did you first hear about her from Ette-sama and Zeria off-collab?』

“Yeah, that’s right. I was seriously shocked at that moment. What are the odds that they are living next to each other, right?” (Kodomo)

I was genuinely shocked when Hiyorin entered the room.

If there was one lie, it’s that I actually live next door too… But I absolutely can’t tell them that.

Comment: 『Which one is more important, Hiyorin or onee-chan?』

“Well, it’s definitely Hiyorin. I’m a huge fan of her. But I cherish my onee-chans too.” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『Kodomo-chan…!』

Comment: 『Such a good child…』

Comment: 『I raised that boy.』

This kind of back-and-forth banter had become somewhat of a tradition in my streams.

I couldn’t help but wonder if letting this continue was okay, but I had a feeling that it probably was.

As I watched the comments section, the waiting screen transitioned to a full-screen view of Hiyorin. Behind her, there was a neatly organized shelf displaying merchandise from the projects she had worked on. It was clear that she was streaming from that room which I accidentally entered before.

“It’s starting! Everyone, focus!” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『Can’t be helped, huh?』

Comment: 『Yes!』

Comment: 『Serious Kodomo-chan is cute.』

[Hiyorin PoV]

“Um… Can you see me?” (Hiyori)

For now, I waved my hand toward the camera.

Even though Shizuka-chan had explained the software and equipment for streaming to me before we started, it was still challenging to understand everything at once. The rapidly flowing comments were making me anxious. It felt like I was more nervous than during a live broadcast at work.

Comment: 『She’s hereeeeeee!』

Comment: 『Hiyoriinnnnnnnnn!』

Comment: 『You’re on screen!!!』

“Ah, thanks for the response. Does it look okay?” (Hiyori)

Comments were flowing at an incredible speed, just like during Zanimasu’s live streams. Looking at the viewer count, it was an astonishing 5,000 people.

I hadn’t really promoted my MeTube channel on Twitter, and I had heard that voice actor channels don’t tend to grow much, so I thought, “It would be great if 100 people showed up,” but… I couldn’t hide my surprise at the number far exceeding my expectations.

“Um… so, let me introduce myself. I’m a Yasumi Hiyori, a voice actor. I recently started this MeTube channel and I plan to talk about my work, do game commentary, and much more. And thank you for tuning in to my stream.” (Hiyori)

Comment: 『I’ve been waiting for this!』

Comment: 『I want to hear about Zanimasu!』

Comment: 『What’s with the ‘Tipsy Channel’ part?』

“Oh, the meaning behind ‘Tipsy Channel’? Well… I haven’t talked about this much before, but the truth is, I quite like alcohol. I’ll usually be drinking some during my streams from now on. So, I’d be happy if all of you could prepare some drinks too while watching. I think I’ll be talking about alcohol quite a bit too!” (Hiyori)

Comment: 『I’m already drinking!』

Comment: 『I’ll go get some whiskey ready.』

Comment: 『Hiyorin, you’re quite the drinker, huh?』

I was struggling to distinguish whether this was work or private, and I found myself responding to comments in a sort of middle ground between “Yasumi Hiyori” and “Hasekura Hiyori”.

I decided to start without preparing a script or anything, but… reacting to comments on my own is much harder than I thought. I realized that the reliability of the other voice actors who were usually there with me during work streams and live events was gone.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, a familiar name appeared in the comments.

Henrietta: 『Congratulations on opening the channel! I’m supporting you from the apartment next door!』

Otona Kodomo: 『I’m a fan! Thank you for allowing me to do a watchalong3! Looking forward to it!』

Comment: 『Ette-sama and Kodomo!?』

Comment: 『What a lineup! lol』

Comment: 『I watch Kodomo’s streams quite a bit, and that guy is a hardcore Hiyorin fan. He’s even doing a watchalong right now.』

Comment: 『Didn’t Ette-sama and Hiyorin live in the same place?』

The comment section was already moving at a rapid pace earlier, but now it was moving even faster so I could barely read any comments.

…And yet, I realized that the anxiety and vulnerability I had felt just a moment ago had disappeared.

…Thank you, Souma-kun. Shizuka-chan.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Welcome back Hiyorin! It’s been like forever since you were in a chapter.

Btw I’m sure you already know this, but comment section = the chat. I don’t really know why it’s called comment section instead of chat, but maybe that’s just a Japan thing. Anyways, its troublesome to keep translating it as chat so I left it as comment section, but I don’t think it’ll bother anyone.

P.S. I finally updated the chapters with illustration. They are 39, 52 and 56. Unfortunately, 2 of the illustrations with Hiyorin are exclusive to LN. Looks like she got a bit more development in the LN.


  1. The main character from Drecure that Hiyorin voices. For some reason, I named her Tsubasa in ch 1 whereas she was supposed to be Tsukasa. Well, I fixed it now.
  2. Referring to Hoshino Kotori, the character that Hiyorin voices in Zanimasu, the idol raising gacha game.
  3. Raw said something about mirror but I guess a watchalong is a more familiar term? A watchalong is when someone streams themselves watching a live event/stream.
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