ODL – Chapter 94 – A Scene at Night

“Uh, I want to touch… Hiyori-san’s legs…” (Souma)

“Ahahaha… I-I see…” (Hiyori)

At my words, Hiyorin’s face grew even redder. But I was confident that I was blushing as much as her. Furthermore, my heart was beating the loudest it had ever been. It felt like it could burst out of my mouth at any moment.

“In that case… could you come over in front of me?” (Hiyori)

“O-Okay.” (Souma)

As if under a spell, my body obediently followed Hiyorin’s instructions. Although I should have avoided this situation, I found myself facing Hiyorin on the yoga mat.

“Um… what should I do?” (Souma)

Sweat was pouring out of my body… or so I would say, but in reality, there was no sign of that whatsoever. On the contrary, my body felt unusually cold. Faced with the bare legs of my oshi, my body was struggling to respond.

“Um… I’ll be lying on my back, so Souma-kun, I want you to hold my legs. Do you understand…?” (Hiyori)

With those words, Hiyorin lay on her back and lifted one leg while bending her knee. The adorable sole of her foot was now facing me. I never dreamt that I would be looking at the soles of my oshi.

“I want you to put the sp;e of my feet against your stomach… Is that okay…?” (Hiyori)

“Um… like this…?” (Souma)

I got on my knees, cautiously leaned forward, and pressed Hiyorin’s sole against my abdomen

The moment my oshi’s sole touched my stomach, a tremendous jolt surged through my entire body.

“Oh…!” (Souma)

It felt as though all the blood in my body was rushing to that spot. The abnormal feeling that a part of my body and the sole of her foot was making contact as if I were being stepped on by my oshi, threatened to open a door that should never be opened.

“This… feels really, um, embarrassing, maybe.” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin seemed to be extremely embarrassed about entrusting me with one of her legs as she covered her mouth with her palm while talking.

Being stepped on by my oshi who was blushing… Not bad, not bad at all.

“Um… do I just put my weight on it?” (Souma)

“Oh, um,  yes. Go ahead…?” (Hiyori)

With Hiyori’s permission, I continued while supporting her leg with my abdomen. However, my knees were already bent, so I couldn’t really move forward and was pushed back in place. This should be the right way, probably.

“How is it?” (Souma)

“Ah, um… yeah. It feels good… maybe.” (Hiyori)

Both of us must have been aware of the strange atmosphere that had developed, and we diligently continued to stretch in an awkward manner.

I had a feeling we shared a common understanding that if the gears barely holding together were to shift even slightly, things would get weird. It made Hiyorin seem like a longtime friend of mine.

After going through several stretches, Hiyorin brought out a resistance band1 from somewhere. Perhaps she got it from Shizuka.

“I actually planned to do resistance band exercises next… but I’m feeling tired today. Can you help me out another time?” (Hiyori)

“…Yeah, that sounds good. I’d appreciate that more. Just call me anytime.” (Souma)

Even though I would be troubled if she actually called me, I ended up saying that again.

…Why am I so weak to Hiyorin?

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I think MC just opened the door he said he wouldn’t open. It’s only been a couple of lines, his determination really didn’t last that long.

I got back into Genshin yesterday cause I heard Hydro Archon was coming out. I just so happen to have enough to get one five-star. Now gotta pray to not lose 50/50.


  1. A resistance band is an elastic band used primarily for strength training. Just think of it as a big rubber band.
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Thanks for the chapter!

Man, I am not familiar with yoga. Wish I was, so I can better imagine their position