ODL – Chapter 82 – Shizuka, High Metabolism

“Ah… um…” (Souma)

With a slightly dizzy head, I desperately searched for the right answer. However, no matter how much I wracked my brain, I couldn’t come up with a convincing reason to satisfy Mafuyu-chan. So, I raised both hands.

“Well, to put it simply, I wanted to go on a diet. You know, the meals at the Souma-kai are pretty high in calories, right? I thought of exercising to lose some weight so I ended up inviting Hiyorin-san along as well.” (Souma)

Even though I said I would explain the situation, it was impossible to tell her about Hiyorin’s weight. I still hadn’t asked Hiyorin for permission to discuss this topic with them.

Mafuyu-chan, seemingly dissatisfied with my response, maintained her icy, unyielding gaze. I moistened my lips with beer, trying to hide my nervousness. I wasn’t getting drunk at all.

“Why is it just Hiyori-san? If the Souma-kai’s menu is the cause, I think it would affect me too. Is it okay with you if I gain weight, Onii-chan?” (Mafuyu)

“Ugh… w-well, Mafuyu-chan, I actually think you could use a little more weight. You don’t need to go on a diet or anything.” (Souma)

“I knew I was getting fat…” (Hiyori)

“Huh!?” (Souma)

My statement had ignited an unexpected turn of events. When I glanced to the side, Hiyorin had fallen on the table with a mournful expression.

“N-n-no, that’s not what I meant! Hiyorin-san, you’re thin too!” (Souma)

“Hehe, this is interesting.” (Shizuka)

While I desperately tried to cheer up Hiyorin, Shizuka watched me with an amused expression and took a sip from her glass. Hey, instead of just watching, can you help me out here?

…Or rather.

I became concerned about something and shifted my gaze to Shizuka’s body. The contours of her face, the fullness of her cheeks, her upper arms, and then…

“What, hey, w-what’s with that look! I’d rather you not stare at me like that!” (Shizuka)

For some reason, Shizuka started to blush, hugging herself as if she had misunderstood something. She was cute, but that wasn’t the topic I wanted to discuss right now.

“Shizuka, are you okay? Honestly, I think you’re the one who is most likely to gain weight out of everyone here.” (Souma)

As the one responsible for cleaning Shizuka’s house, I was well aware of the kind of lifestyle she lived. I knew that she ate hamburgers three times a week, had a deep love for convenience store jumbo-sized spaghetti, and had recently developed a fondness for fruit-flavored gummy candy.

“Also, you know, you should stop drinking energy drinks when you’re not tired at all. You’re clearly having too many nutrients.” (Souma)

“Ugh…!” (Shizuka)

Shizuka seemed to be in pain and clutched her chest as if I had struck a nerve. She then finished the remaining beer in her glass with a gulp.

Junk food.

Irregular lifestyle.


Lack of exercise.

With the addition of alcohol, the situation becomes even more worrying. Is she going to be okay?

“No, seriously, I’m genuinely worried. There might even be a need to reconsider the Souma-kai menu.” (Souma)

We live in an era where people in their twenties can easily fall prey to lifestyle-related diseases. Since I’m in charge of the menu, it’s my responsibility to keep Shizuka healthy.

But Shizuka seemed to shrug off my concerns, casually reaching for a piece of fried chicken and savoring it with a content expression.

“Hmm, I’m not really much weight from this… I’ve always had high metabolism1.” (Shizuka)

…A chilling silence fell over the room.

Hiyorin who had been slumped on the table lifted her head and directed a sharp gaze at Shizuka. Shizuka, completely unaware, continued to happily munch on the fried chicken.

“‘High metabolism’ huh…” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin spoke with a deep, resonant voice as she slowly raised her upper body. Perhaps it was because she was a voice actress or because her emotions were running high, but her voice was quite intense.

…Come to think of it, I’ve heard before that saying “metabolism” is a taboo topic to women. For Hiyorin, who was currently struggling, that statement might have been like picking a fight.

And it seemed like Mafuyu-chan felt the same way.

“…Ah, so that’s why none of the nutrition goes to your chest. Everything makes sense now.” (Mafuyu)

“What did you say!?” (Shizuka)

Pierced by the cutting words, Shizuka raised an eyebrow and glared at Mafuyu-chan.

“…Ugh.” (Shizuka)

But Shizuka, who had been rendered speechless by Mafuyu-chan’s gaze, which was sharp enough to warrant legal regulation, turned her helpless gaze toward me as if seeking help.

“Uh, Souma-kun, I’m kind of scared of these two right now…” (Shizuka)

Shizuka gazed at me with teary eyes. Her cuteness almost made me extend a helping hand, but I knew that if I inadvertently sided with her, I’d be picking a fight with the ferocious Hiyorin and Mafuyu-chan.

There’s a saying, “If you love your child, send them on a journey2” and in this case, it seemed like Shizuka needed to embark on a long, long journey.

I believed that we’d meet again someday.

“Souma-kun…!” (Shizuka)

“Well, I think I’ll have another drink…” (Souma)

“KIYAAAAAA!!” (Shizuka)

While I deliberately averted my gaze, I caught a quick glimpse of the two of them reaching out to Shizuka with their menacing hands.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

RIP Shizuka, she faced her ultimate demise by literally existing.

The chapter didn’t really state metabolism, but instead said ‘constitution to not get fat’. But I just simplified it down to high metabolism.


  1. Basically, if your metabolism is “high” (or fast), you will burn more calories at rest and during activity.
  2. Japanese parents often say this to encourage their children to be self-sufficient. The closest English proverb would be “Spare the rod and spoil the child”
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Can definitely relate to the high-metabolism bit, but it’s bothering me the opposite way lol
I really want to gain more weight…
Thanks for the update ~


Thanks for the chapter! Thoughts and prayer for Shizuka, amen