ODL – Character List

Last updated: 9th September 2023

Spoiler warning up until chapter 38

Main characters

Tendou Souma (M) – the MC, University student
Otoma Kodomo (VTuber setting) – MC’s VTuber character after he joined [Virtual Real]. Character design includes an elementary school student with a bug catching net as part of the model.

Rinjou Shizuka (F) – Popular VTuber [Henrietta] affliated with the VTuber agency [Virtual Real]
Hasekura Hiyori (F) – Highly popular idol voice actress. Alias (Voice acting) name is “Yasumi Hiyori”
Minase Mafuyu (F) – Childhood friend and MC’s university Madonna. Yandere tendencies.

Side characters

Keisuke (M) – MC’s university friend who he eats with.
Honna Miyabi (F) – Shizuka’s fellow VTuber friend “Zeria” from [Virtual Real].
Zeria (VTuber setting) – VTuber character is a little devil. Subordinate of the princess of the demon realm, “Mamimume Memo” who is another VTuber from [Virtual Real]. They usually stream together.
Maya (F) – Zeria’s manager. An influencial figure in [Virtual Real].

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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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