ODL – Chapter 81 – Mafuyu Should Order a Melon Soda

I never thought that I would be seeing this same scene outside of our apartment. I quietly picked up the laminated1 menu and, feeling a bit out of place, watched the two intruders who had begun to argue in front of me.

“Hmm… They all look delicious… What should I drink?” (Shizuka)

“Shizuka, can’t you decide already? I want to choose too.” (Mafuyu)

“You’re still underage, aren’t you? Kids should order something like melon soda.” (Shizuka)

“Are you trying to pick a fight?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu’s finger extended toward Shizuka’s cheek. Shizuka let out a small shriek and used the menu as a shield between herself and Mafuyu. It seemed that the power balance between the two remained the same even outside.

The combination of Shizuka and Mafuyu was often the same image as “a pair that frequently argues” within Souma-kai. They didn’t seem to have a good relationship. It was common to see Shizuka provoking Mafuyu, only to be met with retaliation. They were the only pair among us who had a bad relationship. It made one wonder why were these two even out together.

Mafuyu cast a cold glance at Shizuka, who was proudly flipping through the menu to taunt her. You’d think another battle was about to erupt, but Shizuka seemed to have realized that her behavior was rather childish this time. Instead of retorting, she let out a frustrated “grr” and returned to scrutinizing the menu, her cheeks slightly flushed. If it was going to embarrass her that much, she shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

“I guess I’ll start with a beer… but that’s bitter… hmm…” (Shizuka)

Shizuka flipped through the menu repeatedly, emitting a frustrated groan. It was evident from her behavior that she wasn’t accustomed to the izakaya settings. Those who were familiar with izakayas all had their own “go-to” drink for the first round.

“What will Hiyorin-san have?” (Souma)

Since Shizuka seemed like she would take a while, I decided to address Hiyorin, who was shrinking beside me with a hint of anxiety. Hiyorin trembled at my words and timidly turned her gaze towards me.

“Souma-kun, um, you see—” (Hiyori)

“Hiyorin-san, it’s okay.” (Souma)

“Eh…?” (Hiyori)

I deliberately interrupted Hiyorin’s words. I had a feeling that if I let her voice her concerns, Hiyorin might be overwhelmed by anxiety.

…This was my first date with Hiyorin. I just hoped we could end it on a good note.

“…Hiyorin-san, can you trust me?” (Souma)

“Trust…?” (Hiyori)

“If, by any chance, you feel like you’ll start getting over the top, I’ll definitely help stop you. So… Hiyorin-san, don’t worry too much and just order what you want the most.” (Souma)

“What I want the most…” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin glanced at the menu Shizuka held, then her gaze quickly fell. Shizuka was exchanging bewildered glances between me and Hiyorin. Make up your mind and choose a drink already.

Hiyorin took a small deep breath and then, with a determined expression, raised her face.

“I… I’ll have a beer.” (Hiyori)

As she said this and directed a modest smile at me, I couldn’t help but be captivated by Hiyorin.

“Puha~! Drinking outside is something else!” (Shizuka)

Shizuka exclaimed as she slammed her beer mug onto the table and sprayed foam from the corner of her mouth. Mafuyu, while looking at Shizuka with disdain, also seemed somewhat envious.

And as for Hiyorin…

*Gulp, gulp* Puh! Hehe, it’s delicious!” (Hiyori)

A large glass was lifted towards the sky. Hiyorin, who had previously shown a reserved attitude, now tilted the glass and gulped down the beer with great enthusiasm.

…Her drinking pace left me feeling uneasy. Although I had confidently said I’d stop her, could I really control Hiyorin in her drunken state?

No, I had to. Hiyorin in a drunken state was hardly fit for public places.

“Hiyorin-san, you sure can handle your drinks well!” (Shizuka)

“Hehe, Shizuka-chan, you’re no slouch either.” (Hiyori)

“Hiyorin-san, what will you have next? Please recommend something.” (Shizuka)

The drunk pair promptly began discussing their second round. Shizuka started seeking advice from Hiyorin, who was well-versed in alcohol. Hiyorin, with a happy expression, looked at the menu, eyeing her next target.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I never really bought or drank alcohol before but isn’t it quite expensive? Even if this place is supposed to be budget-friendly, I’m sure it costs a bit. Well, not that money is ever gonna be a problem for the two of them.


  1. Laminated is that plastic cover thing that protects paper.
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Thanks for the update ~
Hopefully none of their “fans” are near considering the “would be” backlash that might happen to them…